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  1. It got down to single digits. We got a lot of snow but it was so powdery it was hard to form a snowball. The good news is I got a mini 1 week vacation from work because of bad road conditions.
  2. I love those open air eateries that have wooden picnic tables and live bands. The AT&T Center here in San Antonio has something like that during Spurs games and when the rodeo comes to town. I hope you enjoyed your steak & cheese because Texas really makes some of the best (along side brisket sandwiches).
  3. Interesting infographic about Beethoven, I wonder why Beethoven is frowning in all of his photos. Cool monster hunter theme going on too.
  4. Kudos to you for "taking it a bit at a time" and wanting to stay on track. Too much too soon can be a motivation killer. And who can't resist some cake after attending a birthday party? Stay in the fight!
  5. Almost there as far as prep goes. What I've done is create a new Excel file for every month up until September. Another change is that I now plan to keep track of my pre-workout heart rate, which is something I did not do the last time I ran a battle log. New goals for each block of days (2 to 14, 15 to 28, etc., etc.) will be kept track of. So it's kind of like mini challenges inside of an even bigger battle log with a set end date.
  6. Wow! Such a heaping pile of eye candy you had there! It reminds me of some of the waffles I saw on an advertisement outside of a Japanese waffle/pancake shop one time. They certainly go above and beyond to give the customer a pleasant experience. Good luck to you again redoubling your efforts like you said.
  7. Cool pictures! I also enjoy lifting.... I lift myself out of bed every morning....
  8. Hope you feel better next time after those push-ups! When I do push-ups I don't control my breathing and that can cause me fierce headaches too. I wonder if that's what's causing your headaches?
  9. Thanks @Tobbe, are you a stock broker? Yes those are stock trading apps in the U.S. I've watched a lot of YouTube videos about trading and how inflation eats into my bank account savings every year so not taking a risk is still considered taking a risk. The amount of yearly interest I earn from my bank is hilariously tiny compared to the growth potential I can see from ETF's and company stock so that's my number 1 reason.
  10. Note to future self: Amendment of 2021 future goals (changes in bold) III. Limit visits to Taco Bell and Whataburger a. No more than 1 trip to Taco Bell "OR" Whataburger per calendar week. Pick only one. b. July 1 - Dec. 31st: Limit 1 visit per month. II. Open up a new brokerage account. a. Deleted this goal all together. 1. Whataburger is basically a religion unto itself here in Texas but this must be done eventually for my health. 2. I've been reading app reviews on the Google Play store for TD, E-Trade, Fidelity, etc. etc. They aren't winning me over, I haven't decided what to do on this front yet. It's almost time to leave 2020 behind....
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