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  1. 12 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    I am sad to hear you are still sick.
    We will miss you in the challenge!
    What about working with what you got and having an 'easy peasy' challenge with maybe only a food goal?
    But make what is best for you to restore full health!

    Me too, me too. ;) 


    Food goal is no issue right now. Avoiding sugar is no problem since I literally can't taste anything. lol Hopefully that'll pass soon, I really wanna' make some vegan nachos! 


    As soon as I'm no longer death bed sick.. I"ll start walking again. Whether i want to or not I need to take my daughter to school, starting this morning, so that's kind of a start. :D 


    I think I'll revisit the current challenge later in the week when I'm less.. -cough- -hack- -blows nose-. Have an awesome day!!



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  2. I might have to slip the next challenge mainly due to still being SO sick. We'll see... however I may join late or I might hang out and join the next one. I haven't exercised in several day and I've been pretty much living on NyQuil. I literally can't smell or taste ANYTHING. I can barely detect salt or sweet. :blink:


    Love ya'll and wishing you the very best of luck with the next challenge, starting tomorrow!! <3 <3 <3 



  3. On 3/13/2018 at 2:09 AM, Tateman said:

    Hope you feel better. I had a little bit of the sore throat allergies things going on this last week too.


    Hope you feel better too!!



    Unfortunately, I'm still quite sick. I thought I was getting better and it was just a cold/sinus infection but now my lungs hurt a bit and I'm coughing a crackly cough. My daughter has had a crackly cough but that's all, thank goodness, no fever. She hasn't had the headaches I've been struggling with also.. oh to be young. No exercise for the past few days as I'm dosed up with Nyquil and resting. We'd better both be well by Monday.. school starts again! I'm looking forward to NOT being sick very soon and getting back on the treadmill.




  4. 7 hours ago, Reinfire said:

    I'm in a really similar boat and haven't made nearly as much progress this challenge as the last one, - we're moving forward, even if it's inch by inch, and that's still better than standing still or moving backward! :) 




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  5. 14 hours ago, zeroh13 said:

    I like it. It has a good flavor, but I find it really salty. And it can be hard getting it as crispy as I like without overcooking it. It's something I like adding to other things, like a breakfast sandwich, but I don't really eat it by itself. (I don't really remember what real bacon tastes like, because I never really had it that often. So I have no idea how much it tastes like bacon.)


    Thanks for the heads up! I actually love the taste of bacon but, ya know, the piggies plus my arteries. ;) 


    Progress update!


    I really rocked the first challenge but I've been super disappointed in myself on this challenge. I've been exercising several times a week but not every day. My joints are really bitchin' everytime I work out, it's ridiculous. I've been struggling being consistent with housework though the kitchen looks really good right now. Also I've had to start cutting back on sugar. I try to be somewhat positive but not meeting my goals makes me feel annoyed with myself. However if this was a friend I was listening to, telling me these things, I would say it's the effort and forward progress that counts. I'd also say don't be so hard on yourself when your body is giving you trouble, you don't have control over most of what your body does. 


    That being said I may have caught something from my daughter. We're both coughing and I've got a sore throat. Hopefully, this is just a cold or allergies. 



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  6. Limping quite a bit this morning on the walk to and from dropping my little girl off at school. VERY annoying! That's alright though I'm going to be scrubbing floors today and that alone is a really good workout. ;)


    I hope you've had a lovely week and have an even better weekend. It's Fridayyyyy! Yayy! 




  7. 23 hours ago, Reinfire said:

    Ohhhh got it, that makes sense. Still, that's cool you tried - even though it didn't work out well, at least it's one of the options crossed off :) Sorry people were being jerks on facebook :/ 


    I'm glad I did! It was on sale and I don't feel too bad about it. I've made rice paper bacon, which was pretty good, but unfortunately we all got a small tummy ache after eating it. Next time I'm able to get a treat I think I'll try the Morning Star veggie bacon. 

    As far as how people reacted. I saw it as a failed recipe but a few people I know saw it as WHY it sucks to be vegetarian. I should have thought about how they'd take it before I posted. It's the internet... we all know how people can be on the internet. ;) 


    SO I'm struggling with laziness and it's been hard to get myself to work out. Pain in my left foot and both ankles is making difficult and I'm only doing 1.50 miles, roughly, on the treadmill rather than my 3 miles. I really need to work on that however I also have a ton of things to catch up on around the house. Despite my guilt we have special company soon and I need the house spring cleaned. :wacko:

    Also i'm I'm having a problem with feel dizzy/woozy now and then. I've had more sugar than usual lately and though I've been tested for diabetes I'm concerned. Sometimes I'll feel woozy about half and hour or so after I eat and sometimes I'll feel quite woozy when I've JUST started eating.If I can't have sugar sometimes I'll feel genuinely extremely sad, that doesn't seem normal.  It's really weird. I'm going to try to cut way back on sugar and see if it helps. I've always gotten sugar cravings and if I can't have sugar I'll crave toast. I don't have the luxury of having a more specialized diet than what I'm eating now but perhaps cutting out the outright sweet things for a start will be enough.


    I hate not having insurance/money. Gr. <_<



  8. 1 hour ago, Reinfire said:

    OMG making tempeh?? That sounds so cool! I've wanted to try it but it seems so pricey, and we've enjoyed making seitan but I couldn't figure out how to make tempeh :( Tell us how it goes!


    To clarify... I bought the tempeh and used to make tempeh "bacon." OMG that was awful! lol Unfortunately I posted on facebook how bad it was and got a variety of responses mostly telling me to go on and eat little slices of pig instead. No thanks! lol I would rather eat disgusting failed recipe attempts any day. I've heard Morning Star makes a vegetarian bacon thats yummy but I haven't tried it. That'll be next on the list. ;) 

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  9. I'm slackin' quite a bit lately. I've even forgotten to do my cronometer over the weekend. Dang it! Very disappointed in myself. I did manage to do a little walking on the treadmill yesterday though I might not today do to all the housework I'm catching up on. It all started with one day when my feet and ankles hurt so bad I opted for the recumbent bike which gave me a sore back for the next couple of days. I've learned my lesson.. no more recumbent bike for me! lol I know.. dumb. I just need to continue to move forward and now let a super lazy weekend screw up my challenge entirely. ;)


    Hope ya'll are having a wonderful day and making more progress than  I've been! lol :D 




    Oh and, hey, I'm experimenting with making tempeh bacon! Yay! So far the nibble I tried taste exactly like bri mold minus the bri and the marinade smells like all the ass. It's marinated overnight and baking in the oven now! Magically it's supposed to turn out delicious... we shall see. Will it make moldy ass bacon or delicious animal free numminess?!Stay tuned! :D  

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  10. 14 hours ago, zeroh13 said:

    Your food sounds so good! :)


    Definitely give your ankle a rest when you need to. A little rest now is better than being put out of commission for a few days or weeks. And there's plenty you can do to still exercise and stay active that doesn't involve your feet/ankles.


    I'm feeling very lazy but I plan on doing my "long walk" today and see how well my ankle(s) do. My body is very resistant to this whole exercise business..  ;) 

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  11. So glad she's getting help! I can't imagine how difficult this must be for the kids. 


    Ya' know, I've been under some stress (financial difficulties, etc.) and I've found exercising really helps keep me more balanced. I feel like I'm more in control of my emotions and handle things more easily when I get regular exercise. I hope it helps you also! <3 

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  12. 4 hours ago, Tateman said:

    Well, looks like life is giving me a real challenge. Stress levels are high.


    I won't get into too many details, but this weekend we are making an emergency trip down south. My sister-in-law, and her husband, are having some severe issues. Their oldest lives at home still, and has been relaying information to us over the last few weeks. It seems they have a drinking problem. The oldest kid is like 30. Their youngest is 7. More and more, the parents have been passed out, and the seven year old has gone without for hours until the oldest kid comes home from work. Then she finds the 7 year old crying in her room. I guess cops have been called in the past.

    So the oldest sent out a text to the family (my wife and her other sisters), because things really went over the top today. So she was asking for help. I know some are heading that way, and we are coming this weekend. I don't know how we can help, but we are going to do what we can. I found out the husband is in the hospital tonight, apparently he tried to OD on pills. His brother was telling my wife, that things are much worse then we think.


    So hopefully, us going down there will help. They are grown ass adults, and have to make the decision to help themselves. us pushing isn't going to make them stop. 


    Oh no! That's heart breaking! :( I also have a seven year old and this brings me to tears. I hope ya'll will be able to help. What an awful situation! 

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  13. 6 hours ago, Bean Sidhe said:

    I am glad you found the coat. And I am sorry you had a rough day. So did you do the housework or the gym?



    I was so wiped and had housework and cooking to do soooo.. I countered all my walking as my.. walking. lol ;) 


    I did workout today though! My ankle griped and I didn't get my 3 miles in but I walked none the less!! :D 

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  14. Workout canceled for today. I'm limping quite a bit. I don't know if it's the weather or what but my Frankenakle hurts too much even for the bike. Screw you ankle!


    Hope ya'll are having a better day! <3

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  15. 2 hours ago, Bean Sidhe said:

    Sorry I poofed there. It sounds like your doing good. Did you get to the gym to start making up for the weekend? The one thing your going to need to remember is that you don't need to make up for it. Remember this is a lifestyle change or the weight won't stay off. Think of it more as "I will always have days that need to be overindulged, or that I can't control the food/scheduling of. That will never go away. BUT I can control most of the other days. Those are the days you focus on making sure that the systems are in place and that the routine to get to the gym work so you have better days."

    Does that make sense?


    lol Yes! That makes sense..  


    I've been slacking a bit. I accidentally misplaced my coat and had a huge run around trying to find it yesterday. I did the math and it ended up being about 2 and a half miles so I counted that as exercise. lol Today my back is really hurting and my feet/ankles are being difficult and I have running around to do soooo... so I might slack again today. (She says sitting on her butt in front of the computer.) Then again I might forgo housework and force myself to exercise at the gym regardless. We'll see...  ;) 


    Oh but hey.. check out this cuteness! My daughter lost another tooth this morning. Isn't she flippin' cute? :D 




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  16. We've definitely indulged this weekend so I'll have to make up for it at the gym. Yesterday, I made vegan meatball subs with chao cheese. I toasted the subs in the pan with garlic and herb butter before adding the Gardein meatballs and spaghetti sauce, topped it off with chao and popped it under the broiler. OMG, so so good! :D 


    Naughty time is over now.. time to get back to business... ;)



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  17. 33 minutes ago, Tateman said:

    Nice switching it up. Sorry to hear about the gout. I don't think I have had it, but I hear it really sucks.


    It's fine! It's only in my forefinger on my left hand. I had some Ibuprofen and some coffee this morning and it's already much better. I just hate getting old.. but better than the alternative. ;) 


    Also I posted a picture of last night's dinner but dang if it didn't show. Weird. Anywho, we got in our tax return, it was meager as hell, but at least we treated ourselves to some vegan nachos and sundaes. I was good and had very very little sundae.. however muchly nachosssss. Nom! Nom! Nom! :D 



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  18. I took a break from walking again yesterday and used the recumbent bike instead. I had a good workout, very sweaty after, and my back wasn't too bad. Yay! (pats self on back) :D 


    Though I think I may have gout. My Dad has it and my husband also. I don't drink alcohol, well VERY VERY rarely (like yearly), and I don't eat animals.. so this is super annoying. I'll try and drink more water. 


    Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  19. On 2/22/2018 at 5:19 AM, Lateral Planet said:

    Had a major level-up-your-life win today: upgraded to a full-time position at work!! For a few years I've been on this bizarre arrangement where I work full time but only for nine months of the year, so I'm really looking forward to actually getting paid all year round!!




    Congrats!!! That's wonderful! :D 

  20. 7 hours ago, Tateman said:

    Got some bad news today. My wife has had her suv in the shop for the last few days. We finally had money to fix it. Turns out, it will need a new transmission and computer (located in the transmission) This will cost us 4-5,000 and take another 9-10 days. Parts are shipping from the east coast. So blah! Hopefully, this gets us another 3-5 years out of it at least. By then, my car would be paid off.


    Oh no! I'm so sorry! That's awful.. :( 

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  21. My left foot is hurting quite a bit today and I was limping to and from school this morning. I think I should give it a rest. :( I might stay at home and do some exercises or maybe try the recumbent bike again and hope my back fairs better this time. I like this one but balancing on one leg isn't optimal right now so I might do those on the floor instead BUT, in any case, I like this one..   Darebee - Final Girl Workout




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  22. On 2/20/2018 at 8:17 AM, Bean Sidhe said:

    Although reading @Tateman account of the Spartan races did remind me of what I am trying to do. However, I think the problem is right now, I don't completely believe its possible. I know I said I would be okay being fat if I was the strong, healthy fat lady, but I dunno. I don't feel like I am getting stronger and I don't feel like I am making progress. I know the scale isn't really moving, but it kinda feels like I am stagnating. And for Spartans, I will need to be able to hang or pull myself up and I am not there yet. Heck, I don't even have a place to put a pull up bar.


    I don't think you should worry so much about the scale as your forward moving progress. If you got up today, that's progress. If you put one less spoonful of sugar in your morning coffee, that's progress. If you did a 5 minute walk, that's progress. Even if you did eff all today because your ill and just care for yourself and made plans to get back to moving once you can. that's progress. Moving forward IS progress. We're always our own worst critics. 

    I know, I know I bitch about my weight fluctuations. lol I always make sure I remember to be proud of myself for any day I did something good for me though.  Speaking of which... it's already 10 and I haven't done my workout. Oops! I'll be thinkin' of you today and hoping you get to feeling better inside and out! I have absolute faith in your ability! :) 

    Also.. here's a kitten...



    images (1).jpg

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