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  1. That meetup was 2014 September 12, 2014 (I DID do the Ruck lol) Woo hoo! Have a blast!
  2. Oh man. I've always wanted to do a crazy hike like that. But then I remember that I haven't even done like a 10 mile hike in a day and my hips would probably DIE. Maybe someday when I can actually put in the time to train for it.
  3. Hiii!! Saying no to animals is the WORST. I will not be getting more kittehs after my old kittehs are gone (allergies are getting worse with age), but it's going to be such a battle not to--or not to get pups instead.
  4. Eagles are so fun to watch. I saw one the other day in a completely unusual place! Usually we only see them near water, but it must have been doing some hunting over the fields. I love that there are enough of them now that they are showing up down here, but it's still so fun to go up North where they are all over the place (and you can see their nests!)
  5. Coming in with the usual "Yea, I am not reading back 5 pages" situation Your trim looks fab!
  6. Am still going, but ugh am I tight in the hips/flexors/everything. I feel like I can't get enough sleep this week. Off to take a little bit of a walk now, though. Hopefully that will loosen things up.
  7. Ugh. Sorry to hear you've been sick Looks like things are improving, though? SO many plants!! I've always liked the idea of gardening, then I remember how much I detest weeding.
  8. I tried not feeding them so they wouldn't grow so much. That didn't fly. They are big enough to feed themselves now
  9. I have been the psycho yelling parent with the windows open. I apologize to my kids (while reminding them they probably owe me another sort of apology), forgive myself, and bide my time (until the next time, because there will probably be a next time lol)
  10. I haven't quit yet! (Thank goodness, as it's only day 3) Quick recap: Week 1.1 Memorial day. I already knew it was going to be near impossible to track my calories. So I didn't even try. I didn't go crazy overboard, but I certainly wasn't within my calorie allowance. No huge deal. No exercise and crud I just realized I completely forgot about my Duolingo goal! OOPS! Guess I start that today. I did do my planning on Monday eve (didn't do it all weekend because we had company). Week 1.2 1-Exercise: -Took a 47 minute walk! It was hot and I live in a hilly neighborhood, so got my sweat on. 2-Food: -Calories tracked and I came in under for the day--surprising as I met a friend for lunch and it's always hard with restaurant food. 3: The Plan: -Stuck to the meal plan (or at least didn't eat out--traded making egg salad for eating leftovers because we ended up with a bunch of leftover food Mr. Koo's parents sent home w/ us from the cookout). -I am loving the new planner! I can see everything at a glance including appointments and to dos! <3 4: Spanish -Oops! As I suddenly remembered above, I completely forgot about my Spanish goal. Will work that in today!! Random Thoughts -G's (son) karate school is having a special for karate moms--classes all summer long at a really reasonable rate! I think I'm going to try it out! It starts June 1st. I've always wanted to give Martial Arts a try. -I have a weird rash. It's in a lot of places, I think it's related to maybe sweat or heat ? i have had some little marks for a while, but it was unusually hot in WI this past week and it suddenly got a lot worse. E-mailed doctor and he is getting me in today to look at it. -Did I tell you guys Mr. Koo and I are going on an Alaskan cruise for our Anniversary in August??? SO EXCITE!! Just hoping his health holds out -You guys, I'm about to become the parent a high schooler. WTAF? -Oh and those 2 little babies who are now almost as big as me? They'll be in middle school. No more elementary. Where even did the time go???
  11. You're totally NOT going to drop off the face of the challenge, because I'm not going to, either (we share that same track history there). We can and will do this. Boring is okay, I'm totes in that club with you. We can enjoy each other's boringness (and possibly crappy pictures).
  12. OMG What?? 6???? She's still a little pixie though <3 LOVE her.
  13. Ohhh that question...LOL I am the Rangerest of Rangers with true Ranger ADD as we used to call it. I have done a bit of almost everything over the years. I have learned after many tries that I DETEST running. I love lifting, but I stopped that months ago because my back is not right and my knees are not right so they are giving me trouble. Right now I am mostly just doing classes at the gym because I don't have to think about it. Mainly Turbokick and Yoga. Going to be walking more this challenge, in an attempt to get my knees to play nice. Also, I'm thinking about starting some karate classes over the summer. My kid's school is having a special for moms all summer long. I would like to get back to some lifting, but I can't seem to get my back to play nice, no matter how much I know about form and such. Thanks!! good to be here
  14. Shoo! That was a lot to read! I'm so glad you have had your moment of clarity. Knowing what we are dealing with has been instrumental in helping one of my kids, too. The difference with some organizational framework in place (plus a little medication) is remarkable. It is exhausting, though, putting it all into place (and keeping on top of it). I barely even have the discipline to keep my own crap together, let alone his. Also, I <3 Maddie the Snoodlehog.
  15. Woo hoo! You can do this. You are already off to a good start if you've got that fitness routine going! Good to see you!!
  16. Curious, what sort of eating does BUTI endorse?
  17. Thanks! You must be gettin up there in years, too *snicker* I feel REALLY old, though, when I realize it's going to be Mr. Koo's and my 20th anniversary in August. O.O MItch Deeeee (and the weekly top Fortyyyyy...er....yea) Is good to see you! I do-nut know how your avatar could be happier.
  18. Love that you're keepin' it real <3 Welcome back!
  19. I am here and I am ready to actually fit into my bras because tank tops and poppin fresh do NOT work together. And I don't want to buy new bras because then they might get too big.
  20. Yea, I've been around a long time, but have always been kind of a forum unknown Now that the chat room died I feel kind of lost w/ out my NF peeps. But here I am! Thanks! I am just now moving from a bullet journal to passion planner because, while I adore the bullet journal, I am in a place where what I want to do with it just takes a little more energy than I have right now. It'll be nice to see the whole week at a glance.
  21. LOL I totally knew that (FB) but I was just playing along
  22. Congrats on becoming an acolyte! This next step sounds tough, but I know you can do it!
  23. The past couple years have been rough on the ol' discipline. Between Mr. Koo's chronic illness and trying to take care of the family, my own health has slid out of focus. In honor of my 6 year Nerdiversary, it's time to start reigning that back in with a simple challenge aimed mostly at just developing some solid habits again. Goals: 1. Exercise at least 4x/wk Right now i'm at a solid 2 (usually). Time to dial it up. Any workout including walking for 30 or more minutes counts. 2. Track my food I was going good with this for a few weeks and faltered. Time to pick it back up. It was really helping me to keep things in check and just be aware of what I am eating in general. This is a baby step toward cleaning up my eating. (I will start tracking my food tomorrow 5/29. Blah blah blah holiday blah blah blah cookout blah) 3. Develop a weekly planning habit Being that my schedule is really inconsistent, this is the time on Saturday or Sunday when I will sit down and plan out the next week. Meals will be planned, exercise will be planned, and appointments reviewed. 4. For Funsies--Practice Duolingo Spanish 6x/wk I keep saying I want to learn a language. I had started with Russian because of personal ties, but realized it was impractical because there is literally no chance of being able to really use it. Spanish is much more practical and I can see it being useful in my future.
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