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  1. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    Thank you for the encouragement, and that is pretty good but can you believe I have friend from Canada that recently ran a 21k in under 2 hours?
  2. Rubik'sCat

    Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

    Awesome project going on with the boxes and yea, plyometric exercises are harder then they look. Adorable rabbit (I wonder what he would've tasted like for dinner). I usually spot the occasional vulture in the sky or old snakeskin lying in the dead grass when I'm running outside.
  3. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    August 10th, 2018 6.50 miles (10.461 km) Ran: 4.50 miles Walked: 2.00 miles Until further notice there will be no more running or jogging. My left leg achilles tendonitis isn't feeling better today and I hurt my inner, right soleus muscle earlier this week (it feels like a bruise so it should heal relatively quickly). The good news is I made it to Stage 5 (Mt. Moon), but moving forward all I will do is put ice packs on my leg and stick to slow walks.
  4. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    Well...suffice to say this was one of the shortest and easiest stages of my challenge thus far. Stage 4 is going to last only 4 days (Aug. 7th - 10th). August 8th, 2018 3.850 miles (6.195 km) August 9th, 2018 5.00 miles (8.046 km) Every mile was walked. Great news!! When I began this challenge on May 1st I could only run 2.189 miles (3.52 km) at a pace of 5.5 mph on the treadmill before I needed to stop and catch my breath. As of early August, I'm now proud to say I can run at 5.5 mph on the treadmill for more than 3.60 miles (5.79 km). The most amazing part was that I wasn't exhausted enough to slow down at the 3.60 mile mark, I just decided to stop running. It's definitely progress.
  5. Rubik'sCat

    Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

    Beautiful scenery, and I don't know what those dishes taste like but I'm glad you enjoyed them. You're like the foreign cuisine expert of the forum.
  6. Congratulations on the 2 years of sobriety! I totally missed your new thread here at first but I got here just in time. It's always important to find someone else that has gone through what you and I go through because we can't always get out of our own ruts all by ourselves so good job in getting back on track and getting healthier. God puts the people we need in our path exactly when we need them. I can't believe you're already in the 160-post range on the forum. You'll hit 1,000 in no time.
  7. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    I made it to Pewter City!! Goodbye to Viridian Forest for good. At the time of this post I currently stand at 182.742 miles. Stage 4 has begun. August 3rd, 2018 5.00 miles (8.046 km) August 6th, 2018 7.20 miles (11.587 km) August 7th, 2018 7.82 miles (12.585 km) 6.90 miles (11.104 km) of the total distance I covered on August 6th - 7th were ran. The other miles were walked. ^ This is the distance I covered. The Chichibu / Tama National Park Office corresponds to the entrance of Viridian Forest in the game. Maebashi City is located right on the doorstep of three large mountainous regions, one of them being Mount Akagi (Mt. Moon in the game). The trip from Pewter City to Mount Moon is an incredibly short one (only 12 miles), so this will be my easiest stage thus far. Fun Fact: The name "Pewter" is actually a type of malleable metal alloy. An alloy is a combination of two metals or a metal combined with another element.
  8. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    TL:DR version: This is my own adaptation on the "Walk to Mordor and Back Again" thread which can be found here: Major props to Charlomechfry for their hard work to and from Mordor. I'm following along. I'm going to run a lot. I'm going to track my progress and post random facts to motivate myself to exercise more. My rules / baselines are below. Long version: "Pokemon Red’s map isn’t based on present-day Tokyo, it’s based on the pre-sprawl Tokyo of the 1960s. The towns that are connected by forests and rivers in the Pokemon world are connected by concrete and bullet trains in our world." (Brad O'Farrell,") I used to play the Pokemon games religiously as a child; but it wasn't until I was almost ready to graduate college for the first time that I realized every town in the Pokemon red, blue, and yellow series of games is based off of a real-world location in Japan. Take Pallet Town for example. Pallet Town is based off of Satoshi Taijri's hometown from the 1960's (see below). I then thought to myself "If every town in the video game is based off of a real-world location, and it takes a little more than two hours to complete the game, how long would it actually take walking from one town to the next in the real world?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put a couple of weeks worth of effort into studying Google Maps and Bulbapedia and deduced that it would take a person an approximate distance of 907 km (563.5 mi) to cover Pallet Town (Shizuoka City) all the way to Fuchsia City (Tateyama City) covering the same storyline (minus side quests) covered in the video game. More to come on how I calculated all of this. The official city wikipedia page states that Taijri based the fictional Pallet Town off of Machida City where he grew up as a child. On the same note, states that Pallet Town corresponds to Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in the real world. Shimoda City Pallet Town 0 Hakone Town Viridian City 90.1 km Okuchichibu Mts. Viridian Forest 99.5 km Maebashi City Pewter City 99.8 km Mount Akagi Mt. Moon 19.6 km Tsuchiura City Cerulean City 125.0 km Yokohama City Vermilion City 96.3 km Tsuchiura City Cerulean City 96.3 km Mt. Fuji Rock Tunnel 38.2 km Narita City Lavender Town 78.8 km Shinjuku City Celadon City 62.9 km Marunouchi Saffron City 7.0 km Shinjuku City Celadon City 7.0 km Tateyama City Fuchsia City 86.5 km Oshima Island Cinnabar Island 0.0 ? Indigo Plateau 0.0 This journal is meant to keep me motivated to exercise. A blend of the old with the new. A new take on the video games I loved and left behind years ago.