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  1. Day 2 and 3 updates: I did manage to lift weights on day 2, so met all of my goals! Day 3 I also lifted (again, scheduling made it impossible to have those days spread apart a bit more) and successfully walked 10,000 steps! I also managed to switch out a soft drink for a smoothie, which I'm counting towards goal #1. So that's my 3 weight-lifting sessions for this week done! I'm still feeling rather unwell, but should make 10,000 steps today due to giving a tour.
  2. @Lateral Planet - the walking is a combination of both. I tend to take longer routes from A to B in order to go through the park and look for birds along the river. I have started going for a short walk around lunchtime, though, so that will help as well.
  3. @TGP I do have days well above that, but not usually in winter! During the field season, though, there are quite a few days over 25,000. Since I'm in the final year of my PhD, though, it's a lot of time sitting at a desk and writing rather than out in the field...
  4. Day 1 - Felt a bit ill. Only got 9000 steps (ugh, so close!) but was feeling too ill to go out and walk a bit longer to get to 10,000. I DID manage to work out (including weights!) and meditate in the morning, which was good. I also had a large amount of raspberries for breakfast, but I don't know that they count as replacing the processed snack with fruit. They were an intentional part of breakfast. I also wanted a snack later in the day, but didn't have the morale to go and just buy myself an apple, so ended up eating nothing instead. I suppose that's not a failure, but it's not really a suc
  5. @Lateral Planet Yes! And there's always that point at the beginning of the dig when emptying a wheelbarrow is more difficult than you wanted it to be...
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm an archaeologist with a need to stay in shape between digs (and just in general). Currently working on my PhD, so am spending a LOT of time at a desk and feeling the need to move a bit more. My main long-term goals are to adopt and healthy lifestyle, increase my general fitness, and become more attuned to the natural world... which is a lot, but that's why they're long-term goals! For this challenge, my goals are: 1) Swap 1 processed snack per day for a piece of fruit or veg 2) Meditate each day, starting at 10 minutes and adding 5 minutes per
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