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  1. Hi! I think it said somewhere, however I can't remeber/cant find it again/was confused. So for the challange, you have the quests. Then the quests you set on your profile, the one which you make a character, are they the same or different? Thanks
  2. Hi! Just call me cat, or kitten. Whatever I don't really mind what you call me. I did grade 4 piano and I do figure skating competitions. I don't need to loose any weight, I'm too young for that (and I burn everything with skating anyway), but I want to eat healthier and get stronger. And hopefully I can make som habits to keep as an adult. I also love computer programming, and all types of sci-fi (doctor who, Star Wars, etc....go Reylo!). I live in Wales. So my main quest is to get stronger and eat healthier. My smaller, specific quests are: Diet 1: Have a treat only once every two days after the main meal at night, as healthy a treat as possible. Diet 2: Drink more. Drink lots of water and also milk. At least 7 glasses a day, or more if I'm skating. Fitness: Complete the Star Wars Jedi workout each day (or vary it with another workout), and gradually increases to Master level where possible Life: Turn lights and gadgets off at 9:10 pm on school night, 9:30 on weekends. i have tried these before at different stages, but now I actually have a work out that is cool. Everyone wants to be a Jedi right? I will drink more if only I remember, I can set an alarm on my iPad. Eating less sugar I already am trying, with some success. And if I stop going on my role plays as much, or posting during the day, I should be able to stop. And just don't turn instergram on. If I have done anything wrong, please say as it's my first time (well it is challange 1). Thanks!
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