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  1. I'm shy.

    Lentils are awesome! They are super cheap and very healthy. I always get ours in bulk from the Indian market (same for rice.) You can get them at Walmart or Kroger but you'll pay a lot more. I usually make soup or curry with them. Pinterest has soooo many recipes for them is ridiculous.. Small Update! The extreme hunger has subsided! I WAS super hungry but now it's not as bad. Also, forgive me if I've mentioned this, but upper arms look smoother. I had these diagonal chub lines which seem to have gone or at least greatly diminished. No joke, my waist and arms look different. Still super chubby but smoother. Today will be my 19th straight day in a row working out. After my coffee...
  2. I'm shy.

    I LOVE it except the costumes in season two are very MEH, I'm assuming they're on a tight budget. I love the story and the actors are wonderful! Not to sound prudish but I also don't half wish everyone would stopped boning each other. Seriously.. I'm sold .. I don't need more smoochin' to get hooked. I haven't read the books! I really should though, I know. I struggle to make time to read. I normally resort to audio books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ready Player One as read by Wil Wheaton. <3 Though they changed one two many things in the movie, I think. We'll see though.. maybe it'll be good. I use the audiobook for my long walks and it really helps. Highly recommend! I'm just a Mom cook, nothing fancy, but I have some decent things in rotation. Chili recipes have always let me down but after much experimenting this is a success. Made this just the other day and it was so so good! Sorry for the guesstimations here but I don't usually measure. Shy's Vegan Chili 5 cups veg stock 1 small can tomato paste 1/2 or so onion 1/2 a stalk of celery or so 1-ish tsp garlic 1 cup whole brown lentils 2 cans chili beans 1 can petite chopped tomatoes 1 packet McCormick mild chili mix Cooked in the slow cooker for six hours.
  3. Looking For Seitan Recipe!

    The hubs and I LOVE sauerkraut, I'd say more than the actually hotdogs. I have yet to have vegan hotdogs I really liked AND that didn't give me horrendous heartburn. If the recipe works out please let me know!!
  4. Looking For Seitan Recipe!

    I was recently vegan for more than two years but we've added eggs back to our diet. I haven't told anyone on my facebook yet, I'm terrified of the potential and almost certain backlash. I LOVE The Edgy Veg! Her hollandaise sauce was soooo good! Her vegan turkey wasn't as tender as other recipes I've tried. I think the one I did for Thanksgiving was from The Gentle Chef, I hear his cookbooks are really really good. I hadn't heard of rich bitch though, I'll have to check it out! Thanks so much!!! <3
  5. I'm shy.

    (Sorry if I sound defensive but I've never described my diet other than dairy free vegetarian.) A note about my diet: I'm pretty good about eating right %90 of the time. (Plain oatmeal with chia or cheerios and soy milk for breakfast, leftovers or brown rice and peas/spinach for lunch, ramen with tofu and broccoli for dinner or maybe black bean sandwiches or vegan meatballs and pasta with spaghetti sauce, etc. For dinner tonight I'm thinking about making lentil chili and cornbread.) I'm tightly constrained by budget which I manage to feed our small family but with little wiggle room. I'm seriously thinking about just cutting out sugar. Most of my daily sugar is one TB of sugar in my morning coffee so it wouldn't be a BIG change but I'm sure it doesn't help. I don't drink soda and we RARELY ever have dessert so there's a positive. I'm focusing, for this challenge, mainly on just getting into the habit of exercising. I'm tired of making excuses for myself and then never getting around to it. So I'm happy about, possibly, losing weight but for now exercise is my focus. I'm sure I'll have weight fluctuations, which is normal but hell I'm just looking on the bright side. Any reason to feel good about myself. I need to loose weight, big time, but without exercise it's not gonna work. Time to break the pattern. That being said, when can find a minute I'll check out that thread. Thanks so much for the info!! Now I'm late for my workout which i'm totally excited for since my newest show choice for my cardio is Magicians on Netflix. Love it!
  6. I'm shy.

    UPDATES!!!!! First off, I'm so proud of myself for updating everyday!! (She says with a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen and a cluttered coffee table in the living room.) Second, I LOST A POUND!!! Which is most likely my scale going on the fritz but... I'll take it. Thirdly, the hubs says my waist is getting slimmer. He's probably lying but.. I'll take it! I haven't changed my diet, in fact I just order groceries and there are definitely some naughty nom-noms in there. Maybe I'll consider cutting something out next challenge. I've worked out every single day, though recently I only did 20 solid minutes of stretching but I pushed myself as much as possible. (I was suffering from really bad DOMS.) Today, as per usual, I stretched for 5, did cardio and some VERY light lifting for 15, and stretched again for another 5. Frankenankle is sore but still workin'! YES! Oh and I'm now on DECAF!! Yay me!! Annnddddd I've been on not one but TWO walks.. OUTSIDE, where the people are! And I lived!! Woohoo! Super proud of moi! Okay.. back to being all lurky and shy now.
  7. I'm shy.

    I did a five minute stretch, a five minute warm up, and because my neck/shoulder/back area is pretty sore I thought I'd go for a walk. It's 19 degrees out not including wind chill. I'm an idiot. Anyway I only walked 20 minutes before I realized, once AGAIN, Charity Miles isn't recording my miles. WTF?? This is SO annoying. I checked my settings and everything should be working. I wrote their tech support. Oi. On the upside this is the 13th day, in a row, I exercised! Yay me!
  8. I'm shy.

    That's reassuring! Hopefully it'll ease up. I'm not used to battling hunger. I normally don't get very hungry. Also, I haven't heard of Fitness Blender but I'll check it out. Thanks!
  9. I've got a bag of vital wheat gluten and some besan and I think seitan for dinner would be lovely! Anyone have a recipe you've tried and loved? Thanks in advance!
  10. I already wrote a little intro about me and my difficulties and what not here.. Basically I'm a big shy nerdy Mom and I REALLY need to start taking care of myself. I've got some obstacles that I'm struggling with. I have lots of metal in my right ankle so jumping, running, etc. is a no go. Also I've got anxiety disorder and it's really hard for me to do new things, meet new people, go outside, etc. I'm really just a soft, squishy coward who's trying to be a big girl and do what needs to be done. I love my little my little nerdling so SO much and I want to be there for her as long as I possibly can. Side note.. I'm a vegetarian! Hi my fellow veggie peeps!! <3 Main Goal I should say "lose all this excess weight" but I'm going to say TRY to lose 15lbs by the end of April for a start. Smart Goals Exercise every single day. (Week two of January and I've managed this since the 3rd. W00t.) Drink more water. Eliminate Caffeine. Work up the courage to go for a walk or go to the apartment gym. (Super scary for cowardly me!)