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  1. Again, I'm very familiar with this issue. SHE WANTS to try to learn to think of other foods as healthy. So the goal is to help her do that. Please let me know if anyone can offer links to articles that might help.
  2. Appreciate the answer and yes, she's getting professional help. This is more of a small supplement, as she cares deeply about eating healthy, and wants to break her old habits, and believes that doing enough reading on the subject of some of her problem foods being healthy will help her eat them with less difficulty.
  3. A friend of mine is suffering from a serious eating disorder, and has asked my help. She has trouble eating anything other than light vegetables and fruits, but at this time, needs to start eating more calorie-dense foods such as meats and fats. I'm hoping to help her see that meat and fats can be healthy parts of the diet, despite much of the nutritional wisdom of the 80s and 90s. Can anyone help point me to good articles supporting the idea that meat and fat can be healthy?
  4. You may be a newbie, but your goals are plenty impressive! Good luck with it!
  5. Awesome goals! For building up the wardrobe classics cheaply, check out H&M - good summer stuff.
  6. A dual-class - thats cool. Great goals there - certainly no skimping on the weight.
  7. Wow. Just dont burn out - that is some incredibly ambitious stuff - for any human. I'm kind of in awe of even attempting this much in one challenge.
  8. Thanks Nightlight; the deposits on my hips are the only place I really have visible fat deposits, so I'm counting on the idea that a great enough reduction in total body fat will finally get rid of them. Thanks for the encouragement!
  9. Right now I'm getting all the dairy and candy and bread out of the house, and getting the fridge filled with good stuff. Have a few go-to recipes so far, and working on grinding my own sausage for a healthier source of meat. I cook pretty much all my meals already, so that part isnt too much of a change. Trying to be paleo for the whole week, with one dinner allowed to be non-paleo per week. Any tips are welcome. I have a friend who's a mortgage broker who's checking on my credit and advising me on the elements that need to be done before I apply. Accomplishing that one alone can make a big impact on leveling up my life! Unda - Thanks! Its intimidating, but there's nothing to lose.
  10. Psilocide - Half-Elf ranger STR 2 DEX 3 STA 2 CON 2 WIS 3 CHA 3 Goals: Convert to a 90% Paleo diet (CON +3) Do 15 pull-ups and 25 push-ups, each in a single set. (STR +2 STA +1) Kayak more than 16 miles in one trip. (STA +2) Significantly reduce or eliminate the fat deposits over my hips. (CHA +3) Qualify for a mortgage (WIS +4) I’ve just started eating Paleo in the last 2 weeks, and know the challenge will be to stick to it long term; If I can manage it throughout this challenge period I’ll be pretty happy with myself, and will have established the diet as an ingrained habit. I’ve just started working out again after a very long period of laziness, so I currently can manage 7 pull-ups and 15 push-ups. I kayak almost every week during the summer, but can’t really do it in the winter, so I’m trying to get back to good condition. 16 miles is currently my record, from when I was in better shape, and it nearly killed me then; I’m confident I can beat it before the challenge is done. I’ve been renting for many years, but I’m ready to actually buy a home and put down some roots; I can afford it, but it will be some work putting my finances in order so that a bank sees it that way, so I’ll have to do some work to put together profit and losses, and build my credit a bit, and then go through the paperwork to get a pre-approval. This is my first time doing a challenge, and I’m excited to get working on it. I’ll be eating Paleo as much as possible, trying to develop some easy and good recipes to be go-to’s for meals, Working out at least 3 times a week, and kayaking once a week, pushing myself for more distance each time. Wish me luck!
  11. Have you thought about using Creatine CEE instead of BCAAs? I've seen some research that BCAAs dont do much, and personally, for some reason they seem to decrease my energy levels https://beardocs.baylor.edu:8443/xmlui/bitstream/handle/2104/8210/Sean_Foster_Masters.pdf?sequence=1
  12. Thanks guys - my main concern is effect rather than principle, so if whey cuts out the most likely culprits I'll give it a try and see how it affects me.
  13. I'm new to the Paleo diet, and trying to build muscle, and I've seen several people suggesting whey protein shakes for this purpose. Isnt whey protein Dairy? Can I eat whey protein shakes without violating the Paleo diet? I'm not crazy strict, I'm more concerned about the nutritional aspect than the philosophical. If not, can anyone recommend an alternative?
  14. Welcome to the West! - I came here from the South as well.
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