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  1. Hi, Midoriconcept! I feel your post SO HARD! It is not easy to have confidence in my choices these days with so much conflicting information about. I do the best I can, sure in the knowledge that I am getting it wrong somehow... (and not just in the realm of food, either!) I don't have a MIB device (that would be ...helpful!!), but I do find that mindful eating -- focusing on what I am consuming and enjoying it to the fullest extent that I can in that moment -- is the closest that I come to that state of innocence, contentment and confidence I remember from childhood. I don't know if it will work for you, but you might find it worth a shot! Best of luck from one overthinker to another! Kay Lou
  2. Hi there, Taoseeker1965! I'm not a coach either, but I want to echo Elastigirl's good wishes from another 50-something nerd! I am really hoping you find your way in the martial arts. I'm more of a yogi at this point, but am very intrigued by several of the martial arts. Personally, akido seems the best fit for my personality -- but I've heard some really great things about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for those who don't mind bruising, and kendo just looks so COOL! My 12 cents on coaching, if it's of use to you. A good coach can really make a huge difference in your progress -- especially if you have concerns about particular areas of your body. I've worked with a few different coaches over the years, and a couple of them have been really great, a couple have been so-so and one of them I just didn't mesh with at all. If you're going to hire a coach, I've found it helpful to be really clear up front about your goals and your needs -- and not be shy about communicating right away about what's working / not working in the relationship. And to move on if the coach isn't the right one for you. Honestly, I think that the reason I ended up 'ghosting" several of my coaches was simply that it was easier for me to not communicate with them about things that were bothering me than it was to fix them -- and then I was too embarrassed to go back to the gym! My issue rather than theirs ... but I'm the one who is paying the price! 😕 Anyhow, I'll be cheering you on! Kay Lou
  3. Hello fellow NF rebels! I'm respawning after a three-year gap -- and a number of unsuccessful non-NF attempts to become a healthier, fitter me in the intervening time. I have learned a lot during the journey, but so far none of my efforts have 'stuck' in the form of permanent changes in lifestyle. Sadly, I am weaker at this point in my life than I have ever been before now -- and that is very, very discouraging! So, as part of my respawning process, I have "taken a look at what didn't work last time" and realized that I consistently get hung up when dealing with two of the Academy's challenges: anything to do with sharing and customizing my Batcave. When I started digging into why these two missions are so consistently uncomfortable for me, I realized that they are actually symptoms of the same issue: I am deeply ashamed of myself! Because of my sense of shame, I want to hide my efforts to become healthier "just in case I fail again." I don't want to be accountable to the people in my life because I don't want to face the doubts and questions, and I definitely don't want to deal with the awkward conversations that happen after I "fall off the fitness wagon"! Similarly, I don't want to make changes in my environment, because they signal to the other people in my life that I'm "trying to get fit again" ...leading to the doubts, questions and discussions that I don't want to have. I know it's a self-defeating mindset -- but I'm still figuring out my plan to conquer it. I need to defeat Shame in my first Boss Battle -- or I'll never successfully reach any of the others! Wish me luck!! 🤞
  4. Hey there, fellow rebels! Sorry for the radio silence over the past couple of weeks. I've been on full-time training, and haven't had access to a computer during the day -- and the evenings have been unusually busy for me. Plus, I was flattened by a three-day migraine last weekend. Blergh! Anyhow, as we're coming up to the end of the first challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to share how I've done on my first challenge. Overall, I give myself a solid "okay." Out of my four challenges, I've successfully completed two of them: walking for at least 15 min. every day (I gave myself a pass on the two days my migraine had me out of commission); and tracking my activities. However, I managed only partial success (at best) on the other two -- completing bodyweight workouts at least twice a week, and figuring out a system to manage household chores. So, what happened? With respect to the bodyweight workouts, there were two key issues that I didn't successfully manage this month: The main one is that I didn't get a solid routine in place -- so my workouts kept shifting around until they just dropped off my schedule entirely. I also discovered that I don't like changing into workout gear (particularly the shoes for some reason...). That was a bit of surprise -- but I always thought, "ugh, gotta change before I can do anything!" before I worked out. Changing clothes was annoying, and felt more time consuming than it probably was. While it wasn't the main issue, it definitely tipped the scales for me from "worked out" to "didn't work out" a few times over the month. On the household chores side of things, I think it came down to priorities -- and housework being lower on the list than other things, like sleep and spending time with Himself, my folks and friends. I did check out Unfuck Your Habitat (UFYH) and Fly Lady during the month, but didn't get any further than reading (both sites), downloading the app (UFYH) and printing out a couple of things (Fly Lady). For my next challenge (yes, I'm going to do another one!) my top priority will be to establish a workout routine. I'm also going to start wearing workout clothes as regular "lounge wear" -- we'll see if that helps overcome the clothes-changing inertia from this month. I'll need to think further about whether housework is really what I want to focus on right now. Maybe I'll need to break it down into a smaller goals. Still thinking about that one! So, all in all, I am battered but not beaten! Thanks for the support everyone!
  5. Hey there, fellow NF rebels! So, I'm still hanging in there with my challenge quests even though I haven't been posting very much. (Does anyone else get this kind of temporary paralysis when it comes to this stuff? I don't have any good reasons NOT to post, but I just end up not doing it. And then I feel weird, and it gets even harder to post. Lather, rinse, repeat until I finally shake off that particular brain weasel!) Anyhow, it's been an educational week -- if not an entirely successful one -- since I have confirmed a few things about myself and healthy behaviours: 15 min. of walking each day is totally doable for me -- even when life gets busy! I generally manage to get in 30 min. of "deliberate" walking during the day -- but on those occasions when I can't, I'm doing 15 min. walk-in-place before getting into bed. It's not ideal, but it is helping me ensure that I "move with deliberation" every day. And, for a habitual sloth like me, this is a HUGE shift in perspective! Fried potatoes are my kryptonite. Sigh! Yep, I caved. My favourite chips were on sale (it was a really good sale!) and I was hungry. So, a couple of lessons learned (or, more accurately, reinforced). First, don't shop when hungry. I generally carry a protein bar with me, but I had forgotten to replace it after I ate the last one. Need to be more diligent on that front, clearly -- or perhaps I should leave some emergency healthy snacks in the car. Second, avoid the aisle(s) with the kryptonite. "Out of sight, out of mind" is my friend here. I can't pick up the kryptonite if I never get close to it! Third, buy small, not big. Yes, even if it's not as good a deal! I can make better choices for my health, even when I indulge. The small bag of chips is probably going to be enough to satisfy my craving -- really! Push ups are hard...but I am still fierce! I did pretty well overall on my first attempt beating General DOMS (the NF Academy Level 1 boss). My squats, one-leg balance and front plank were all okay -- but I couldn't manage any knee push ups. It's like my arms locked halfway down. Really weird! Anyhow, I'm going back to incline push ups for now, and figuring out what muscles I need to strengthen before I try beating General DOMS again. Mindful eating -- not just portion control -- is genuinely helpful for me. @Lateral Planet, your comment really made me think, so I've been experimenting this week with eating mindfully (i.e. with my focus on the food rather than something else) versus simply using portion control. I'm a bit surprised by the result, TBH. I do feel noticeably more satisfied when I focus on what I'm eating. So, while I'm not going to be dogmatic about it, I will continue to eat mindfully whenever I can. Boredom is really bad for my health. I wasn't very busy at work this week (for reasons), and it was much, much harder for me to stay away from nibbling! It's my automatic "go to" when I'm bored and stuck in front of a computer. The issue should remedy itself by next week (i.e. work will pick up again), but I could really use some work-appropriate "boredom busters" that don't involve me snacking or being away from my desk for an extended period of time. Any ideas? I'll post some updated pictures of my fitness log soon. It's interesting to see how it's developing!
  6. Wow! You sound like a really determined person, and I'm looking forward to watching you fly! I like the way you're breaking down your big goals (ambitious! exciting!) into practical, specific quests for the challenge. I can really see how they each contribute to reaching your ultimate goals. FWIW, I agree with TGP that C25K is a great way to get in to running. It was the app that almost made me into a runner after a lifetime of refusing to run anywhere, for anything! (turns out my knees won't take running, but that's hardly the program's fault!) What do you mean by "build my brand," if you don't mind me asking?
  7. This is so important! I am an eating machine if I don't pay attention -- and what pizza is for you, fries are for me! It sounds like you really rocked Week 1 despite your illness. That's amazing stuff!! I hope you and your husband are both on the mend now. January is a tough month (I swear, almost everyone I know is sick, is getting sick, or is just getting over being sick!). Also, FWIW, I'm really impressed that both you and your husband are working together on these quests. It makes life so much easier when you and your partner are on the same page. Looking forward to hearing about Week 2! I'm back at work next week, so I'll be facing the same challenges. I'm taking notes, believe me! :-D P.S. If you're interested in reading Sarah Monette, I'd suggest starting with The Bone Key. It's a set of linked short stories that are inspired by? an homage to? H.P. Lovecraft. Creepy and fascinating!
  8. Hi there, shy! (I've dropped you a note in the introduction forum as well) Well done on taking on your first 4 week challenge! That's a huge deal when you're trying to work within physical and mental health limits (believe me, I know!!) I really cheer your goal to go for a walk or to the apartment gym. That's going to be a really big step toward your goal (pun slightly -- well, more than slightly -- intended! /grins/). You should be really proud to have exercised every day since Jan 3. Major accomplishment! The only thing I'd be concerned about is whether you'll feel like a failure if you can't exercise on a few days throughout the challenge? If so, would it make more sense to give yourself a bit of flexibility -- like, exercise at least 5x per week? Please feel free to disregard this comment if it doesn't make sense for you. I'm just speaking from my own experience of trying -- and failing -- to do something (anything!) daily -- and, yes, that includes getting dressed and brushing my teeth! Anyhow, I'll be following along and rooting for you over the next month. Good luck, and "just keep swimming!"
  9. Hey there, shy. I'm KayLou. Fellow vegetarian, board gamer, and all-round anxious person here! I hope you don't mind if I start off by saying you sound like a lovely person, and you and your kidlet are both seriously adorable! I haven't read your challenge thread yet (it's next on the list), but I wanted to let you know that I'd be happy to chat any time. I love discussing vegetarian recipes, sci fi and games (though I'm not much of an online gamer), and I'd be happy to lend an ear if and when the brain weasels get going! I'll be rooting for you!
  10. You know you are officially inspiring now, right? Seriously, I'm really impressed with how much enthusiasm you are bringing to this challenge, and how well it is working for you. I can really feel your motivation, and that's helping me to get out of the mini-rut I'm sliding into. Thanks for sharing your progress!
  11. Way to go, LoganW! So glad to hear you're on the mend. It seems like everyone around me is sick with one thing or another, but I expect that's just January being January. I totally get you about setting up Gloomhaven 24/7. It's a great game - and, yes, absolutely gorgeous! -- but it's kind of a pain to set up and take down every time you want to play. Have fun with the D&D campaign. It does sound a lot more sensible right now!
  12. Okay - that's BRILLIANT!!! I'm going to be starting back to the gym in the next couple of weeks, and I am totally stealing this idea! One of my semi-regular issues was walking out of the house without my gym bag. (Okay -- upon occasion, I "forgot" it, but most of the time I was just schlepping a lot of stuff and missed it.) Thanks for the idea! (P.S. I hope your nephew and his parents are recovering!)
  13. Good grief! Where did the days go? I see I haven't posted since Saturday. Okay - so, the TL;DR is that I'm keeping up with the fitness aspects of my challenge (walking & bodyweight workouts, plus tracking), but am slipping on the Level Up Your Life quest as well as backsliding on a couple of my earlier quests (mindful eating and daily core exercises). I know this is the riskiest point for me -- one thing slips, then another, and so it goes until I get too embarrassed to keep going and pretend it never happened. Any advice or encouragement to get over this particular mental wall is more than welcome!! The Long Version: On the whole, I'm pleased that I've been keeping up with my workouts -- including a couple of days when I was walking around my bedroom at 10:30 at night so I didn't mess up my challenge. So, that's good! Plus I've been moving boxes into the basement (up and down a flight of stairs a couple of dozen times or so) and shovelled snow off our driveway and walk twice (around 25 min. each time). On the whole, I'm pretty pleased about how the physical stuff is going. On the other hand... I've been avoiding following up on the great suggestions I've received re: chore management apps and systems, and I'm really not sure why I'm so reluctant to tackle this research. :-/ I know the longer I leave it, the less likely I am to get around to it [I swear, the dust bunnies around here are looking to set up an independent republic!] -- but I also need to get the house under some kind of control because it is Stressing. Me. Out! At the same time, I've been getting a bit casual about mindful eating over the past few days (see #2 in this post if you don't know what I'm talking about). Himself and I have been eating supper in front of the TV for the past few days in order to watch a really entertaining series (The Good Place, for those who are interested.) Since I'm still managing to eat mindfully for my other meals and most snacks, I'm not sure whether I should just lighten up for this one meal or dig in my heels. Himself and I don't get much time together, FWIW, due to incompatible schedules. As for the daily core exercises, I've just...not...for the past few days. I don't really enjoy the exercises, and I'm not sure I'm making any progress -- so in this case it's just straight up frustration and pissiness. I'm really struggling to get out of this mindset, and get back to work. Grrrr!! I am annoyed right now that I'm not feeling better about how things are going. Irrational, I know. Maybe I'll blame it on the snow. And freezing rain. And slush. And general post-holiday blahs. Yeah...that'll work! ;-)
  14. Thank you, both! I spent quite a bit of time thinking about my Big Whys -- trying to get to the real ones, rather than the easy ones, y'know. I find it interesting that I ended up with one motivation based on fear (I'm scared I won't be able to take care of myself when I am old and alone), and one based on love (I want to be happy and have fun in the physical world as well as the mental one). It's very primal, which surprises me a bit since I generally tend to adopt an intellectual perspective on things. Still, maybe that intellectual approach has been part of my problem. The rational reasons don't provide enough of a "gut punch" to keep me motivated. So far, at least, these two big whys have been enough to keep me moving -- and that's good enough for now!
  15. Hey there, fellow board gamer and space opera afficionado! You sound like a really cool person, with a good handle on your "big why" and a realistic view of the challenges you're facing. That's about as good a starting hand as you're going to get, I figure! I totally get the need to go slow when coming back from lung problems. I got double pneumonia a couple of years ago, and could barely manage to walk up a flight of stairs for months! It can be tough to figure out exactly how much to push yourself during the recovery period, but your approach seems pretty sensible. FWIW, one thing that is helping me to get in my nutrients (protein is my issue...), is to have a few default snacks/meals ready to roll so I'm not wandering around the kitchen going "it's too much work to make anything...but I'm hungry...aw, to hell with it! I'll just have these chips!" Admittedly, they're not always the most exciting things to eat -- currently, my go-tos are cottage cheese, hard-boiled eggs, or an apple and few almonds -- but it seems to help having an easy/healthy option to turn to when my willpower is low. Now, on to the really important stuff -- what kind of boardgames do you like? Himself and I are currently playing Gloomhaven, but we're also dabbling with Time Stories (with some friends) and Mechs vs, Minions. We've also picked up a few of the various Escape Room games, but haven't tried them yet. Best wishes for a successful challenge! I'll be rooting for you!!
  16. Hey there, gang! So, yesterday and today have been GOOD days! I did my first bodyweight workout yesterday, and it went pretty well. Between the warm up, workout and cool down, I pressed and pulled and stretched and squatted for about 30 minutes. Honestly, the biggest problem was finding suitable doorways in which to do the exercises (the kitchen counter served admirably for incline push ups)! Plus I did 20 min. walking and my regular core exercises. My knees were a bit sore after all that -- I'll need to keep an eye on that since knee problems practically gallop in my family! -- but they seem better today so I'm calling it good! Today was my "active recovery" day, so I just did 30 min. moderate walking. Tomorrow's my second bodyweight workout, and I'm curious to see how I feel afterwards. Because I'm on vacation at the moment, its been both easier (in terms of time available) and more difficult (in terms of the lack of a regular schedule) to manage my challenges. I'm already thinking about how to manage things when I get back to the office. That'll be the next challenge....
  17. Hollow Bodies Russian Twists A former trainer had me do these as an at home to supplement my gym workouts. I must admit, these are the only two moves I remember...
  18. Okay...here we go with attempt #2 to upload photos. This is my "Big Why" page: And my Stats page: And my Monthly Tracker: Okay, that worked MUCH better!! Woo hoo!!!
  19. So -- progress update! [accountability is a good thing! accountability is a good thing!] A bit of a bad news, good news scenario yesterday. The bad news is that I didn't do my scheduled bodyweight workout. However, on the good news side, I shovelled the packed snow off our driveway and walkway (about 25 min effort) since the deep freeze broke (briefly) yesterday, and did 15 min. walk (albeit at 10 p.m., in my pyjamas, around the house...), and kept up with my simple core exercises (hollow bodies, Russian twists). I am rescheduling my bodyweight workouts to Thursday and Saturday this week, so I can stay on track with my challenge. That will still allow me to get on to a M/W/F schedule next week. Tracking is going well so far (will post pics now that @RES and @SkyGirl have pointed me in the right direction) Today, if I have the time, I'll go check out the UFYH app (thanks for the heads up @scalyfreak), and Fly Lady site. Onward and upward!
  20. I almost picked The Body in the Library myself. It's my second favourite...well, maybe tied with The Mirror Crack'd and The Moving Finger. It's funny, but I never remember Christie wrote And Then There Were None -- probably because I first saw it as a movie (the 1945 version with Barry Fitzgerald) when I was a kid. I have the same problem with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I saw the Boris Karloff animated version before I ever read the Dr. Suess book, and the written version still doesn't seem quite right to me -- even though I adore Dr. Suess!
  21. @SkyGirl Hi friend!! Thanks for warm welcome. It's always great to meet another member of the tribe! :-) Feel free to sit down and have a cuppa anytime!
  22. Thanks! I just checked out your challenge thread, and you seem pretty awsome yourself! Looking forward to hearing about how your quests are progressing!
  23. Echoing scalyfreak here! Magic + tunes would be amazing!! FWIW, your quest lines seem (to me, at least) to be nicely ambitious and specific, and the supporting quests make a lot of sense. I love that you're combining nutrition and fitness with broader life ambitions /cue montage of dedicated practicing of magic tricks and singing here/ I'm really looking forward to following your progress! Keep us posted!
  24. Thanks for the tip, RES! I'll set up an Imgur account. I have a feeling I'm going to be posting a lot of pictures here!
  25. I like them a lot, but ghosting definitely is an issue if you like to use darker inks. The colours suck me in every time, though. My fitness journal is a very classy robin's egg blue. Have you thought about putting a cover on your journal, if the colour isn't doing it for you? I understand from my stationary peeps that covers are not all that hard to make, and you can switch them up when you get bored.
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