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  1. Hi guys. Just wanted to say I just ordered a Fuji Superaito. I haven't worn it yet, but It feels so supple. I'm doing an army school at the moment, so Im not training for the next month. Also, I got my purple belt last week. So theres that.
  2. Its going. I haven't been working out as much, because I tweeked a muscle in my neck. I have been eating a little better, and actually packed a salad for lunch today. lol.
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to share that I'm doing a workout program from beachbody called "Les Mills Combat". I've done it before an had pretty good results, so I decided to try it again. I figured I'd share it here, because the workout is kind of like a cardio pseudo-MMA based work out. I hate even saying that, but its how it is marketed. I started monday, so there is plenty of time to jump in and keep people accountable. I think i've seen some of the videos on youtube. Anyways, post here for accountability and crap like that.
  4. Sorry, I don't get on this site much while I'm at home, and I've been enjoying my long weekend. Anyways, the problem with my diet is 1) I love food, and healthy food sucks. 2) my autistic daughter subsists on chips, crackers, cookies and chicken nuggets, so that stuff is always in the house. Did really well today though, both diet wise and exercise. I decided to start up a beachbody program called "Combat", which is basically an MMA based P90x. I've also been pretty consistent with my BJJ practice as well, so things are going good. I started Combat today, and was surprised to learn that the program ends the day I leave for my school, lol. So, today I actually did both BJJ and combat, and am super tired.
  5. Staying active. I've been managing to hit my daily goals on Pushups/squats. I did go running Wednesday night. Diet is still crap though.
  6. Thanks I've been pretty active the past few days. Last night I hit up BJJ again...hopefully i'll be back in class tomorrow night and Saturday. Still doing my pushups at work, though yesterday I wasn't able to do that many squats. We were busy. I think I'm gonna go for a jog tonight, since the weather is unseasonably warm here in Kentucky.
  7. I'm kinda hoping for a medical retirement. lol My diet at drill was crap. I travel, so ate at restaurants. At least I worked out a lot.
  8. Happy to report that I was much more assertive at class the other night.
  9. Ya know, I just looked at my profile, its P2 for FM, and 3 for hearing. I was confused. I did have to medboard for my hearing, but I didn't actually do anything. I'm at the point now where if I get kicked out on a med board, I'll be medically retired. I'm fine with that. How long have you been in?
  10. Our classes are generally less than six people, so plenty of one on one work. I'd always recommend getting out there and mixing it up with a group class. One of the best things about Jiu Jitsu is that we highly encourage visiting other gyms and style and the sharing of techniques. When I studied Karate, there was a bit of a "keep to your own" mentality. You grow quite a bit when you expose yourself to other styles. Ugh, Dizziness is the worst. I still get dizzy doing forward rolls in our lane drills.
  11. I'm a 35F, Intelligence Analyst. I enlisted, literally, the day we started the war in Iraq. I was sitting in MEPS, watching the coverage. I've got a P3, because I have Fibromyalgia and some hormonal issues that started shortly after I got back from Iraq/Kuwait. Luckily, the VA recognizes this. Hello, fellow Bulldog.
  12. Last night at BJJ was pretty awesome. I didn't want to go. I was dragging my feet, and almost turned around on the way out there (its about a 10 minute drive to my gym). Last night was literally the only night this week I could go, because I leave tonight to go to drill. Anyways, I wound up just saying "screw it" and going. I'm really glad I did. Our black belt instructor, Darin, only teaches one night a week. I've mentioned that he's super legit, with a great lineage (very important in BJJ, because it weeds out frauds) and is a great teacher. A BJJ black belt, especially in Kentucky, is a big deal. They take at least 10 years to get, and Darin is old school. Anyways, he taught a great class. The mats were also loaded with my favorite training partners, and I acquitted myself very well against some of our best guys. I'm not the best grappler on the planet, so surviving and even putting these guys in bad positions is a great night for me. Also, I'm down another .5 lbs this morning.
  13. Congrats on landing a touch. One of the things I love about martial arts, is the sense of community. My training partners are my people. We go to dinner together, we tease, etc. When one of us hits a really awesome submission, the guy getting submitted is happy. He usually asks to see the set up and how it happened.
  14. The only problem that I feel with keto is that by the end of my work day, I'm starving. I will usually come home and eat some cheese or pepperoni, and be fine though. I really do drop weight pretty quickly on Keto, but I really like food so I use it sparingly. The only specific reward I have planned is for when I get my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. I'm gonna buy a brand new peacocky gi
  15. Right now, I'm just eating less junk, eating more veggies, and increasing activity. As the school date approaches, I'll do keto to drop any remaining weight I have. This morning I weighed in at 183, so down 3 lbs this week. The school is Senior Leaders Course. I've been on the E-7 list for the past three years, but when the army implemented the STEP program, my priority for school dropped (in order to get current E7s through the school). This year I'm top priority, because the backlog has been cleared. I'm already in a slot, so I'm hoping to pin in May. Also, you rape one sheep, thats what you're known for.
  16. 15 Year Army and Army Reservist here. 40 lbs in 4 months is doable. Work with your recruiter to make it happen. I personally have had success following a keto diet to make my semi-annual weigh ins, but I know people who it doesn't help at all. Its all about finding what works for you. While you are working on your weight loss, I recommend looking into the Physical Training standards of the branch you're going to join. Before I joined the Army, I knew that I had to do 45 push ups, 50-something sit ups, and run 2 miles in 15 minutes. That is what I focused my training on, and if you do that you'll get the added benefit of physically and mentally preparing for the requirements of your service.
  17. Thanks for your kind words. We'll get there. We're trying a variety of therapies and medications, but its arduous. The pushups aren't hard. I usually exceed 100. Yesterday, I ended up doing like 180. When I'm at work, I take an hourly stretch break, and knock out 20 or more. I'm in the Army, so I've been doing pushups for the better part of my life.
  18. Hello. My name is Greg (gaming name is "Gredge", if you see that name on a game, its likely me). I'm a 31 year old married dude and father of two daughters. I'm also an Army Reservist, amateur artist (El Diablo Artistic Ministries on FB and Instagram ) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Last year, my new year resolution was to create more artwork, and I blew every goal I set for my art out of the water. I'm hoping to impart that drive into my physical fitness. I've got a lot of work to do to get back where I wanna be. As an Army reservist, I have to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. The actual PT tests aren't hard (I have fibromyalgia, so I'm exempted from running), but as I get older the weight standards are slowly starting to become more difficult to fit into. The max weight for my height is 179 lbs. I'm currently sitting at 183. The past few times I've weighed in, I've had to do a small weight cut the night before to make the standard (If you fail, you have to do a Body Fat Measurement, which I'd likely pass, but I want to avoid). Another challenge is that my wife has bipolar disorder. For the past year, since her dad's death, she's been in a major depressive state. Not only has this strained my marriage, but it has curtailed my goals. I went from training and teaching BJJ three times a week to only one day a week. All the progress I've made on my fitness slowly regressed as I had to take up more of the slack around the house. Its not necessarily a time thing, but an energy and effort thing and a product of my mental state. I have a major Army school coming up this March (hopefully!) that I need for promotion. My goal is to get back into "Fighting Shape" and attend this course with no concerns about my weight or fitness level. I posted a few goals in my intro thread, so I'll reiterate them here: BJJ for 2 hours 2x per week 100 push ups 3x weekly at the office 100 squads 2x weekly at the office 2-3 mile run 1-2x per week. eat better start keto February 1st (I have trouble staying on Keto, I'm only doing it to drop weight quickly for my school) This week, I only have time to go to BJJ tonight, because I leave tomorrow evening for drill. Other than that, I'm on track to meet my goals this week.
  19. Hi guys. I'm new here. I love reading about everybody's martial art's experience. Like most people, I started Karate (Chito-Ryu) as a child. My dad had a music writing buddy who was helping his friend start a non-for profit Karate school, where poor kids like me could practice every night. I poured myself into it from the ages of 10 to 13, becoming a brown belt, when my Dojo closed down. I didn't really do much after that, except participate in JROTC in high school. I really enjoyed Karate, because it gave me a focus and a social outlet that I, a nerdy poor kid, didn't have before. I'm still in contact with my slightly crazy karate instructor. After high school, I joined the Army. I participated in standard hand to hand/combatives training that all soldiers get. I did get level one certified, and did weekly sessions with my unit's Combative Coaches. I loved that period of time in my life. There is no greater thrill than making your First Sergeant tap out while engaged in sparring. After I got out of the active Army (I'm still a reservist), I didn't do much. I started getting depressed and gained weight. My little sister died, and my depression worsened. I had a daughter, and decided that I was wasting my life not doing anything. I endeavored to find a way out of my funk, and thought martial arts was a great way to do it. However, the schools in my area are generally McDojos that cater to after school kids programs...or "traditional" schools, with old fat "masters" that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. One night, when celebrating my 26th Birthday at a local watering hole, I ran into a bachelorette party. Their designated driver, was an older woman. Somehow we got started talking about martial arts, and she told me that she practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I'd heard of BJJ, but always thought it was kinda flashy (gi patches, lol). I set aside my karate rooted biases, and went to a class the next day. I've been hooked since. My gym is unique. We don't have an owner. We are a club. We have very low overhead, because we rent an area from a church. We have one instructor that we pay a pittance, because he is VERY legit (Carlson Gracie 3rd Degree Black Belt). All of the senior students take turns teaching, and we operate a lot like a co-op. Its honestly the best arrangement for learning an art that I can think of. We truly are a tribal group. I am a senior blue belt (4 stripes), and I hope to get my Purple belt this year. I never really conceived that I could be a purple belt when I first started, because they seemed like Jedi Knights. I help teach sometimes as well, which helps immensely. I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I won't go as far as to say it saved my life, but it has given me more than I could have hoped. I love the realness, and the aliveness. I love that it is based in combat, and that I can safely practice techniques against my training partners at full speed and resistance. I love that our sparring is real. I love that BJJ allows you choose the level of violence you can employ, which is great for military/police types. My goals in BJJ: Earn my Purple Belt (this year) Earn my Brown Belt (three years) Earn my Black Belt (Five years) Compete this year Compete in a MAJOR tournament (three years) Teach more (I had to step back from a lot of my classed due to personal issues) be more aggressive (I'm a lazy grappler, lol) Thanks for listening, and for sharing your experiences.
  20. Hey guys! I'm a BJJ Blue Belt (hoping to get purple this year). I've been training for five years or so. I train at a Carlson school in Kentucky. My instructor actually got his brown belt from Carlson Sr. shortly before his passing, and was an instructor at his school in Chicago until he moved back to Kentucky, and got his Black Belt from Junior.. Its really cool that the history of our art is that tangible and close to where we are now. I used to teach our beginner's class, but personal issues have severely curtailed my time in the gym this last year. I still teach, but on an as needed basis. I've only competed a few times (not successfully, lol), but want to do some more if I can get back into shape. Favorite Gi: My OSS rebel gi. It has the Rebel Alliance Logo on it Favorite position: Back mount/triple threat Favorite choke: Bow and Arrow Favorite armlock: Omoplata Favorite Guard: Closed
  21. Hey guys. My name is Greg. I'm a 31 year old dude from Kentucky. I'm an Army Reservist and I work full time for the government. I am married, with two young daughters. My fitness goals are, primarily to lose weight (I'm 185 lbs), and get back into "Army Shape". I have an important school to go to in March, so I'm trying to lose 15 lbs by then. I know I can do that fairly easily by just dieting, but I want to increase my activity level and become a better dad too. I am pretty passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and have been doing it about five years now. Unfortunately, my wife is bipolar, and often my attendance is sporadic due to the need to keep things going at home. I am a gamer, but not as avid as I used to be. Current goals: BJJ for 2 hours 2x per week 100 push ups 3x weekly at the office 100 squads 2x weekly at the office 2-3 mile run 1-2x per week. eat better start keto February 1st (I have trouble staying on Keto, I'm only doing it to drop weight quickly for my school) Anyways, thanks for listening. Feel free to give me advice on where to start and what to do.
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