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  1. Got a little derailed during Challenge 2. My focus was on dealing with some work and divorce stuff instead of making sure I prioritized my health and happiness. So this time around it will be about Moving On and creating good habits to build on.
  2. Week 1 in the books. Ended it by trying kickboxing for the 1st time. Spent most of the time learning terminology and technique, so hoping next time goes smoother.
  3. Heard you were looking for 'rest day' expression...
  4. If only we could figure out how to crochet while working out.
  5. Did much better today. Amazing how some good sleep can help you in so may ways. I even got some crochet time in. I have 3 projects going: 2 baby blankets and a scarf.
  6. Today was very unfocused. Tomorrow I will do better for I am a work in progress.
  7. The sleep struggle is real. Good luck...the Rebel Clan believes you will rock it.
  8. Your Rebel Clan believes you can rock it. Good luck!
  9. Your Rebel Clan believes in you. Looking forward to seeing the new tank.
  10. Excited to use this round to keep moving forward. How quickly the bad habits crept back in, so will be focusing on
  11. Challenge #1 complete! Miss: Exercise 2 x week. Progress / room for improvement: get 6 1/2 hrs sleep Hit the mark: Set/stick to budget and drink 16-32 oz water a day Rocked it: limit processed options/microwave meals and cut out fast food. Completed a Whole 30 challenge with several co-workers. Lost 13 lbs and 10 inches. Good way to kick the year off. Challenge #2...bring it on.
  12. Jan 21 - 28. Really rough week. Drinking H20: got in at least 16 oz each day but 1, but feel can still improve. Eating whole: no packaged/microwave meals! I did slip and add creamer to coffee couple times, so need to get that back on track. Made healthy choices when co-workers took me out for birthday meal. Exercise: completely off track on this one. Yesterday did my 1st yoga class. The instructor did great job and everyone was very welcoming. Would like to fit it in at least once a week. Sleep 6 1/2: got in 5:12 Sat, 6:06 Sun, 4:02 Mon, 6:09 Tue, 3:21 Wed, 5:28 Thu, 6:26 Fri, 10:05 Sat. Hoping can get this one on track as rest will help in so many areas. Budget: only off track once…a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some healthy snacks. 1 week left….it’s not over yet
  13. Jan 13 - 20. Worked 12-14 hr days all week trying to get some things caught up. Feeling burnt. Drinking H20: struggled…only getting about 8-10 oz in each day, so will have to do better job carrying my jug around with me. Eating whole: sugar slips…the pumpkin seed Snax had cane juice & rice malt and the coconut chips have maple syrup. Gonna have to limit those treats. Also, caved on fast food last night when I was too tired to cook. Had BBQ wings even though I knew there was way too much sugar in the sauce. Exercise: total miss. Sleep 6 1/2: got in 8:02 Fri, 5:18 Sat, 6:43 Mon, 5:36 Tue, 6:41 Wed, 5:26 Thur, 5:13 Fri. Unfortunately I was doing work in my dreams so I didn’t feel very rested when I woke up. Budget: Other than a grocery run, I did good at sticking to plan. I get to splurge this week so used it to order some Doc Parsley’s sleep remedy to try. Your focus determines you reality. Keep your eye on the prize, it’ll all be worth it!
  14. Jan 8 – 12. An absolutely insanely crazy week at work. I’m almost glad the ice/snow storm has me stuck in the house so I can’t drive and get soda/vodka to mix myself some stress relief. Guess I’ll stick with healthier choice of jug of water and a little Mario Odyssey instead. Drinking H20: Started week doing well, but last 2 days was lots of coffee. Eating: No processed or fast food!! 95% successful in eating whole. Couple minor slips when I sauted onions in butter and ate the butternut squash the kids cooked with brown sugar on it. Budget: Will have to re-work the plan as I have to fit in an oil change and new winter coat for Son tomorrow. Exercise: got short walk in on Thursday and shoveled snow today. Daughter hooked up DVD player to TV in living room so I can use it for some indoor cardio. Sleep 6 1/2: my Fitbit says I hit Sun 5:46, Mon 8:55, Tues 4:28, Wed 6:30, Thur 6:07. I started to crochet a new scarf so have been trying to get it down by next week. Gotta get the ZZZzzzs back on track.
  15. New week - new opportunity! Your NF clan believes you can. #YouGotThis
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