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  1. 2 hours ago, Bean Sidhe said:

    Getting 2 miles instead of 3 is still a great goal. And your right, its better than the 0 for people who didn't get on a treadmill yesterday (I can say that, I didn't get on mine).


    I love how positive your being about the whole apartment issues. Hopefully they will be fixed soon.

    That's great that you learned to poach eggs. Its always great to have another option when making food. No matter what it is.


    We'll see how it goes today with the treadmill. -fingers crossed-


    I don't know if I'm particularly positive regarding the broken AC/flooded apartment but getting mad over it or anything won't help. Hopefully they'll get it sorted today. Could always be worse, at least its not summer! ;)


    I always poached using a poaching pan when I was growing up but I don't have one now so I never make them. My daughter LOVES fried eggs but I made her a real poached egg yesterday and she said she liked it just as much. Phew! No more oil wasted and no more oily fatty calories for me. (I try to make eggs and toast or something like that on the weekend for everyone.) :D 


    Here's the video I used though I don't have all the same tools and what not... 



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  2. 6 hours ago, Tateman said:

    MFP Food Diary. 1433 Calories, 8 net carbs. I was able to hit my IF times fine. When I was trying to get to sleep, I did have a couple of "Hey, stomach wants food" moments. Which was weird.  Otherwise, things went fine.


    Only 1,433 calories? Wow! I ate more than you yesterday, apparently. I had 1,744. Ouch! Looks like I might need to cut back on the margarine on my toast and sugar in my tea. You've got me beat for sure! ;) I definitely struggle with hunger since I started exercising at the beginning of this year. Funny thing.. I was never really hungry before. 


    You're doing an amazing job! You really are! Hope you have a wonderful day! Looking forward to more updates! :D 

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  3. Had to cut my walk on the treadmill short today. I've done alright this week but unfortunately my left foot is really giving me trouble. I managed 2 miles on the treadmill instead of 3. Oh well! Absolutely, of course, better than sitting on the sofa... ;)


    I could complain about apartment trouble and flooding in the closet, etc., etc. but naaa... the maintenance guys are doing their best to sort things out now anyway.


    Oh! I also learned how to poach eggs quite well without the use of a poaching pan. I follow Alton Brown's direction and, despite not having a slotted spoon or a thermometer, I think they turn out really nicely! So no more oil for fried eggs! Sweet! :D 


    I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

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  4. On 2/17/2018 at 1:00 AM, Tateman said:

    No walk again today. I was going to head out for a night walk, but the wife wanted to watch some shows. So I spent time there instead. (My mood, it is too easy to turn down walking ;) )



    I feel ya! I'm easily corrupted myself. hehe However, seriously, I've found a very good incentive for walking. I ONLY listen to my audiobooks when I walk on the treadmill. I genuinely feel excited to hear more of The Hobbit so I tend not to put off my walk. I used to have a indoor bike and I would ONLY watch Q.I. when I was on the bike so I'd actually look forward to it. 


    33 minutes ago, Tateman said:

    I will get under 200 lbs. I will be, that healthier, stronger, much more badass version of me.


    OMG! This is meeee! This is so me, man! I can definitely relate. I want to get under 200 so sooo bad but I want to do it the right now. No shortcuts to good health. I know you can do it and so can I!!! :D



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  5. 5 hours ago, Bean Sidhe said:

    It sounds like things are going better. I do understand the dish washer that isn't helpful. we had one like that for awhile and I got so mad at it. Could you maybe use half the sink full of soapy water nd put things there as you cook so its already soaking by the time you finish eating?

    Keep it up, it sounds like your doing great.


    I gave up on soaking since my husband (gr-bah) likes to remove soaking dishes from the dishwater... and then NOT wash them. -sigh- I still loves him though.. ;) I've been slightly better about keeping on top of dishes however today, not so much. I'm planning on doing more when I get back from the store. 


    Also, yay me, I walked me 3 miles again today! I struggled.. so soooo much but I did it!! I want to try for 3 miles on the treadmill everyday if my ankles will cooperate. 


    Hope you're having a wonderful day!!! :D 

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Bean Sidhe said:

    Thanks, we will get by. Its just weird since Hubby never gets sick bad enough to lay him out like this. Usually its something he just has a nose thing or a cough, but not "sorry, I need another 14 hours of sleep" kinda thing.


    love the puppy, it does help.


    This flu going around is no joke. I got my very first flu shot recently just in case. I really hope we don't get it. No insurance. :(

    Get well soon you two!!!

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  7. 17 hours ago, Tateman said:

    I read the Ready Player One book, I hope the movie is ok. :)



    I really enjoyed the book but the trailer for the movie already shows so much they changed. Why is Artemis thin? Where is her birth mark? Why the heck is there a chase scene? Why does Hollywood insist on taking popular books that people love and completely changing them for the movie version? 

    I should note my husband says, "Why can't you just enjoy things???" lol Apparently... I'm picky... ;) 

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  8. Did I seriously write "plains" instead of "planes"?? OMG. Wow. Just wow. Sorry.. my brain.. it not work so good. Anywayyyyss... :blink:


    6 hours ago, Reinfire said:
    18 hours ago, shy said:


    Now admittedly I don't think I'd pick going here if it was just us, since they're all basically natives and I'm sticking with them I don't feel too weird. But I'm sure the weirdness will come! Like someone mentioned casually that "oh make sure you keep cash on hand for bribing people" and I kept trying to figure it out like, oh so this is like a tip? Or a fee? How do you know how much to pay? what if you don't pay enough omg?!


    I'm nervous about tipping! I would be very much at the mercy of my cohorts, for sure. lol


    6 hours ago, Reinfire said:

    This week is turning around right here, I'm hoping a better weekend prep will mean a better week next week too! 


    Awesome!! Good luck on the prepping!! I plan now a days, to try and stay in budget, but I don't prep. I'm not the organized.. ;) 

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  9. Hi Fluffy! Nice to meet ya! :D




    I'm sorry about your "bilateral elbow injuries." Wow. What the heck happened?? I know, first hand, recovering from injuries is so joke. Wishing you the best of luck!!

    I'm also curious about your horse. Don't suppose you'd tell a noob like me a little horsey backstory? ;) 


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  10. 26 minutes ago, Reinfire said:

    Haha I love talking about trips and such so I definitely don't mind :D A lot of my husband's family is from South Africa originally, though they've spread out across a few continents now. His cousin decided to get married in Cape Town, and that is a looooooong flight from the West Coast, so we've decided to make the most of it, take a couple of weeks and do ALL the things! 


    This is kind of a weird vacation to plan because we'll have to coordinate with his family a lot about lodging and such, but so far we definitely want to go on at least a short safari and... well okay that's kind of our list so far :P But I'm sure his family will have some great suggestions for us, and I have a feeling by the end it'll feel like we don't have enough time to do all the things we want.


    I'm also really pleased because we finally pulled the trigger on visiting Vancouver this spring (where my husband grew up) and already there is SO much we want to do! We're there for about 5 days, and we're thinking pretty much everyday will be going out and doing hiking, biking, etc in the morning, come back to our airbnb and chill for a bit since we both like some alone time, and then go out and see the night life in the evening. But this is a lot more active than either of us are right now, so I'm starting to work on my cycling skills and endurance, and he's practicing his walking/hiking endurance so we can both enjoy all of the activities. Just even having a vacation to look forward to in the short term has really lifted my spirits :) 


    That's so cool!! I'm such a coward, I'd never be so adventurous as to go to Africa but Canada seems less intimidating for this Texan. (Also we could drive there! Yay, no plains!) :D I've never been but my Grandparents vacationed there and the pictures were SO lovely! I'd lovely to see Canada someday! I hope you'll want to post some pictures from your trip! I'd love to see! 

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  11. Oh! I forgot to mention! I finished my Ready Player One audiobook, againnn. (OMG, they screwed up the story soooooooo bad in that movie. I genuinely don't think I should watch it, it'll only make me super annoyed.) So I've decided to start The Hobbit, followed by Lord Of The Rings. Love it, love it, love it! Also it's so fitting with my Walk To Mordor and Back Again challenge. :D






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  12. 6 hours ago, Tateman said:


    Damn friends! But hey, use that for fuel. Show them that you will get that last laugh :)


    Sorry it took so long to get back to check out your post. The goals are great. Since the 1st, my silent goal is to clean the dishes in the morning. Most times it was days before I would clean them, but this made it even more that I didn't want to do any dishes. Now that I have been getting them done, almost each day, it hasn't been so bad. 


    Well, good luck, and I'm following now. Keep on kicking treadmill ass! :)



    It's fine! I get to rub it in her face now, just a bit. ;)


    I loath doing dishes! I used to be really bad about not doing them but now I'm a Mom I try really hard to keep the apartment reasonably tidy. You can't skip a day, though, or you've got a mammoth undertaking in the kitchen.. so no sick days for me. I've been doing much better the last few days so long as I do some after every meal so there's no pile up. I know a lot of people just chuck them in the dishwasher but I just can't. For a couple reasons...

    1. The dishwasher is from the Jurassic period and does more to make the dishes dirty than clean.
    2. I don't feel dishwashers actually clean dishes. I ALWAYS scrub them first before running them anyway.


    BTW, I applaud you taking your measurements and keeping track. I've done the same but I'm a little shy to post them. Suffice to say my waist is noooooo where near the 26" I had back in the day.  OMG, it's SO easy to get big! It can happen to anyone (especially when you love to cook like me.) ;) 

    My husband is also a big guy and I'm really hoping he'll want to join me on my fitness/weight loss journey. I don't just love him (and I do, soooo frickin' much), I need him. If anything happens to him I don't know what we'll do. :( 


    Anyway, my little one is awake so my day now begins! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!! :D 

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  13. On 2/12/2018 at 8:54 AM, Reinfire said:

    Similarly, I did well updating my You Need a Budget and want to keep that up to monitor progress saving up for a trip to South Africa at the end of this year, so I want to update it at least as many times as I did last month. 


    Oooo! What are you planning on doing in South Africa? Vacation? :D  I'm super nosy.. ;) 

  14. 30 minutes ago, Lateral Planet said:

    Super not cool of your friend to be so doubtful! But your positivity is off the chart, good on you! :D


    It's fine! She and I have been friends a long time. It's just her humor.. ;)


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  15. On 2/7/2018 at 3:00 PM, Tateman said:

    96% overall score. It was exactly what I needed in my return to the Nerdfitness forums. With in one month, I have stopped taking all my medication and lost 22 lbs.



    OMG! That's amazing!! Congrats!!


    Also I love your goals! Good luck! Looking forward to your updates!! :D



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  16. On 2/6/2018 at 1:02 PM, PixiePrincessPea said:

    3)  Zombies, Run 3x a week. My cardio still needs work. I have been enjoying the Zombies! Run app (even though I stopped doing it the last few weeks). I want to get back in the habit of running again. If I am able to get back into this practice I am planning to reward myself with the virtual 5K that they also offer.


    THIS is why I love this forum so so much!! Ya'll find the coolest workout incentives! I love this! :D Right now I'm just using MapMyWalk (which keeps crashing on me and the tracking isn't awesome.)  


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  17. 1 hour ago, Jlailin said:

    This is so awesome.  I love your response even though she laughed.  We all start somewhere, and while the weight loss is the end goal, the habits you're building to get there are the important part!  You're doing so beautifully with this challenge!  Keep going!  Can't wait to see all the things you achieve! :D   


    Thanks!!.. -a tad embarassed- :D



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  18. 52 minutes ago, Jlailin said:

    Thank you!  I'd always meant to do a spreadsheet like this.  I started of with the NF Beginner Body Weight Workout print out, which was great to jump start me when I knew nothing, but my sheets were always scribbled on because I wanted to record like five more things.  I also like this version being on my google drive because I can no longer make the excuse that I can't work out because I didn't print out a new sheet.  xD


    Niccee!! I've just been using Map My Walk and Cronometer to keep track of things. I also sort of use Walk To Mordor but I nearly forget to log those miles in nearly everyday. lol ;) 

    Continue to be awesome!! :D 



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  19. 2 minutes ago, Urgan said:


    People are all too accustomed to seeing people (themselves especially.....) making pledges to exercise and they last about 3 weeks. Especially this time of year. It's projection and it'll pass. 


    When I told a friend, at the beginning of the year, my New Year's resolution was to exercise she laughed. She said, "When it starts to hurt, you'll give up." True, my weight loss has been less than stellar but I work out every day and now can walked a solid hour covering the equivalent of 3 miles on the treadmill. If I walked much faster I'd be jogging. lol Unfortunately I shouldn't jog or run without consulting with a doctor first. ;) My waist is trimmer, my arms are less jiggly, and I have no intention of giving up. I'm genuinely excited to see what it'll be like by the end of the year. :D 


    Speaking of which.. time to stretch and then off to the gym!

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