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  1. I love your gifs and the way your thread posts are organized. I'll follow along.
  2. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    I actually tried the Quest protein bar. I have to say it was good, but not great. It has a funky aftertaste. Way better compared to the whey powder though. I'm glad there's another techno fan on the boards LOL I busted out laughing at this one, thanks. I feel you. Mercifully I work nights now.
  3. Tough Mudders are 5k? I learn something new every day. Hopefully your back doesn't come back to bite you. If 3 sessions seem like too much try not to over stress yourself. I read on a Reddit page this week that adults don't judge other adults for where they are in life (or at least they shouldn't). That supposedly came from a 70-year old user.
  4. Rubik'sCat

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    4 F feels warm?! I wonder how long it takes to grow acclimated to below freezing. What are you going for?
  5. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    Coming up on 2 weeks since my last run...not good. I've been getting settled in on a new full-time job and my work schedule is still in flux. It's the Dept of Defense's largest military hospital in the country. Other rebels from S.A. probably know where I work now that I say that. What does this mean? More workouts in the morning instead of late in the evening. Post below what motivates you to get up early every morning because Lord knows I can use your help on that issue.
  6. Rubik'sCat

    Just turned 30 and ready for a change!

    Type 1 diabetes at that age...ouch, but I'm happy to hear you're not letting your condition stop you or hold you back from putting together a fitness plan, rather in spite of it. Personally, I don't get Skyrim. I'm glad you can draw enjoyment from it but I can't get into it, I don't see the appeal. I hope you meet others here that share your love of the game though.
  7. Hi there. From another recovering couch potato, let me be the first to welcome you. I'm sorry to hear that your underlying back condition made it harder on you than it needed to be but I'm glad to hear you're better and competing. Off the couch onto Tough Mudders is quite an achievement! I hope to hear more from the front lines as you battle your way to a better version of yourself.
  8. Rubik'sCat

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Task #2 Go to an animal shelter and pet an animal. Okay, it actually worked this time when I copied and pasted the link! This sweetheart was wearing a red bandana around her neck (1st time I've seen that). As soon as I opened the door to the room she got up and wanted my lap to sit in. When I didn't offer it to her at first, she stood on her hind legs and leaned into me. I got the message after that. She was heavy too! She didn't look overweight but she felt like the type that could easily throw her weight around if she wanted to. The other two cat rooms had 2 hyperactive kittens and the other had an adult cat that didn't feel like interacting with humans. I also spent some time with 2 dogs. The first was too shy, but he still asked me to pet him when he nudged me and put his paw on my leg multiple times. He was nice. The other dog was way too hyperactive, like a six-year old on a sugar high, he didn't pay much attention to me.
  9. Rubik'sCat

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Can this TO-DO challenge apply to studying something, going to a class or visiting some location? As long as it's something that gets me outside of my comfort zone it's okay?
  10. Rubik'sCat

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Wow, I'm sorry you're having to go through that. I wish there was something I could tell you or do for you that would ease the stress you're feeling about that situation, but I'll be here to listen, so will all of us. But it sounds like you've got a bright outlook, that you know you'll see her again on the other side, that's definitely important.
  11. Rubik'sCat

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Great poem. Is there a hidden meaning/story behind it?
  12. Rubik'sCat

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    The redness, the sticky red color Staining the carpet, the mess I've made The tool of this mayhem left from my hands The terror in their eyes The terror now in mine Help will soon arrive They'll take the fallen away I can never turn back time This mistake too expensive My strawberry milkshake Spilled all over the floor They offer no refunds
  13. Rubik'sCat

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I was listening to another TED talks video last night about this man that was sentenced to life in prison without parole but it didn't let it stop him from becoming a better man. He taught classes in prison to the prisoners inside cells and used a bar of soap as a makeshift marker on the walls. I'll spare the details but the classes he taught were a big reason why he didn't go insane in prison and contributed greatly to his success in life. I say all this because it feels like I'm in prison even though I'm not. I have no hobbies (just running and NerdFitness). I go to an 8.5 hour job I don't like, come home, do laundry, wash dishes, shower, browse online or go to the YMCA, and then go to bed and I'm not very happy this way. I guess my main question is should I create a new thread on the forum and treat it like a classroom for the benefit of other users? Is that a way I can show employers I have initiative or would it be scoffed at? Anyone can create an online thread after all. I want to break out of this rut because serving food and washing dishes is all I've done on the job for the past 4+ years and those skills don't transfer to the health and wellness field.
  14. Rubik'sCat

    Be Strong and Courageous

    That's fantastic news you're not giving in to temptation. You're army of followers are right alongside you helping to keep you in between the lines. I wonder how many real girl scouts are ground up and served within the cookie dough anyway.
  15. Rubik'sCat

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    A butt on a shark you say? #cyanideandhappiness