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  1. If I skip rope (intense) before a run, I'd be messed up before I even start.They usually recommend dynamic stretches before a run. But, what do I know. Lol, I'm a lazy bum. I do not stretch before or after running. I just walk/fast walk the first 3 miles of my runs. Just start at your pace. You will get there.
  2. That is crazy. Too much water can be dangerous too.
  3. darna

    Scout's Honor

    It's 5 miles run one way. The tough part is the backpack weighs about 5 lbs due to the laptop, work clothes change, lunch, 18oz avocado smoothie. It needs to be adjustable (waist and sternum straps) so it does not move while I'm running. I think last year we just got a couple of snowstorm with probably 4-5 inches. So far this winter, no snow at all. Breakfast is strange routine but exactly the same everyday. I put ahead of time in the blender cup (1 T butter, 3-4 T coconut milk fr can) in the fridge. The coffee pot is prefilled with water and coffee and just needs to be switched on in the morning. Then, I add 1 cup coffee to the blender cup, 1/2 scoop VP collagen, 1/2 t remag (liquid magnesium) and 3 microdrops of iodine. Blend 2 mins. In a spare blender cup, I blend for 2 mins: 1/4 c frozen avocado with 18oz water. I bring this to work. I don't really want to eat or cook vegetables. So, with my morning coffee blend, I take my veggie capsules (I made them myself into capsules): ashwaganda, moringa, bitter melon, tumeric, milk thistle, vit c, raspberry or cranberry, cauliflower(mon,wed,fri), broccoli(tue,thu), celery(sat,sun). These I purchased and recently added vit B1, B2, liver capsule (for B12). Occasionally, I add ox bile capsule (if I eat lots of fatty meat) or pro-biotic capsule. Lunch, I just cook once on weekend, and eat the same thing every day. Usually, stir fry beef, chicken, salmon, or shrimp with 1/4 c white rice. Add a side of kimchi. I portion these in ziploc and freeze them. Take one and they get defrosted by lunchtime and nuked in the microwave at work. I don't mind eating the same thing everyday. I would be happy eating sashimi (raw fish) everyday so no cooking needed. Dinner could either be bone broth with noodles or rice with bacon, egg (add in some mushroom, green peas, if have some pre-cut portioned in the freezer). I like baking and experimenting. I usually bake a cake or dessert and bring it to work for my team at least once a month.
  4. I so miss hiking in the winter! We even backpack in the winter.
  5. Same thing here. I reviewed my freezer and threw out some old stuff. Made meatballs from the leftover ground beef and the soup bones are scheduled for the instant pot this weekend for broth. Have to make a peach cobbler from the frozen peaches too.
  6. darna

    Scout's Honor

    We have a gym at work (open 6am-8am, Mon to Fri) subsidized a bit by the company for $16/month. Includes towel, workout shirt and shorts, toiletries. So, I shower there before going to work.
  7. darna

    Scout's Honor

    You are right. I need to address the elephant in the room. I should at least do one long run each week. I started the long run too late on Sun and the Lake Trail was closed. That would have been nice as I would have access to a restroom every 5.5 miles. I guess I could have gone to the woods in the Company Mill trail but there were too many people on the trail. Holding your bladder for 7.57 miles is so annoying. When I finally got to the restroom, I just lost interest continuing my long run. Making excuses that it was getting dark. I will schedule early Sat mornings instead. Jan 11 goal - 10-15 miles Jan 18 goal - 15-20 miles Jan 20 goal (Mon, if this is a holiday) - 20-25 miles Jan 25 - party time! run like hell! race day!!!
  8. darna

    Scout's Honor

    So, for the 5 week challenge, the main goal is to complete/finish the 50K Chehaw Ultra. I have seen 50K training plans out there, but I just cannot seem to follow them. My mind is not there yet. As they say, you break down the goal(s) into manageable chunks. Make them so easy that it is almost impossible to fail. To support the weekly goal of 25 miles: a. Check weather forecast and plan ahead. If it rains, run in the gym. Otherwise, run to work. If I run to work 3x a week, I would have hit my weekly mileage goal already. b. Prepare work clothes for the week. c. Prepare workout/run clothes for the week. Charge devices the night before. d. Prepare the breakfast items the night before. e. Prepare the lunch for the week. f. Out the door by 6am (Mon to Fri). This is the hardest as I am the slowest of the slow in the morning. g. Race Prep: Set aside a box and put any race-related items. Review by Jan 18.
  9. darna

    Scout's Honor

    Thanks. I find encouragement and accountability helps me to keep going.
  10. darna

    Scout's Honor

    Challenge 2020-01 Week 0 is done. Sun - No run. Traveling on train for 10 hrs Thu - Ran to work and ran back home after work Fri - Was raining. Need to check the weather forecast so will have to run in the gym when it rains. Luckily, the rain started again just as I got home from my run. Greenway was partially flooded from last night's rain but people are still out walking, running, and biking today.
  11. My officemate once asked me why I run. I asked him if he really wants to know. I said, I run to pray. That he would probably understand if he was Catholic. When I run, I listen/pray the Rosary (whichever is the assigned mystery for the day). Then, listen/pray 5 novenas (St Michael the Archangel, St Anthony, St Jude). Then, listen to It Works (the book) + 2 more interpretation of It Works + my It Works list (2x). I will have to run at least 3 miles to complete this playlist. After that, I either listen to audiobooks or music. That's why I prefer to do at least 5 miles when I run. I find the prayers very calming. I'm trying to find a way to listen to this playlist at work but 80% of my day is now meetings/conference calls. Today, I had to finish a code review/meeting from 10:30am to 1:15pm. So, had lunch at 1:30pm. It was just initially a 1 hr meeting. Another 2pm-3pm meeting finished at 4:15pm resulting in more work assigned to me. Lately, I'm experimenting on listening to affirmations particularly for exercise motivation. I find it very helpful.
  12. Awesome goals! The mountains are waiting...
  13. bribery works all the time!
  14. Following... Yoga is a worthy goal. I really want to do yoga but I can't seem to get started =(
  15. Just started a non-fiction audiobook as well. Stillness Is the Key by Ryan Holiday.
  16. We have a treadmill desk at work in a dedicated room where we can just bring our laptop there - push button to move it up or down, push button to speed up or down, but I could not work on it. It was too hard to type on the keyboard and use the mouse while walking. Even our desks can move up or down but I cannot work standing up either. I'm waiting for them to issue one of those chairs with inflatable ball for seats. Maybe, I can do some core workouts while on a conference call.
  17. The simplest way to overcome stage panic... Imagine your audience in their underwear. CEO in speedo? check! Manager in boxers? double check! That person who hates me and gives me hard time and scrutinize my presentation?... in ugly yellow polka dot bikini... eeewww!!!
  18. darna

    Scouts Camp

    Canadian, eh? I lived in Edmonton for 10 years.
  19. darna

    Scout's Honor

    In 2010, I started the 10-year plan for completing the 50 states high points list. That is to stand on top of the highest natural point in every state. Again, do 5 hi points a year kind of thing. It's 2020 and I'm missing 7: Mt Hood (OR), Rainier (WA), Granite (MO), Gannett (WY), Mauna Kea (HI), Denali (AK), Charles Mound (IL). Technically, I can consider HI and IL done since these are just drive-able ones once I'm there. Just need to plan the big ones. I got sidetracked by the 50 states ultra list. It seems running ultras are harder than hiking these mountains... sigh... So many list... so little time...
  20. darna

    Scout's Honor

    30!!! Awesome possum!
  21. Matthew 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. You just reminded me that I've signed up in YouVersion (read the Bible in a year) and I have not been consistent at all. I need to get back to it this year. I cannot get past the Book of Job. I find it to be the most relevant in today's world and yet the most lyrical, moving, and profound book in the Bible. I just kept re-reading it so I switched to the New Testament and then got distracted and stopped.
  22. Wish I could bike. I'm too scared to bike. I probably run faster than I bike. I actually own a folding bike that's just in storage right now. But, I've been planning to run (instead of driving) to work. It's a 5 mile run on the greenway with 2 street crossings. Then, shower at the gym at work. Then, run back home as well. That would probably be enough training for my races. This is actually a paved dedicated biking greenway, so I really should consider biking or maybe an e-bike. But, I'm a scaredy cat on the bike.
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