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  1. Okay my lovely, here is the basic recipe: 2 tbsp oil for frying 1 onion peeled and chopped 2 cloves garlic peeled and squashed (or if you don't have fresh garlic use 1/8 tsp garlic powder per clove) 2 tsp chopped fresh ginger (leave it out if you don't have any, don't use dried ginger) 1tbsp curry paste 1 sweet potato peeled and cubed 14oz can tomatoes (400g) 300 ml water or stock 225g mushrooms - I use chicken instead, or whatever mixed veg I have in the fridge - carrots, peppers, aubergine, green beans, corn, anything really! 225g spin
  2. Ooh you have some nice vegetables there! Do you have any peanut butter in the house? If you've got some I can give you a good sweet potato and spinach north african style curry recipe which is dead easy
  3. Hey hey lady, Get you with the good progress! Shovelling snow - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is all I have to say. What on earth are hollow bodies and Russian twists?! Give yourself a gold star for maintaining your momentum, looking forward to your pics
  4. Hello! Blimey, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate As someone who struggled with depression for years I can say it is only the support of wonderful family members, such as you are doing for your wife, that managed to help me through it. Mucho respect to you, and all good wishes for your Mrs. And good luck with your challenges! 100 pushups, I'm going faint just thinking about it! Wishing you every success with meeting your goals and getting your promotion
  5. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!! This really made me giggle
  6. Thank you for the suggestion cherub, I shall do that!
  7. Aaand good morning again chickens! Thank you all so much for your comments about food before workouts, it's really useful to gain some different perspectives and it's good to know that I'm okay doing what I'm doing. Perhaps as time goes on and I start doing more and more I will need to eat breakfast beforehand, but for now I shall continue as I was So, how is everyone? Here's a picture from yesterday's walk - I've not managed to capture just how beautiful the clouds were over the mountains, but maybe it will still perk up all of you who are shivering out there!
  8. Day 2, and all is well! I hope everyone else is having a great day I did the Beginner's Bodyweight thing again this morning; I managed to keep going despite a moment of mortification mid star-jump (Jumping Jacks to you US types).Note to self, buy more supportive bra, or shut the curtains when the gardener is around... My mate/former boss has decided she's going to come with me on my walk tomorrow which will be fun especially as she'll be bringing her Rottweiler puppy - she did sound a mite hesitant when I mentioned 7am but I'm sure she'll make it! I made a good start on
  9. We normally have Turkish style breakfast - I'm just starting with all this and trying to lose weight so I'll have maybe 1 boiled egg, sliced tomatoes and cucumber, and nor cheese or hellim. My OH is really in shape but wants to bulk up, he'll have protein powder shake with banana, peanuts, milk and cinammon; egg white and tarragon omelette, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, Nor or Hellim, and then usually wholewheat bread with pekmez and tahini And vast quantities of coffee
  10. Good morning! How's it going with the walking, have you tried the Bodyweight routine yet? How did you find it? I rapidly discovered I cannot do a push-up (even a knee push-up) but someone suggested doing them off the kitchen counter and that was loads better, be interested to hear how you're finding it Look for FlyLady! http://www.flylady.net/ She doesn't have an app (though there is an unofficial one) but her website has the most amazing organisation and routine on it, it's just not interactive. I'm currently in the process of making it into lots of beautiful sprea
  11. So, today has been my first official day of the challenge! Normally New Year's Day for me would involve eating and drinking all of the leftovers in the kitchen (in preparation for a diet to start on the 2nd ), followed by an afternoon lazing in the pub watching the football with my friends and copious amounts of ale. But! Today I have been very well behaved, even though I have almost an entire Christmas Cake left over, and a box of liquor chocolates lurking in the cupboard. I have had my perambulation along the sea front (sulky Turk in tow, who thought we were going out for a shor
  12. Hey!! Happy New Year, and good luck with your challenge Are you new to lifting weights, or is this something you've done for a while? I'm just starting out with bodyweight training but want to move onto weights eventually, be interesting to hear your story!
  13. Hello! How did today go (or how is it going, I'm crap when it comes to time differences ) I hope you managed to regain your momentum! I'm of a similar mindset I think, if I don't do anything, even if it's technically a rest day, I start to feel guilty and then think "What's the point, I failed today, I'll start again Monday!" Maybe on rest days you could take a stroll somewhere with your husband, bit of light exercise that is also good for the soul. That said when me and K do that we usually stroll to a bar... Keep up the good work!!!
  14. Good advice, thank you! It was just muscles so I did the circuits as much as I could again this morning, and whilst my legs are still protesting they're certainly not worse and they did loosen up Thank you for this! I tried using the counter and it was brilliant, mucho appreciation for the recommendation
  15. This appeals to my inner accountant, if you were my client I'd give you a pat on the head xx **Snorts** Good luck with your challenge! Have you seen the Beginners Bodyweight thing? I'd not heard of bodyweight training til I started looking on this forum, but like you I've decided it is the way to go - although I did some squats the other day and now my thighs hate me. Be interesting to hear how you go on with it, let us know if you find some good books!
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