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  1. Ohhh the DOMS is strong with this one today 😧 Roll roll roll on the foam torture device... 1.2 20/01/28 Sets Reps Weight Prep Dynamic Shoulder 2 - - y y Prep Prying Squat 2 4 - y y Prep T-Spine Rotation 2 1 - y y Prep Hip Bridge 2 5 - y y Prep Hip Hinge 2 6 - y y A1 DB Bench L 3 8 32.5# 8 8 8 A1 DB Bench R 3 8 x x x A2 Arm Bar L 3 5 32.5# 5 5 8 A2 Arm Bar R 3 5 x x x B1 DB Row L 3 8 20kg 8 8 8 B1 DB Row R 3 8 x x x B2 KB Halo 3 8 x x x C1 Neck Harness Vert 3 8 15# 10 10 10 C2 Neck Harness Horiz 3 8 15# 10 10 10 C3 Neck Plate Curl 3 8 15# 10 10 10 Sooooo yeah wrist is not yet capable of dealing with direct pressure at all. Warming up with a 5# plate was very unpleasant. Oh well, my left arm will get to catch up to my right. I ended up doing A1, A2, and B1 as a circuit, and did the wrist rehab stretches between sets.
  2. A few warm days melted enough snow that pooch and I could go for a walk in the fields for a change. Huzzah. 1.1 20/01/27 Sets Reps Weight Prep Dynamic Shoulder 2 - - y y Prep Prying Squat 2 4 - y y Prep T-Spine Rotation 2 1 - y y Prep Hip Bridge 2 5 - y y Prep Hip Hinge 2 6 - y y A1 SSB Squat 3 8 70# 8 5 6 A2 Leg Lift 3 8 - 5 5 6 B1 Single Leg Deadlift 3 8 - 7 5 5 B2 Glute Bridge 3 8 25# 8 8 8 C Farmers Walk L 3 40' 55# y y y C Farmers Walk R 3 40' 12# y y y Energy levels were good, wrist held up just fine on the farmers. On the SSB squats, my form and lower back were on point, but my hamstrings felt like they got overstrained on the first set. Fortunately I'm starting to read Becoming a Supple Leopard again so I can potentially fix this soon.
  3. The swelling in my hand/wrist is mostly gone and I can start very gently doing the stretching routines given to me, but I think it's best to delay the gym proper another week. The bruising on my wrist honestly looks horrific but it's not very sore. On an interesting note, I've been unintentionally/unplanned doing intermittent fasting the past few days. Just not that hungry until almost midday so might as well go for it, usually 14-15 hours. More time to nap/read/walk the dog I guess. Gnarly zombie hand below
  4. transitioning to a low carb diet has noticeably reduced my hunger, so that might be worth giving a trial run.
  5. Well, 2 days post surgery now. Everything went well as far as hospitals can go. First night the swelling was so bad it cut off circulation to my fingers. Now it's nearly gone and I can start stretching it more. It seems that last time I had the procedure done I got very lucky with minimal swelling and discomfort. This time seems to be more typical, and I may need to delay my return to the gym a little longer. Ultimately it'll be a great recovery in about 8-10 months. On the diet side I'm down to 283, and feeling pretty good for once. My calories are roughly 40% protein, 40% fat and 20% carbs. Energy is pretty steady, I get very minor hunger cravings and I really don't miss grains and the like very much. I guess there's something to this low carb stuff after all.
  6. Overhead Press 4x5 95 5 5 5 5 Lat Pull Down 4x5 115 5 5 5 5 Plank 4x30" - 30 30 20 15 Ast. Dips 4x5 - 5 5 5 5 Felt pretty good today. Eating bigger is def. helping keep my energy steady. I swept the gym, and moved a few implements around so everything I need for the next 6 weeks is accessible. I really need to get some kind of battery powered backpack shop vaccume, sweeping can only do so much against the assorted "farm dust" that accumulates around here. Ah well, something will go on sale soon enough. Surgery is in a few hours. Not worried about how it'll go (same doc as last time), but I can't shake the usual pre-poked/sliced jitters. Eh well, it'll be over soon enough. I will be taking it super easy for the rest of this week. Last time I jumped into things too early and nearly got it infected 😧 Naps for me!
  7. Edited 19/09/03 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a little over a year ago. I'm managing it through medication and lifestyle changes under the supervision of my doctor, with little initial success. "Respawned" after a shitty summer, I'm trying to focus on being less harsh on myself. Throwing myself through training programs that beat me up too much isn't helping. Trying to be more flexible, and forgiving. Trying to make time for more things I enjoy other than work. I suppose the on;y "fitness" goals I have right now are shaving 5-8% body fat, and getting a decent enough level of conditioning that I can hunt coyote this winter.