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  1. It's a human being thing. Even when I know I've passed trade certifications in the past, steel feel antsy until I get the certificate and license in my hands.
  2. Rusk

    The Battle Chef's Log

    Not too much to report. Did some "lightweight" (125#) back squats and some ass to grass goblet squats with a 20kg kettlebell to get back into the routine. Although I did manage to drop the loaded barbell onto my neck, because racking is hard? I guess? I have a feeling tomorrow is going to suck >.<
  3. Rusk

    Unlike her, I can respawn

    I am sorry to hear about your mother. My father passed away last year, so I kinda know what you're going through. Take it one day at a time, and try not to be too hard on yourself.
  4. Rusk

    The Battle Chef's Log

    Thanks. Things are going better than previously. The good thing about eating "like a vegetarian" as opposed to being vegetarian is chicken stock, a tiny bit of bacon or sausage can go a long way to keeping the flavours I have become accustomed to while still significantly improving my diet. Less stress and frustration yields better long term results. I tried jumping right back where I left off and regretted it. My entire routine was been thrown off, including my meals. Almost passed out while deadlifting and would not stop feeling woozy until 30 min later. I'll take the rest of this week to do a lighter workload until equilibrium has been restored.
  5. I'm still getting used to the meal and medication timing. I'm a chef by trade and my schedule is incredibly erratic. Friday was not a good day, blood sugar spiked way too high and I was out of commission for a little bit. I work mornings 90% of the time and they had me on at nights, threw me for a complete loop. Live & learn.
  6. (Mods: I am not even sorry for the title.) So it turns out that having undiagnosed type 2 diabetes for over a year makes for shitty training conditions. Who knew? Not me until this September. It's been a chaotic few months, lot of steep learning curves to managing this sum'bitch but in the end it is a net positive. No excuses not to clean up my diet and get my shit together any more. I'm on metformin, not insulin at the moment. Starting stats for when I was diagnosed in September Weight: 312# A1C blood sugar: 7.2 (bad, but not super bad) LDL cholesterol: 3.0 (fine for a healthy person, but the diabeetus means I need to lower it) Current stats: Weight: 294# and maintaining A1C blood sugar: 6.5 (acceptable, will do better with time) LDL cholesterol: 1.54 (bang on the money. No cholesterol medication for me!) I have transitioned to a roughly 60% vegetarian diet. I'm mildly lactose intolerant and I have been trying to be stricter about accidental dairy dosage (BUT THE CHEESE?!), and I actually enjoy beans and legumes, so it hasn't been all that hard. I'm still tweaking the meal plan, but honestly the day job is so chaotic and busy and short staffed etc I'm just focusing on getting by right now. Since going on the meds and cleaning up the diet lifting has been much easier. I've been doing Wendler's 5/3/1 and loving it so far. Despite the crap health year I've actually made progress on all my lifts. I'll update more later, as this work week is insane. Feel free to dump your favourite diabeeeeeetus memes here. They're worth a laugh.
  7. To Be Edited Later