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  1. I actually delegate quite a lot. There was a stalling point in september, where we were waiting for a aubcontracter so everything was stalled, so we work very little, and i find ther project for my enployees. Now, on company season is starting (its seasonnal for the summee so we start closing the contract un january), another has an 30 days windos opportunity to get a contract with a fortune 500 company if the software is on point, another has a photoshoot this weekend, and another is also very time sensitive because theres construction permits involve... That happens
  2. Hi! I’m alex, and i’m new here. To summerize, i work a lot. A lot is an understatemenr. I am 27 yo, and I have built 7 sucessfull company in the past 5 years. Since i prioritised my companies to my health for years, ive turn my life around about 6 months ago, when i became sober. I used to drink to excess 2-3 times a week, and do tons of drugs. It « toik the edge off ». I didnt know how to handle stress and anxiety, and since haved learn to deal qith it in sane ways. I didnt want to quit all at once. I started with getting sober, theb becoming a non smoker
  3. If the offert still stand i live in montreal!
  4. Hi there! Short intro : I'm Alex! I'm 27 and I'm an Entrepreneur from Montreal Canada (French is my native language if you ever want to practice your french!) . I've been working my ass off for the past few years, growing my companies, but I've been neglected my health. I love what i do for a living, and i am passionate about it. In my mind, i havent been ''working'' a single day in the past 5 years. I just wake up, and do what I love : building companies and project. I work in tech with AI, recycle furs for animal shelter, I have a construction company to built things that la
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