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  1. I need to drink more water anyway- this is actually kick starting me into it.......
  2. Checking in - Tonight will be the first night I'm actually getting a gold star on my sleep goal ---- I'm semi giving myself a pass on Monday because of the Bowl Games Nutrition and Fitness have been on point - extra gold star for nutrition as I have not had ANY soda in 4 full days..... I have been CRAVING junk food/snacks - but have been getting by with grabbing my "with me at all times" Yeti filled with water. Tomorrow is day 3 at the gym--- thought last night was going to be the end of me - but I did it....... Eating that elephant - one bite at a time
  3. @The Real Syl Mil - I am lazier than lazy when it comes to meal prep - I am fortunate that Fresh N Fit Cuisine delivers to my gym twice a week (They also ship) - so I'm able to get most of my meals already made for me (and it makes me go to the gym at least twice a week)
  4. Howdy - I'm Peggy - a 48 year old emergency management specialist for the Centers for Disease Control (sounds mucho cooler than it is) I used the Top Gun reference in my title because unlike in the movie, I know that my pattern is not full - and I CAN make this fly by happen! Main/ long term goal is to get my body fat down to 20-25%. This is going to take some time - but, like eating an elephant, I will accomplish it one bite at a time (more literally than I intended) Diet goals - Eat Paleo 85% of the time - NO alcohol - no more than one Cherry Coke Zero per day
  5. Thanks for the reply! I’m looking forward to my first challenge- and yeah, my lack of fitness stems primarily from poor nutrition habits- but residually from years of being inactive. I’m working on it one day at a time tho. I can now hold my own in the strength stuff but don’t ask for any type of cardio endurance!!
  6. So - this is the awkward part where I tell my story of getting here etc - right? I'm a total dork at this sort of thing - but I'll give it a shot. I'm 48 but don't feel old in any way - Although I've completed triathlons and even a marathon - I'm not fit. My nutrition has been sporadic at best and I tend to fall off the wagon really easily. I have been working my way into a Paleo lifestyle the last couple of months - but still am not in a fully consistent mode (ok ok I admit it- I cave to all the yummy holiday temptations) I've been back at Crossfit for a couple months now - but am onl
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