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  1. The streak is still ALIVE. I fell way behind on my MFP this week, but I just sat down and cranked it out. I didn't hit my macro targets everyday, but the goal was just to be honest and track it all - not to nail the perfect formula all the time. IF has been great. I don't get too serious about the exact timing, because I'm never close to the 16 hour benchmark - it's always more like 18/20 so I don't sweat it. I doubled my activity target to match pace with a new friend who happens to be a pretty great marathoner. That's definitely kept me going on days where I would've
  2. LOL - OMG how I wish I was actually soloing. Alas no - I mean solo parenting a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Sleep will be fleeting, stress will be high We got this though, right?
  3. Wait, what? Did an internet stranger just proactively check-in on my status? WTF kind of place have I stumbled into? Errrm... I mean... Thanks! Things are great! - Intermittent fasting is still on track. I hit at least 16 hours every day and was generally closer to 18-20! - MFP is totally on track. I think this is the longest I've consistently tracked. I've been making 100% of my food so I've gotten pretty good at making the time to import recipes and get stuff logged in advance. - I closed all my rings, every day. Wrapped up the week with a beautiful early
  4. JGER


    If anyone is in Denver (esp somewhere near downtown) - I'd definitely be down to help organize a regular meetup to keep everyone supported and accountable.
  5. She's a great mom and an amazing partner, but she doesn't have the same troubled relationship with food as I do - she can eat a little bit of anything at all and be completely satisfied. She's supportive 80% of the time, but I'll DEFINITELY have to deal with her occasionally suggesting deep dish pizzas, cookies and ice cream after a long day at the office. I don't think it's her not being supportive, she just still doesn't quite get it that I'm going to fail at moderation (for the time being). We've had that chat SO many times. It's just easier for me to try and find consistent support and acc
  6. Hey New Friends - My name is Joe! I found NF about a week ago when I stumbled across an amazing article on intermittent fasting. I read through some more content and was totally hooked. Signed up for the NFA that night and I've spend a few days tinkering around with my profile working through the mindset module. A big part of what I was most excited about with NF was the community/accountability aspect so I'm excited to be part of my first challenge. I LOVE to workout. Going to the gym is one of my favorite parts of the day. But over the last 4 years my nutrition has be
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