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    Gotta love Aragorn's enthusiasm for tackling challenges! 3 Diet/Fitness Quests + 1 LUYL Quest: "Dinner like a pauper" 5 days/week - I crave comfort food - way too much of it - after work, so time to change that Reach 12K steps/day - forces me to move around more; those numbers on my Fitbit are seriously motivating! Go for a run every AM - pretty much a habit already, but it's always more tempting to wriggle out of it during cold, wet winter months Limit work email checks to 3x/day - time to turn off notifications and stop the distractions; this is a big productivity-sap
  2. It was a good week - especially since we got a snowstorm which - in SC - means everything's closed and I got a day off. I'm trying to find creative ways to insert functional fitness into my day. Like jumping over the porch railing instead of walking up the steps. The neighbors probably think I've lost my marbles, but I'm having fun! What about you? What goals are you working on right now?
  3. Yes, I'd love to live to 100 too - as long as I'm in good health! I know 30s are technically still young, but I'm seeing many of my peers' (30s-40s) bodies "breaking down" already, and they act older than some 70-year-olds I know - not gonna happen to me if I can help it! And yup, I do ride horses. Every year I join a group of fellow horse folks in a "Horsemanship Challenge" where we try to fit in 30 rides and 40 horsemanship hours (think "quality time and training") during a 12-week period, Jan-Mar. We encourage each other to spend time with our horses even on those cold, wet, yucky days when no one wants to be outside. I think the horses appreciate it, too!
  4. So far, so good! I think it really helped to keep goals small and simple - 'cause it was a challenging week! How has your first week gone, Kylie?
  5. I feel ya, I tend to pig out when I come home from work and want to crash! I think I'm going to try portioning out my meals ahead of time, especially suppers. Maybe that would work for you, too? Or set out your allowable snacks for the day and once they're gone, that's it? I find if I brush my teeth immediately after eating, I know I won't eat any more because for some silly reason, my brain thinks it's a lot of work to brush and floss my teeth and I don't want to do it twice. Some people say that eating slowly and mindfully helps keep portions down. ?? And of course, some foods (sugar, salt, carbs) make you crave more so it's easier to eat more of them. If you come up with a method that works, I'd love to hear it so I can try it, too!
  6. I've never heard of the Star Wars Jedi workout, but it sounds really fun! A toast to you - with a glass of water, of course.
  7. I like your specific measurements! About snacking/desserts - have you tried tracking (without changing) everything you eat for a couple weeks? I tried tracking my eating habits once and was surprised how much stuff sneaked in there in little ways, even when I thought I was doing pretty well. :S I hope you'll find exercise that will make you feel energized but not painful. You're wise to take it slow and cautious after surgery.
  8. I think it's terrific that you're prioritizing a family/community lifestyle over money. If the happiness experts are right, you'll be glad you made that decision!
  9. Yes, I'm definitely interested in Beginners Bodyweight! I didn't know bodyweight was a thing until recently either, but I love the idea of being able to work out no matter where I am, and not have to spend a fortune on gyms and equipment. I've done some of the exercises and you're right, they're really effective. The wall sit really gets me - have you tried that one? I flipped through several bodyweight books on Amazon/Google preview and the library, and I found two that I liked and want to read cover-to-cover: - Body by You by Mark Lauren - it's similar to his more popular title You Are Your Own Gym, but adapted specifically for women (so a little lighter on the upper-body stuff). It has a very clear progression of exercises (from easiest versions to the real deal) to follow, you can start wherever your level is, and they're all easily done at home. - Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras - it's a bit technical in parts but the illustrations are worth the whole book, they really show you clearly what's going on with different muscles when you do specific bodyweight exercises, and it describes the how-to's and proper form as well.
  10. I'm with you on dementia. My grandmother has it, and it's been such a drain on the family. Hoping to keep my mind active and healthy as well as my body!
  11. I’m 35 years old, 5’3” and 110lbs, but slim doesn’t mean fit! My greatest fear is losing my health, mobility and independence in old age, especially since I’m single and will have no family to help me. I figure health/fitness is like a bank account. Healthy habits = deposits. I want to build up enough savings so the natural withdrawals of age won’t bankrupt my account completely. My ultimate mission is to develop healthier habits for life. I’m in for the long haul. I found Nerd Fitness by searching for articles on bodyweight training. I’ve just recently started identifying with "nerd culture" after discovering that I liked Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Wonder Woman, so this sounds like a fun rebellion to join! Guilds, characters and quests? Awesome. Long-Term Quest: be an abnormally healthy, spunky senior citizen Short-Term Quest: get more functionally fit than an Amish farmer Challenge 1 Mini-Quests - I'm starting out small while I get the hang of how this NF Challenge thing works! Replace all sugary treats with healthy snacks Add 4-min HIIT workout after my AM run Read 2 bodyweight strength training books Complete 1/3 of 12-week Horsemanship Challenge Anyone got some Felix Felicis handy?
  12. Hey, Tara! It's awesome that you have coworkers who are encouraging you to go to the gym with them, instead of pressuring you to eat candy! Don't worry about how you compare. Most people feel just like you do, even if they look and act like they've got it all together. Tackle the challenge - you've GOT this!!
  13. Great goals! I agree with Sherry Warrior Princess, aim low to achieve more. I struggled to haul myself outside for a morning run every day, but then I started telling myself that I only had to run one lap . . . and then gradually built up from there. I finally found a modest "magic minimum" 15-20 min run that boosts my energy level for the entire day, but isn't so mentally daunting that I'd find excuses not to do it. Besides, once I've gotten warmed up, it's much easier to keep going past that minimum standard! You've got this!!
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