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  1. 1 hour ago, Enforcer25 said:

    The elliptical is easy to use, just get on and pedal. I've used the recumbent bike, but my current gym doesn't have one, it could have been the way it was setup or it just doesn't work for you. I think you will like the elliptical. The one that looked complicated was the arc trainer, but it is easy to use once you try it.The elliptical gives you a great workout and is easy on the joints. 


    I'll see about trying to tomorrow unless the weather is really nice. ;)





    In other news...


    I made myself a little rice and sliced off just a tiny bit of the seitan I made yesterday to try it out, also heated up a smidge of gravy. Basically carbs a little salt for lunch. Just a few bites in and, all of the sudden, I felt really light headed. I thought I was going to faint, seriously. Damn it. I really really wish we had insurance. My google "research" suggests it may be hypotension maybe. My blood pressure has always been good though. Here's the link.. eating can cause low blood pressure. I have no idea whats up. Very occasionally I'll feel slightly woozy, usually at the library for some reason but it's rare. WTF? Here I am trying to take care of myself and then, boom, weird shit.

    Also.. I just found out my friend has cancer. :( 


    Life is such an asshole.




  2. On 1/29/2018 at 7:03 AM, Enforcer25 said:

    That sucks about the ankle, glad you are getting the walks in, some of us have to make adjustments to accommodate our bodies, good job sticking to the routine.


    Thanks! Yah, it sucks but, hey, I can walk! I appreciate walking with every limp step I take. ;)




    I used a recumbent bike yesterday for 30 minutes, yay me, but despite the fact it's supposed to be gentler on your back, my back is killin' me since then. Maybe it was the model or something? Maybe I.. did it wrong? The other bike options at the gym were no go (not adjustable, rickety.) Maybe I just have super feeble back muscles and need to get used to it. I've been thinking of alternating between walking outside days and bicycling days, particularly when the weather is bad. Maybe I should try the elliptical but I've never ever used one and it looks.. difficult.

  3. On 1/19/2018 at 9:30 AM, KayLou said:

    Fried potatoes are my kryptonite. Sigh! Yep, I caved. My favourite chips were on sale (it was a really good sale!) and I was hungry. So, a couple of lessons learned (or, more accurately, reinforced). First, don't shop when hungry. I generally carry a protein bar with me, but I had forgotten to replace it after I ate the last one. Need to be more diligent on that front, clearly -- or perhaps I should leave some emergency healthy snacks in the car. Second, avoid the aisle(s) with the kryptonite. "Out of sight, out of mind" is my friend here. I can't pick up the kryptonite if I never get close to it! Third, buy small, not big.  Yes, even if it's not as good a deal! I can make better choices for my health, even when I indulge. The small bag of chips is probably going to be enough to satisfy my craving -- really!



    Hey Kaylou!! Hope you're doin' good! :D


    I just thought I'd drop this small piece of unsolicited advice. I shop online and it really helps me avoid temptation. I shop with Kroger's click list program and can order everything online and have it delivered to my door. I take ages to shop for groceries this way because every purchase is thought out. I can get up multiple times to check and make sure I have enough or do I need to reorder. I don't have junk food laid out before me to tempt me. If they're out of what I've ordered they will ask if it's alright to use another brand and you can even give special instructions. (ie: Please only sub with unsweetened/unflavored plant milks.) I don't have to find out I've overspent IN the checkout line in front of everyone, omg SO embarrassing. I know how much it's going to cost me and can adjust before checking out. If gives you the option to use coupons or deals. It's great! It's $12 but between free upgrades, coupons, etc. it's totally worth it.


    2 hours ago, Barbs said:

    But yeah, even holidays overseas are worth it.  If you do get to go to Japan (I haven't been there yet), I'd recommend end of March/early April so you can catch the full Cherry Blossom season.


    We would be lucky to see Disney World. lol Someday maybe.. someday..  ;)

    I've also always wanted to see where my ancestors originated. I don't think my family would enjoy that quite as much though. 


    What's the food like? Do you sometimes have to eat something having no idea what it is? Have you cooked for anyone there, giving them something they've never had before? What did they think? 

  5. 20 hours ago, AceVixen said:

    I thought I would say hello as well... because I also suffer from anxiety. I'm not 'shy', rather I'm terrified that I'm going to die in lots of horrible different ways. I sold my car and now hardly ever drive due to the old anxiety. It really sucks, so I feel you.


    I also think that us anxious folks to get given something that helps us though. We have to play life on hard, yes, but as long as you keep fighting, you get practice at dealing with really horrible situations that normal people just don't have the experience at dealing with. My friend likened it to the Hulk in The Avengers - the secret is I'm always anxious!


    Oh yes, and I'm also a big fan of Star Trek (TNG is my favourite). The Klingon make up is weird, but oh my gosh isn't Discovery amazing??!!!


    How did I miss this reply?! lol Sorry! 


    Ya know it's funny I'm actually more relaxed in front of a large audience than a lot of people because I would be nearly equally nervous talking to them individually. When you're already level 8/10 ALL the time it's not much of a jump. ;) 


    I freakin' LOVE the new Star Trek Discovery!! I'm not a fan of the makeup change but I adore this show. I was especially excited to see we got Doug Jones too! He's awesome! I can't wait to see the newest episode with my family! :D :love_heart:

  6. 2 minutes ago, _riotgrrrl_ said:

    ...I'm not a fan of woo woo chakra talk either - I find Yoga With Adriene a good fit with my personality - but I understand if it's not for you. I won't push any more yoga - promise! And hope you find a decent indoor bike - I'm partial to a bit of spinning myself...


    Aw man, I'm sorry if I came off as defensive. Geez. Sorry. I just get someone suggesting yoga a few times a week. :wacko:


    This is the stretch routine I always do, I'm fixin' to right now in fact... 




    She has another called "Beginners Flexibility with Nico ♥ Full Body Stretch Warm Up for Dance, Gymnastics, Cheer" but I can't only do some of those positions right now. Others put far too much strain my ankles. I think my joints are generally pretty crap actually. lol

    Anyway I really like her videos and I'd recommend them for sure!

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Barbs said:

    ...sorry, that's probably a lot longer reply than you were expecting...or I was intending to write.  I'm gonna blame the coffee I had half an hour ago, which in itself was an awful idea given it's already late here.

    ~ Barbs


    No, no! You're fine! I loved this post! Thanks so much! :D


    There was a time we, the hubs and I, seriously talked about moving to Japan for a year or more but with no college degree we couldn't. Damn. We even tried to start learning the language but it was incredibly difficult. I've heard Chinese, well Mandarin, spoken and I can't pick out a single word. It must be SO difficult to learn!


    I think I'll always have to live here in Texas. I'd rather not but my husband has decided now he wouldn't want to live anywhere else. :rolleyes: I still dream that we'll one day we'll be able to afford a vacation and maybe see another part of the world. 

  8. Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty new myself! :D


    How did you find your way to China?! May I ask what it's like and what do you do there and where are you originally from?!  I would love to see the world!


    I'd offer diet advice but I don't diet myself. For the next challenge I might make a couple of Monday through Friday changes. I eat fairly healthy most of the time aside from sweet cravings. Damn you sweet cravings!! 



  9. 47 minutes ago, _riotgrrrl_ said:

    ...Glad to hear you're making your challenge, despite Frankenankle. I'm sure others have already suggested it, but in case they haven't... do you like swimming? Cardio and resistance all in one, if you can find an affordable swimming pool... Or a Frankenankle-friendly style of yoga?


    I do my daily stretch routine but I HATE yoga. I don't know why all the woo woo chakra talk annoys me so but I just can't do it, I've tried. I do a thorough stretch for 20 minutes every single day though. Also I don't swim for two reason I'm incredibly shy and I don't own a swimsuit, like painfully shy and awkward. I do love an exercise bike and I'm going to see if my little apartment gym has one, I've literally never been inside. Wish me luck! lol

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  10. 1 hour ago, ZeroDay said:

    That's a good question. How many "things" should I do in a challenge?...


    I tried to keep my very first challenge obtainable. It keeps me motivated that I'm completing my goals and I've already been thinking about what I'll do for my next four weeks. I needed to put something that was challenging but not impossible in such a short time. This is what I put for mine...


    Main Goal

    I should say "lose all this excess weight" but I'm going to say TRY to lose 15lbs by the end of April for a start. 


    Smart Goals

    Exercise every single day. (Week two of January and I've managed this since the 3rd. W00t.)

    Drink more water. 

    Eliminate Caffeine. 

    Work up the courage to go for a walk or go to the apartment gym. (Super scary for cowardly me!)



    I haven't missed a day of exercise, I'm drinking my water, I'm down to just decaf now, and I walk outside everyday. I'm even thinking about checking out my apartment gym. (Even though I have to wear my street clothes, don't have any exercise gear of any kind.) For my next challenge I'll probably go for "continue to exercise at least 6 days a week", "no sugar Monday-Friday", "cut back on fats", etc. 

  11. 1 hour ago, _riotgrrrl_ said:

    Hey @shy how's it all been going for you?


    Pretty good! I've been doing a 20 minute stretch routine everyday and either cardio or walking. On average I'm walking about 2 miles a day. Today I've had some pain in my Frankenankle so I might have to forgo a couple days of walking and instead maybe.. attempt to go to the apartment gym? *shudder* I haven't skipped a single day of exercise and I'm totally off caffeine so I'm making my challenge goals. 


    Thanks so much for askin'! :D 


    In other news tomorrow is Monday. Damn.



  12. I'm still doing my 20 minute stretch everyday followed by a 2 mile walk. The other day the dad weather had me inside doing cardio instead. I was kind of proud of myself being last week I got in about 9 miles. I'm hoping I'll get more than 10 miles in this week. My body is complaining a lot though, my neck and shoulder have been sore for a few days. Annoying..

    Anyway, I'm doing pretty good and currently show no sign of slacking off.  :) 



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  13. I guess I just wish I could because I can't. lol It's mostly my ankle, I broke it bad enough to detach it internally. Ugh! Not nice. Can't jump or run or anything that puts stress on my Frankenankle. I've got a lot of hardware in there. Even if were fine though my knees aren't great. I always feel like they want to bend the wrong way somehow..? 


    I made my 2+ mile walk again today though! W00t! :D 

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  14. 3 hours ago, The Real Syl Mil said:

    Every good nerd loves a chart! I bought a Garmin Vivosmart watch with my HSA card (woot!) and it has a super cool app. It charts my weight, heart rate, activities, sleep patterns, and, and, and... I am loving it! I can see that my steps per days has gradually increased over the last 2 weeks. And I've lost a couple pounds, too!


    YAY for small achievements!!! It's the only way to be! Keep it up!



    Good job!!! I actually feel a bit guilty for not walking today, bad weather, but I love seeing my pace slowly increase. I just wish i could run! That would be awesome. :D

  15. 5 hours ago, Reinfire said:

    ...I don't know if you're into phone apps, but Happy Scale for iOS and Libra for Android have been AWESOME for charting my weight progress! Libra takes a little more getting used to, but both are great for helping me see the trend even when my weight fluctuates, and seeing how long it'll take me to get to my next short term goal. Super motivating, and I also love me some graphs


    Map My Walk is the only health related iPhone app I'm currently using. I'll see what they've got my iPhone. As long as its free I'm down.. ;) 





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  16. Just now, The Real Syl Mil said:


    WOW! I haven't even hit 1 mile yet. (Although I'm sooo close!) Way to go, @shy !!



    Thanks so much! I'm totally worn out by the time I get home but I'm determined to either walk or do cardio every single day. I just joined the Walk to Mordor challenge too, just for funsies. I'm using Map My Walk even though, and this is super annoying, it seems to show me walking less distance as my pace gradually increases and I happen to know I'm walking the same distance every time if not, occasionally more. Arg! Still good motivation making my 2 miles minimum and gradually increasing my pace. (VERY gradually.) ;) 


    Oh and I WAS 226.5 and now I'm 223.5! I should make a chart to graph that or something and give me a good average. 

  17. OMG! Hi!!


    I've only JUST stumbled upon this!! So you just record your miles on the spreadsheet? You don't need a FitBit, right? I've been using MapMyWalk app on my iPhone. What do I need to do to join in?! This sounds like fun! Are there rewards...? (Like a high five or a "way to go" or a gift card? lol)  *nudge*  :D




    Update: I went ahead and began filling it out but do I need to save or what exactly? (Super sorry, just not famliar with spreadsheets.) I started my journey from the day before yesterday, hope that's ok. 


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  18. 10 hours ago, Lateral Planet said:

    Thanks! Oh no, that sounds awful, hope you feel better soon too! :) Wondering if I ought to learn more about muscles in general. I studied skeletons at uni so I know all about my bones, but not much about why my armpits in particular feel so weak after pushups ;)


    Thankfully, a good night's sleep fixed me right up, but I get a bit spooked by leg soreness. A friend of mine got super into running about a year ago and overdid it to the point where she got stress fractures in both shins. She's super awesome though and has bounced back like a boss!! But while I sometimes get frustrated thinking I'm making such slow progress, if any, I'm also trying hard to avoid several months on crutches!


    That's my worry, if I get hurt I don't have insurance and I have no money. So I try very hard to take it easy and not push too hard however I can no longer use the possibility of getting hurt as an excuse not to exercise. Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women here, 1 in 4, and I don't want that to happen to me. I've got to stick around for my little one. ;) 

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  19. So I looked up my BMI, not entirely accurate I know I know, but I wanted a rough idea of what my goal should roughly be. Apparently, if I work REALLY hard I can eventually lose 46.5 pounds so I can be OVERWEIGHT. Seriously, overweight is now my goal. ARG!! Blargy arg! And.. GR bah!! Damn it.


    On the bright side, at least with my two pounds off it's now only 44.5. :D 


    That being said.. time for my 20 minute stretch and either cardio or a long walk, whichever I have time for. ;)


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