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  1. Stay strong! Keep pushing forward with your jujitsu training goals!
  2. Question for the walking/hiking enthusiasts. Any suggestions for a halfway decent walking stick to carry with me while I walk for exercise along parks, trails, and sidewalks? I'm a 37 (M) and about 6 ft (1.82 m). I'm a little afraid of ordering one that's too tall for me and ending up looking like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. Half of my idea is to use the stick for mobility and support and also to use for personal protection if I need it.
  3. That's the exact same thing I thought when I started running outdoors. On the treadmill there's no wind hitting you in the face, no mosquitos, an even surface for your feet.... but the more you do it the more your body adapts though, especially your lungs over time.
  4. Sorry to hear about the ice storm up north. Here in San Antonio I think the lowest it's gotten so far is 36 degrees (F). Depression can be a real **tch sometimes, but you're resiliency can beat it.
  5. Mainly against the computer on my phone in the past. I'm always happy passing on encouragement to another Texan. Other than you, I think Tanktimus the Encourager is the only other one from Texas. I'm probably wrong but you two are the only ones I've met. Are you mainly running outdoors or on a treadmill? If you ever visit San Antonio there are some scenic running spots you might enjoy.
  6. 17 miles definitely isn't bad... even 1 mile isn't bad. The temptation of the couch (or the recliner in my case) is the real enemy of progress. Nice to see you and Mrs. RoTD were able to come to terms over relationship issues and the children. Open dialogue is always important. Better luck in chess games going forward. As far as my chess skills go I can still paint myself into a corner quicker than Bob Ross. I still have fun even when I lose.
  7. Glad to see you're getting into chess. I love playing. I'm horrible at chess as well but it's about having fun and learning.
  8. Great news to hear but I hope you don't pile too much on your feet too soon. It gets easier with time when your lungs and heart get more used to the workload. Hopefully you don't go and collapse during the work day from feeling light headed again...several hours after exercise is over the body is still burning calories like a steam locomotive gradually coming to a stop. I guess your brain and your stomach had a disagreement about how far you could actually go without food.
  9. Sounds like quite an ordeal. We can't flap our arms and fly to our destinations or rent our own private jets so what can we do other than put up with airport staff? Sorry to hear about your fall out with Mrs ReturnofTheDad, it's nice knowing love can weather practically any storm.
  10. Sounds like you've been going through a rougher time than usual... I'm at least glad you've got people in your corner you can lean on, that's always important. Other than price... that's the only other question I would have about counseling. I would look for a counselor myself but I don't have insurance (yet) and don't want to pay $100+ per session.
  11. What's a sponsor? Is it like a professional counselor you see on a regular basis? Do you have to pay for their services? Even if it's only 15 minutes of jogging, that's better than nothing. Better than how I've been exercising (or lack of....)
  12. From a fellow Texan those State Fairs can be murder to someone's will power. I'm sorry you're going through a tough time. I'm sure State Fairs will even deep fry the shirt right off a tourist's back.
  13. Is a Yeti and Abominable Snowman the same thing? I recently went out for another run. My best mile time up to that point was a 9:57 and I just wanted to establish a new baseline I could try to improve upon. I had been slacking off on my exercise routine before that evening so I didn't think I had much of a chance of beating my time. Turns out I absolutely destroyed it instead. My new best time is 9:17. My legs proved my brain wrong that evening.
  14. If you aren't bothering anyone then I don't see why not. It's the people that play their music on public transport or in my work place cafeteria that get annoying. I run while listening to sports talk on my phone. If other people are in close proximity to me then I won't turn it on.
  15. Hope you're feeling better since your latest post. Mental health is important too but it gets glossed over and ignored too often. I recently walked/ran 8 1/2 miles recently. I don't know if it was because I exercised too much or if it was the heat (probably a combination of the two) but the following two days my quads felt stiff and bruised. I'm not used to that feeling so it must be me "knocking the rust off" as the saying goes.
  16. It's coming up on 4 months since the last post in this thread. Is anyone still active?
  17. [bump] If I combine running/jogging and weight lifting and create two separate categories in the PvP challenge would anyone be interested then? I'm interested in hearing about any themes for the challenge anyone has or if the challenge board should be a Google file that anyone can edit or one that is fixed on the forums and only updated by the person that started the challenge thread.
  18. @Tanktimus the Encourager I'm attempting to change my email address to my "ymail.com" account but the forum keeps telling me "ymail.com" is not a valid email address. I changed my account email address to a random throw-away 10-minute mail email address but I would like to change it to my "ymail" one if it's possible.
  19. I was just going to have a Microsoft Excel file and see who could log the most miles from June to August. I didn't get any ideas past that, unless you have something more exciting in mind?
  20. [bump] Modified my post. Open to everyone, not just Scouts.
  21. Modified May 7th, 2022: Open to all classifications (Scouts, Warriors, Rangers, etc.) I'm considering creating a new PVP challenge. I was thinking of something purely related to walking, jogging, and running. I'm testing the waters just to see how many others would be interested in joining. The challenge I'm thinking of would run from June 1st to the end of July (or maybe August). If you're interested in joining, comment below what rules you think should be implemented and what the theme of the challenge should be. Thanks!
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