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    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    @Tobbe Thanks for the kind words! The job hunt hasn't turned up much except for a few interviews. I keep striking out for now but hopefully that will change. This giant image is what Stage 6 looks like. Yokohama City is Vermilion City in the Pokemon games and Tsuchiura City is Cerulean City. October 19, 2018 2.60 miles (4.184 km) 1.00 miles ran 1.60 miles walked I ran a mile today on the treadmill in exactly 10 minutes, which isn't all that bad but it isn't the best that I'm capable of, I know that by now. My goal before this challenge ends is to be able to run a mile in 6 minutes. My legs are capable of reaching my goal but I know my lungs aren't even close to ready. After today I only have 292 miles left to go (that's 470.4 km) until my challenge comes to an end. Vermilion City might just be a game changer for me once I get there. I will go over that in the next post.
  2. Rubik'sCat

    Tobbe eats like a...

    As far as we Americans go, sometimes there isn't much difference between dumpster food and American cuisine, or it looks that way at least half the time. Good luck with the rest of your challenge. It looks very ambitious, you'll get a lot done.
  3. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    It's been almost a month since I last posted in my thread. I've been working, studying more Japanese at night, and searching for another job at the moment which caused me to slack off on my exercise. I've been pretty lazy and have been eating way too much Taco Bell lately, I won't lie. September 18th, 2018 - October 16th, 2018 24.38 miles (39.235 km) covered. I am officially past Stage 5 and into Stage 6! In other words, I'm out of Mount Moon and into Cerulean City. This is taking way longer than I expected but I have no one to blame but myself for my lack of discipline. Target to reach Stage 7: 329.504 miles Currently at: 270.672 miles Underneath is a picture of the real-world distance I recently covered, which was approximately 77.6 miles. I've strictly been using major town offices, town halls, and city halls that I can see on Google Maps to calculate my distances from one city to another. When it comes to large mountain ranges, I don't have that luxury. Using Google Maps, I have to stick the marker somewhere on or near the mountain itself and calculate the distance from there. I'm doing this challenge for fun anyway; no one said it had to be an exact science. One other thing to look forward to is test day. I tested my body's physical limits right before I began my challenge, I'll do it again after reaching Stage 7, and then once again after this challenge comes to an end. The last test results were taken at the end of April 2018.
  4. Rubik'sCat

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    TL:DR version: This is my own adaptation on the "Walk to Mordor and Back Again" thread which can be found here: Major props to Charlomechfry for their hard work to and from Mordor. I'm following along. I'm going to run a lot. I'm going to track my progress and post random facts to motivate myself to exercise more. My rules / baselines are below. Long version: "Pokemon Red’s map isn’t based on present-day Tokyo, it’s based on the pre-sprawl Tokyo of the 1960s. The towns that are connected by forests and rivers in the Pokemon world are connected by concrete and bullet trains in our world." (Brad O'Farrell,") I used to play the Pokemon games religiously as a child; but it wasn't until I was almost ready to graduate college for the first time that I realized every town in the Pokemon red, blue, and yellow series of games is based off of a real-world location in Japan. Take Pallet Town for example. Pallet Town is based off of Satoshi Taijri's hometown from the 1960's (see below). I then thought to myself "If every town in the video game is based off of a real-world location, and it takes a little more than two hours to complete the game, how long would it actually take walking from one town to the next in the real world?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put a couple of weeks worth of effort into studying Google Maps and Bulbapedia and deduced that it would take a person an approximate distance of 907 km (563.5 mi) to cover Pallet Town (Shizuoka City) all the way to Fuchsia City (Tateyama City) covering the same storyline (minus side quests) covered in the video game. More to come on how I calculated all of this. The official city wikipedia page states that Taijri based the fictional Pallet Town off of Machida City where he grew up as a child. On the same note, states that Pallet Town corresponds to Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in the real world. Shimoda City Pallet Town 0 Hakone Town Viridian City 90.1 km Okuchichibu Mts. Viridian Forest 99.5 km Maebashi City Pewter City 99.8 km Mount Akagi Mt. Moon 19.6 km Tsuchiura City Cerulean City 125.0 km Yokohama City Vermilion City 96.3 km Tsuchiura City Cerulean City 96.3 km Mt. Fuji Rock Tunnel 38.2 km Narita City Lavender Town 78.8 km Shinjuku City Celadon City 62.9 km Marunouchi Saffron City 7.0 km Shinjuku City Celadon City 7.0 km Tateyama City Fuchsia City 86.5 km Oshima Island Cinnabar Island 0.0 ? Indigo Plateau 0.0 This journal is meant to keep me motivated to exercise. A blend of the old with the new. A new take on the video games I loved and left behind years ago.