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  1. It's not working. I tried zooming in but no luck. The number keeps getting higher. But appreciate the info on following threads.
  2. On the rebellion page there's a red circle with a number in it over the menu button. I think it's for notifications, but I don't see a notification page/ list. How do I get this red circle to go away, and is there an easy way to see the updates i haven't checked yet? I get emails about posts I'm involved with but don't want to rely on clicking the link/ checking my email. Ta!
  3. Help is help, wherever you're getting it from! I'm also doing the beginner bodyweight workout. Starting small so I win big in long run. Keep it up!
  4. I recently joined the rebellion, then the academy. I'm stoked to succeed! I've got a list of small but manageable goals including exercising 3 days+ a week with a rest day in between. I've decided to exercise at home since I have a habit of pushing myself at the gym 3 or 4 days a week for 3 weeks, then quitting for a month+. I successfully completed the academy's beginner bodyweight workout and got sick the same nite with a vicious head cold (I think). It's bad enough that im going to a walk in clinic later today (got sick Tuesday nite). So my question is, is it ok to skip the exercise till I'm better so long as I'm doing my other quests (stretching, mediation, eating healthy, drinking more water, etc) and I can response for working out later? Sometimes if I work out when sick I get better, other times it makes things worse. Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks @Enforcer25. I'm going to try to work out around 4pm because that's when I usually have the most energy and it sets me up to burn calories while I eat dinner. Plus it gives me enough recovery time to drink water before bed without needing a piss break 4 times during the nite, lol. I assume that since I people watch at the gym (I'm working on being less judgemental, esp at the gym! ) other people are watching me. I tend to push myself at the gym a few days a week for 2 or 3 weeks, then stop going for a month or more. So one of my goals is to start small doing a manageable work out at home (I joined the academy and started using their beginning bodyweight workout). Now to stick with it!
  6. Hey @Minna, welcome back! I'd be up for a fb group. I think so long as you have your own goals/ challenges you don't necessarily have to follow the others, especially if they cause lots of anxiety! Set small goals that you can achieve with some work, and celebrate your wins!
  7. I'm looking to start a group focused oon mental health, I think fb would be easiest and most convenient. Let me know if you're still interested!
  8. Following on Pinterest. I need help with healthy snacks and easy meals, but I'm such a picky eater. Looking forward to what y'all have to share! Ta!
  9. Hey there, @Space_Elf, I'm also focused on mental health and could use help with diet. I have chronic &major depressive disorder, insomnia, and bpd. My (second best ever) counselor just went into private practice so I'm stuck with a new woman that I'm not quite liking. So, I'd love to be part of your group, whether it's fb, group text, etc! I love sci fi and fantasy esp. I read daily and love your term "bookwyrm" . Let me know what next step y'all think we should take, @Roamer @Koaladle @Space_Elf. I'm gonna keep browsing to see who else has similar goals on here; maybe there's a group already that would benefit us?
  10. I'm in mount pleasant. Close but maybe not close enough
  11. Mount Pleasant, home of central Michigan university and soaring eagle casino and resort. I have a membership at planet fitness but hate going to the gym alone.
  12. Nice to meet you, @Enforcer25. Tis overwhelming. Due to some recent health issues I'm focused more on diet than exercise for now. I haven't heard that phrase about abs but it makes sense. I've been doing great on eating fruit or veggies everyday, largely due to v8 drinks and bolthouse farms products, which I'm not sure are actually good for you I totally agree about working out at home being difficult due to distractions. I tend to procrastinate on exercising, regardless of location, till the end of the day then just give up and go to bed. I also prefer a mostly empty gym. Thank you for your encouragement and support, tis appreciated! Ta muchly!
  13. Hi shy, pleased to meat ya! I also high anxiety, I get how scary going to a gym is. Proud of you exercising since the 3rd! That's amazing!! keep up the most impressive work! I also wanted to say I think it's great you've already become a vegetarian. Eating healthy around your spawn is a great influence on her. Ta ta for now! P.S. what's your fave star trek episode?
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