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  1. I'm guilty of this perfectionism madness as well. I keep telling myself, 'relax, it's ok'. strangely, life still goes on after all my anxiety...
  2. such an awesome goal! good luck on the triathlon. you can do this!
  3. i feel this too! the laundry struggle is real...
  4. awesome! here's to more swimming! dark side of the brain not needed!
  5. I'm focusing on very few simple things so I can achieve them and optimize recovery. Since we are almost in mid-Feb, I will still start tracking as of Feb 1st with at least a weekly check-in. Goal 1: Run More - avoid no-running streaks and go for 115 miles in Feb. Goal 2: Core - planks and push-ups to failure and focusing on form, 3x a week Goal 3: Handstand - practice 3x a week Level Up Goal: write my gratitude journal daily
  6. Review of 2018 Challenge 1: Running has really improved. I still get off track and had two bad streaks of no-running days in January but managed meet my monthly mileage goals. My 5x5 core routine didn't get much traction since it just really bored me. So, will just focus on push-ups and planks and more practice time for handstand. Maybe some people like doing new things but I just get distracted if I'm doing too many things. I will still continue with my evening stretches and journaling/gratitude practice. These are very grounding for me.
  7. 2018 Challenge 1 - Week 5 (Jan2018 mileage: 101.7 miles, secret goal: 100 miles for Jan2018) Fitness Goal 1: Run at least 4x a week (3/4 - got derailed but managed to meet my secret goal of 100 miles in Jan2018 - yayy!!!) Mon, 2018-Jan-29 - 5 miles gym run Tue, 2018-Jan-31 - 6 miles gym run Thu, 2018-Feb-01 - 6 miles gym run Fitness Goal 2: 5x5x5 Core - not continuing this goal. I'm just not motivated to do this. Will switch to planks and push-ups to develop stronger core for handstands. Fitness Goal 3: Evening Stretch Routine (4/4 - just been lying/relaxing in my heating mat every night) Level Up Goal: Gratitude Practice (complete) Extra: Handstand - Signed up for lessons. Let's see how this goes.
  8. just joined... started tracking 1/1/2018 since my garmin vivofit keeps my stats. the journey to 3,405.5 miles begins with a single step...
  9. 2018 Challenge 1 - Week 4 (Jan2018 mileage: 90.72 miles, secret goal: 100 miles for Jan2018) Fitness Goal 1: Run at least 4x a week (4/4 - good but I feel I should strive to do more) Mon, 2018-Jan-22 - 5 miles gym run in 54 mins Tue, 2018-Jan-23 - 5 miles gym run in 55 mins Wed, 2018-Jan-24 - 3.16 miles gym run in 40 mins. Started late at 7:11pm and gym closes at 8pm Sat, 2018-Jan-27 - 10.4 mile Greenway Run in 2 hrs 52 mins. Wanted to check the progress of the Lake Trail Construction. Tried to run there but the mud stuck in my shoes and it was heavy and hard to run. The photo below shows the nice stairs in the trail that they are replacing with paved road totally bypassing the highest climb of the Lake Trail. I'm very sad about this development. Fitness Goal 2: 5x5x5 Core (1/4 - not good. I'm not really feeling I'm making progress on this routine. ) Fitness Goal 3: Evening Stretch Routine (4/4 - just been lying/relaxing in my heating mat every night) Level Up Goal: Gratitude Practice (complete) Extra: Handstand - not good only did 1 practice The Saturday run was also to practise on the greenway that leads to the office. I've been thinking of running to the office, maybe, at least once a week. Have to make sure there's no rain in the forecast. The good days would be this Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri. It's a 5-mile one way and will probably take me 1.5 hours since I have to stop to cross 5 intersections. That means I have to wake up really early so I don't get run over by inconsiderate drivers during the morning rush. Then, have to leave work early like 4pm to avoid the evening rush and before it gets dark as well. Plus, this requires some preparation: running clothes for the day, bring ahead and leave at the office - toiletries, work clothes, work shoes, and lunch. That way, I don't have to bring them with me while I run. My head and my tummy have not been good. I look at my blank journal and can't get my thoughts together to plan the rest of my week. What a friggin' mess. 'Need to stop this insanity!!!
  10. I don't really drink milk so I'm not really searching for alternative. I think we all get too much calcium already from other food sources. For whipping or heavy cream while I'm baking, I use coconut cream instead - a bit soggy and doesn't emulsify as well as real cream, but it works. Strangely, I can use Nestle canned table cream and Carnation canned evaporated milk and I don't have bad reaction like fresh milk. So, I use both in my baking as well.
  11. Thanks! It's a beautiful place. So much to discover. I try to run at different parks/places on weekends.
  12. I've been having sensitivities to certain foods, so I've been logging what I ate and my reactions. Lactose intolerant, so absolutely no fresh milk/cream/half and half/frosting, etc. No soy - too much GMO. So far, bananas give me stomach cramps. Oranges too. Watermelon and spinach makes me sick. Never again! No oats, I don't really like them. Raw cocoa and nuts make me itchy - so no more almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts has lectins so I'm staying away. I love bread but it makes me feel sluggish. So, I'm experimenting with making yellow sweet potato pancakes with a bit of gf flour. That didn't work too well either. So, just sticking with steamed sweet potatoes for now. Tea makes me bloated and gives me gas, so just having coffee with some collagen powder. I basically eat the same breakfast everyday - coffee, eggs (sadly no more buttered toast). I cook one big lunch on Sundays which I eat on the next 5 workdays - like grilled tuna/salmon with steamed sweet potatoes with kimchi for sides. For dinner, maybe white rice or cauliflower rice with chicken, yes, every night until I run out of chicken. Lol, very boring. That's why sometimes I crave for bread mostly after my evening workouts. If I don't get lazy, then I make a fruit smoothie with magnesium powder for recovery. And, I occasionally have pizza or tuna/salmon sashimi with beer on Friday nights. Burgers, sandwiches, tacos, spaghetti/pasta, yogurt, cheese, turkey are not really my thing. I don't crave them so I never cook/buy them. I weigh myself every morning and last year my average weight was 103.6 lbs and this morning I weighed 102 lbs. I think as long as I keep my running, weight is not an issue. I need to perfect the sweet potato pancake or make a gf sweet potato bread, at least, as a substitute like you suggested. I love baking. I bake a cake/dessert and share it with my officemates couple times a month or whenever somebody has a birthday. There are 14 people in our team, so, that's a lot of birthday cakes! I just eat a slice or two just to appease my craving.
  13. You're on a roll. Great job! Keep it up!
  14. Great job on your goals and training! Good luck on the race!
  15. Great that the duck gym is finally seeing some action!!!
  16. Good job on the dreadmill. I usually watch some race videos on youtube while running. I feel like I'm running on trail with them.
  17. 2018 Challenge 1 - Week 3 (Jan2018 mileage: 67.16 miles, secret goal: 100 miles for Jan2018) Fitness Goal 1: Run at least 4x a week (2/4 - not too good) Mon, 2018-Jan-15 - 4.4 miles run at Durant Nature Preserve Sat, 2018-Jan-20 - 2.5 miles run at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve Fitness Goal 2: 5x5x5 Core (2/4 - not too good) Fitness Goal 3: Evening Stretch Routine (2/4 - not too good) Level Up Goal: Gratitude Practice (complete) Extra: Handstand (secret goal - to be able to do a handstand by end of June! shhh!!!) - did 2 practices The only good thing this week has been my two trail runs. Monday we didn't have the snow yet. Durant NP is an gem of a park in the middle of the city. Hemlock Bluff is a trail runner's paradise. All soft squishy trail and fun boardwalks even in the snow last Saturday. Otherwise, this week has not been very good. I've slipped up rested more than I ran. The snow and the gym being closed for 2 days didn't help either. I'm feeling tired, bloated, gassy, achy, and lazy. Quick to anger and very impatient. 'Need to dial up on my nutrition and remove gluten from my diet. The more I think about not eating bread, the more I crave it.
  18. Running is running. I wanted to do a running streak but somehow always end up missing a couple of days or so... But, I ran 1,165 miles last year, my best running year yet. So, let's just run!!!
  19. Your willpower is amazing! Keep up the excellent work. Soda is just bad!!!
  20. Instant feedback is just great, isn't it? Now you got me thinking of checking out DuoLingo.
  21. I love ice skating and watching hockey, but ice skating does not like me! The rink looks all nice and shiny! Have fun!!!
  22. Loving the rewards system. Great way to boost motivation!
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