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  1. That Orc Ranger's 5 Year Plan *Updated 18/03/14*

    DELOAD WEEK WOOOOOO Axle Strict Press 3x6 65# 6/6/6 Assisted Chinups 5x1 1/1/1/1/1 Axle Deadlift 2x6 100# 6/6 The snow is 99% gone, it is a beautiful 10 Celsius and not a cloud in the sky, my kind of weather. Dogs are chasing groundhogs, birds are chirping all around. Spring has finally arrived in Atlantic Canada. I CAN FINALLY DO OUTSIDE STUFF WITHOUT FREEZING! I managed to lose 12 pounds over the last month, though I've been a bit stuck at 300 pounds. Still getting over a bad bout of "gastrointestinal distress". Hoping that things'll calm down soon.
  2. That Orc Ranger's 5 Year Plan *Updated 18/03/14*

    Upon death or dismemberment is the usual response I get lol. Business is different week by week, not much I can do but what I can. That being said tomorrow's the start of a deload week, so that will be helpful.
  3. That Orc Ranger's 5 Year Plan *Updated 18/03/14*

    Week 4 day 3 & 4 Could not get past the warmups, working myself to death at the moment.
  4. That Orc Ranger's Challenge the First

    MAIN CHALLENGE: Spent at least 5 hours per week crafting something. I have access to metal and wood working facilities on the farm but I've never been able to set enough time aside to do anything. I have a few minor projects I'd like to get done so we'll see what I can crank out. Secondary Challenge: Drop some weight. Looking to lose at least 5 but preferably 10 pounds. I've been starting to pay more attention to portioning and whatnot, got my calories and macros figured out to a reasonable degree. Secondary Challenge: N00b meditation. Or other form of secular mental de-stressing. Just like, let it go, man... Aiming for every other day, 10-15 minutes. Seems manageable. Secondary Challenge: Keep training 5 days per week. I've set up a proper battle log to record this stuff because it'll be recurring. Should be in my signature.
  5. ***Edited 18/03/14*** Hello everyone! I am Ian, and I am declaring my long term fitness plans. By the end of 2023, I want to participate in, and complete, a Spartan Sprint. I have a fair amount of obstacles to overcome before I get to the obstacles that I have to overcome! Before I break down the big goal into manageable chunks I'll post some info about myself. I'm 29, 6'1", weighing in at 308 pounds with about 21% body fat (the average for the various caliper tests I've done over the last month.) This puts my lean body mass at around 242 pounds, which is a lot to move around an obstacle race. Strength training comes far more naturally to me than endurance or conditioning, but I have time to fix that. I have been an intermittent lifter (train 4 or 5 months, get thrown a curve ball and drop it for a few more months, etc.) for a few years now. Currently I've been training since December and I Nerd Fitness in general has been good at keeping me on track. I've been doing the Tactical Barbell program for the last 5 weeks and it has been good at easing me back into strength training, though it may not be the best approach for my immediate needs. My experience in long term planning is not to set a plan in stone until you are ready to act upon it. I know what physical attributes I need to train to get to where I need to go, but I am focusing on 2018 at the moment. "Eyes on the prey, not on the horizon." This year, I am focused on the following: Dialing In My Nutrition I want to hit 17% body fat and keep it off. Cut weight for a few months, maintain that weight a few months, cut again and repeat. If you give yourself a "settling point" for your body to adjust to that new, lower weight, you're more likely to keep it off. I'm a chef, so the cooking part isn't a problem. I just need to be more consistent with meal prepping, portioning and balancing the macros. each day will be an improvement. Fix My Hands I'm getting Carpal Tunnel surgery in July. Need them in tip-top shape to keep training. Run 5 K, No Matter How Ugly Since I can't lift when I'm recovering, I might as well run. Kelly Starrett's Ready To Run and the C25K app will be my BFFs for this. Build Foundational Strength My lifts are still very novice. I want to build them up to acceptable standards before doing more varied training. Bench x0.8 bw Press x0.7 bw Squat x1 bw deadlift x1.25 bw 5 consecutive pull ups Because of the surgery this one will likely carry over to next year, which is fine. Yes, the numbers are fairly low but like I said this is the 2018 goal. Please feel free to tag along, chip in every now and again. Constructive criticism is always welcome.