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  1. I'm not really sure how they drink it, but they sure do drink a lot of it. Coffee houses are everywhere, I think the one odd thing from an american standpoint is they have a little cardamom shaker instead of/in addition to a cinnamon one for people to add to their coffee.
  2. A little to the party but I'm super excited you posted this, I took the survey and got questioner. Which is pretty spot on. "Once Questioners believe that a particular habit is worthwhile, they’ll stick to it—but only if they’re satisfied about the habit’s soundness and usefulness. They resist anything arbitrary or ineffective; they accept direction only from people they respect." Have you read her book? I think I'm going to add it to my reading list. Congratulations on the home!!!
  3. That's a completely fair assessment. Its a little of both probably. As of right now I mostly work on my laptop on the couch and its a lot slower going without a mouse to work on indesign. I did get a kind of test fitness planner done this week because I wanted one for me. My plan is to have an etsy store up and running in 3 months and a food blog up and running by the end of the year. The etsy store I'm going to do is planner printables/inserts and that is what the initial product creation is for. Long term the goal is for me to be able to make a lab tech income or better working from hom
  4. Week 1.5 update. I'm almost through my second week of bigness project workouts and I'm wishing we had an elevator to our 5th floor walk up. Especially with all the groceries for 2 people suddenly eating zero take out. All the quad burn over here. The meal prepping has been going really well and I'm still on the base template on my rp plan. That is really surprising cuz I hadn't realised how much I was under eating. I really wasn't eating enough to fuel my body and I might stay at this stage longer than I'm supposed to just to let my body get adapted to appropriate fuel.
  5. It's cold but not terrible in Helsinki, up north it gets really cold being the arctic and all. It's about 30F here for most of winter. There were maybe a couple days last year where it was 15F and that wasnt fun. We were living in Ohio and it's way colder in the winter there. But you're not in it as long because you're driving from place to place. The real buzzkill is the dark. It makes everyone grumpy.
  6. The culture shock wasn't terrible here, most of the changes were fairly positive for me. I was living in the Midwest and you couldn't walk across the street without having to talk to 4 people. As an introvert that was rough and this is nice. People don't bother others and there is zero street harassment, the language here is insane though, I can't even order a coffee properly. The weather takes a bit more adaptation, it's only light for about 5-6 hours a day right now. But all of those are particular to Finns and Finland. I really like it here but it has some weird parts.
  7. So...I was writing my update yesterday and my phone died it's final death. I did get my workout in even though it ended up being much later than I would have liked. So far I'm doing really well on my meal plan but today is the last day I have meals prepped for and I need to make some things for the weekend, tomorrow I'm going to my dnd group and need to bring non crappy food so I don't want to eat all the gaming snacks. I'm currently on the treadmill walking after my 4th and final bigness project workout for the week and might go do some chill cardio on Sunday while my boyfriend plays hockey.
  8. Hi y'all this is my first challenge!!! I'm calling it Create and Renew because I want to renew my health this year and create a personal online business. So those will be the focus of all my goals this year. My boyfriend and I recently moved from the states to Finland for his job. I went from working 2 jobs to no job. We'll probably be here for two more years and I have time to work on projects I want to work on and time to do things like focus on strength and renewing my health. So for the first 4 week challenge my goals are 1 Meal plan and prep according to RP template
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