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  1. So, that's the end of my first 4-week challenge. And, by the letter of the law, I think I probably failed. I made my dietary goals with some ease (even the one added later about only eating bread once per day) and the dental one (which needed to be sorted anyway) but I tripped on the 3 workouts per week. Early last week, I picked up a cold and missed my Monday and Wednesday routine (although I did go for a long walk on the Wednesday instead). I'm not happy about that but am pleased it didn't derail me. I got straight back on program on Friday and, again, today. So, while I failed one of my main goals, I feel I passed an unwritten one, implied probably by us all. I'm still here, still in the program, still going. Onwards...
  2. Thanks, Skygirl. This week went well, too. I upped the reps of at least two movements in each workout and, once again, managed all three days. I hit a bit of a wall yesterday in bodyweight workout 3c, however. I found the Wall Slide very difficult last week and even harder this time; my arms just don't tilt back far enough to be able to get my hands to the wall. I persevered anyway, feeling this to be a flexibility issue that can only be overcome by doing the reps as best as I can (without touching the wall, but pushing backwards as much as possible). DOMS has set in today, however. Ah well, 'tis the price of progress.
  3. Hi Skygirl (Richard is fine but I answer to Jick just fine on the Internet). It's been a good week for me. I switched to the Academy program on Monday and managed all three workouts (Mon, Weds, and Fri). In truth, they seemed a little easy in part so I may step up a few reps from tomorrow (not bodyweight push-ups though! They are killer!) The other goals remain on course, including my unofficial goal to restrict bread to once per day. Still feeling very motivated. Thanks for asking!
  4. So, I've been here a little over a week and in that time I've joined the Academy. As such my third goal has changed slightly to reflect that I have switched from the beginner's bodyweight workout to the Academy version (level 3). I've maintained the suggested breakfast every day since joining and managed to avoid almost all fast food (there is a ton of chocolate in the house left over from Christmas. Even so, I've been rationing myself). Adding a vegetable to every meal was one of the easy goals as we were already doing that for most meals beforehand; I'm just cracking down on it now. One of the other newbies here set themselves the goal of cutting down on bread, limiting themselves to once a day. That wasn't one of my goals but I've adopted it anyway as I think it's an excellent idea. I even bought a pull-up bar (building it was a workout in itself!). It's all good!
  5. Cripes! The sand solution is very practical. I really should have thought of it myself. Thank you both.
  6. Hi I did my first NF Beginner's Bodyweight Workout on Saturday and my second today. I found it challenging initially (push-ups in particular are a killer!) and could only do two circuits on my first try. Although, I managed three circuits today. However, one thing that was not tough was the dumbbell rows. I strongly suspect I'm not using an appropriate weight. I am using a 2L bottle of milk, which weighs a bit more than 2kg. Steve's guide suggested a gallon but that's not a weight measure typically available in the UK for liquids. How heavy is it? Is there something of comparable weight and size anyone could recommend? I could fill a bucket, I suppose but I'm a little concerned that something too bulky would spoil the reps. Apologies for such a basic question and many thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Thank you, Redstone and SkyGirl, for your encouraging words. My concern about appearing to cheat myself with a few simple goals are allayed. I'm still going to self-limit on some easy wins, however. For instance, I'll not sneak any alcohol-related goals into my challenges as I've never really acquired a taste for booze. It's been years since I last took a sip. To claim, for example, a 50% cut in my weekly alcohol intake would be fooling only myself. In update news, I've been preparing a proper breakfast since joining (I know, only on Saturday!) of scrambled eggs and avocado. I've not been shopping yet this week so I'm still a bit limited by our post-Christmas larder but I'll fix that soon. Also, I did my first bodyweight workout on Saturday and managed two circuits. Felt awful yesterday and was worried that I'd overdone it at the first go. However, I feel much better today and am ready to try again once the full 48 hours has passed. Thanks again.
  8. That sounds like a solid opening program. I wish I'd thought of the bread one, too. Maybe in my next challenge. I've had days lately when bread is a major component of all three meals. Best of luck.
  9. Best of luck, Lenore. I think you're right to manage but not abandon your association with supportive technology. It can become a millstone if you fall behind or a distraction from productivity. However, it can be brilliant at keeping you going. My wife has a new Fitbit and she really appreciates getting a notification when she's nearing a goal, even if that means walking around the block one last time before coming home in order to get those last few steps into her daily log.
  10. Hi. I'm Richard, a 44-year-old father of toddler twins who is learning that their physicality already far outstrips my own. As their main carer (my wife runs her own business), I have become concerned that my lack of fitness could impact their lives. So, I am looking to lose a little weight and gain a little strength. Baby steps, essentially. Obviously, this is my first 4-week challenge and I have used the NF suggested goals as my base while I work out what I want to do and how I might achieve it while also raising two small children. As such, I am concerned that I've not set myself much of a challenge first time out. The dietary goals are very attainable, for instance. However... baby steps. 1. Reduce fast food consumption by 50%. 2. Eat a vegetable with one meal every day. 3. Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 3x a week 4. Restore daily interdental hygiene program. Aside from parenting and fretting about my physical condition, I have a full nerd CV - I read SFF, play videogames, follow sport (before fatherhood, I even played) - you name it; I never met an nerdy/geeky obsession I didn't love. My reading preferences are towards space opera and low fantasy (eg, Iain M Banks and Joe Abercrombie) and I do enjoy an RPG or SF shooter on the PlayStation. Anyway, best of luck to everyone taking part.
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