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  1. I am just starting to catch up on threads, so ignore this if you've gotten a job in the week since you've posted this - my company is hiring for a PM right now. We're a Silicon Valley tech company with an office in Chicago and our headquarters in Barcelona (so there is at least one international trip a year). I *think* they want the PM in Chicago, but CA would also probably be negotiable. The pay is just average and we're on the smaller side, but I could send you a link, if you like?
  2. I should probably get this tattooed somewhere.
  3. Yay for being the only one in gymnastics. It's like an unplanned private! The other gym moving their open time sucks, though. I feel you on having to schedule things very specifically or they just don't work.
  4. Jan 10 - Jan 11 - A- Water - Success! Calorie deficit -Haven't quite made up my calories from Monday, but am otherwise doing well. - Success. NF Workouts - Finally did my first one - 3A Bodyweight. It was largely almost too easy, but then the side planks at the end were surprisingly challenging. I also did pushups the easy, normal way to get through all of the sets rather than the elbows-in-and-back way my aerial instructors used to encourage. Only a bit sore today, though, so should be fine doing the next one tomorrow. - Success. Class - Did NF Workout Wednesda
  5. That definitely couldn't hurt! I might look into it at some point. Right now, I'm all about just getting back into a more....mindful mindset. Taking a year + off has really changed how I view exercise time/food preparation. And not for the better.
  6. This isn't always true, and I know it's not true for me, because I still track in Fitbit, I just have to do extra calculations. But I can see the calories are not going down at all, it's just the distribution changing. I'm not 100% up to date on why it works, if they've decided it's an insulin thing or a glycemic thing or a genetic thing or what, but I did read proper studies before I started doing it a few years ago (after hearing all the Atkins horror stories). This link seems to have a lot of links to pertinent stuff, though I have looked at none of it closely (I'm on my phone
  7. Yeah, that's the problem, though. My maintenance calorie level (when I'm slightly skinnier) is like 1100-1200, tops. I'm only 5'0" tall and in my 30s. So when I subtract anything at all from that, I end up under 1000, which I don't really want to be, even on days I walk a few miles or take a yoga/pilates class or do a short workout. The only days where I am "allowed" to eat more than 1000 is on aerials days, but that is just stupid. So that's about the point I switch to watching carbs rather than watching calories. I've had decent luck with carbs, but it's more annoying to automatically track
  8. The calories vs carbs thing really has more to do with how much weight I have to lose and not the amount of exercise I'm doing. I worded that kind of weirdly. I stop counting calories, per se, almost entirely when I'm skinnier, but start focusing more on macros and getting a higher percentage of protein to carbs than I do in my general everyday lazy eating. If I count calories when I'm thinner AND working out, I get miserable (probably because my everyday lazy eating has far too many high glycemic index foods and empty calories), but if I keep carbs kind of low (by no means paleo o
  9. Dec 31 - Jan 9 So this year did not start off all that well for me - a combination of a weather triggered series of migraines followed by a couple of 14 hour work days (to make up for the projects that fell behind while I was out with a migraine) means that I have not managed to do a full workout or attend a class yet. But, as far as everything else, I really didn't do that bad, considering. My current grade is about a B. Water - I was a bit low on the 1st, the 7th, and the 8th, but am at 64oz or above for the other 7 days. - Success, but could do better. Calorie
  10. I so agree, and yet feel like my inner Hermione is coming out. Why don't more people appreciate the humor in plain text boxes? When I'm smaller with a higher muscle percentage, lower body fat, and doing my own calorie counting with aerials multiple days a week, 500 is too much. I usually do lower carb at that point. But I have so much extra weight right now and am only doing these fairly easy workouts to start, that I'm not super concerned. Plus, I'm letting Fitbit calculate my calorie intake, and it is FAR too generous with calculating calories burned by BMR and basic things li
  11. Ooh. That reminded me I still need to watch the Christmas special. I'm curious about Whittaker. I am all for a female doctor, but I haaaated Beth on Broadchurch, so I am already slightly unfairly biased against her. You are so consistent with your goals! I'll have to take a cue on the updating almost every day, even if it's just about calories and such.
  12. Graphs! I love graphs. Good idea. I'm going to keep that in mind, because being able to see improvement/changes like that (you've made measurable progress in just a bit over a week!) could be a good little psychological boost. Beautiful hiking pic, too, btw.
  13. Okay, I have finally had a chance to catch up and watch your vids, and I LOVE how deliberate you are with your movements. That (and pointed toes) is probably the biggest thing I need to work on, so this was inspirational in the sense of "I *wish* I could be that steady and deliberate. She is like the anti-me. But I can't even work on deliberate until I'm in the air again, so I guess that would be the first step..." How high are your silks? I can't really get perspective.
  14. Yup. I just was out four out of the seven days last week with a migraine, so my progress (and screen time) was minimal. I'll check in properly after work today - I want to catch up on everybody else, too.
  15. I was a professional classical musician for a number of years (piano)! I also started serious physical activity waaaaay too late in life (silks and circus) and am a tiny halfling sized person where just a little extra weight makes everything unwieldy. (Well, right now I'm a pretty squishy halfling.) What concerto are you doing, if you don't mind me asking?
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