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  1. I'm SO impressed with your challenge thread! You are tackling this like a college essay. Seriously, you are amazing!


    So far MY plan is... exercise. That's it.

    You have things planned out and you're organized. I'm blown away by your determination and dedication. When I grow up, can I be more like you!? :D


    Housework and exercise fall under the "a gift I'm giving my future self" category. I know it sounds silly but this mindset helps me a lot.

    Ie: I'll wash up the coffee maker and have a pot ready to brew in the morning for future me. In the morning I literally thank myself, outloud ('cause this is the level of dorkiness we're dealing with here.) ;) 


    Continue to be awesome!




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  2. I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling. My little family can empathize, also being on a very tight budget. I know it's hard.


    Some of my staples are peanut butter and wheat bread sandwiches, oatmeal (with chia added for nutrition), soy milk, mashed chickpea salad on sandwiches or wheat crackers. For meals I make coconut milk/tomato sauce curry with lentils (cheap!) or chick peas, last night it was spaghetti and Gardein meatballs (Gardein is pricey for a family but just one bag feeds my family, so it's a good deal. For you that would be 2-3 meals easily for $4.), veggie gumbo or minestrone, ramen made with my own veggie bouillon + tofu + zucchini, black beans soup (canned black beans blended with taco seasoning, for when I'm VERY lazy), veggie patties on wheat bread, and OF COURSE homemade beans and rice, etc.


    A lot of what I make can easily be made in a pressure cooker. If I were a college student I would invest in small pressure cooker. You can cook a one pot meal while you study and, though I haven't done it myself, I hear you can make decent rice in a pressure cooker also. Slow cookers are fine but smaller ones don't always cook at a steady low temp or may be a fire hazard cooking all day unattended. Also, bonus, beans cooked in the pressure cooker do NOT have to be soaked. (My pressure cooker is currently broken. Sad face.) :( 


    Cliff Note Version: We live on rice (I prefer brown), tofu, dried and canned beans, frozen veg, lentils, pasta, and oatmeal. Occassionally, Gardein goodies but rarely.


    And, I'm totally outting myself as an recent ex-vegan (cringe).. eggs. Eggs are cheap and easy to make. I make hard boiled ones for my daughter's lunch.


    Oh and, pro-tip, I get my rice and lentils from our local Indian market. They are way cheaper and the quality is equally good or better. 


    I hope my old lady/Mom advice helps even a little. <3 

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  3. Thanks SO much for the encouragement Kaylou! 


    I'm fairly pragmatic so if I'm not able to exercise I won't be kickin' myself. Things happen. Though if I can, at the very least, I'd try to manage yoga/stretching on such a day. ;)


    I've had REALLY bad upper thigh pain since day two but it's lessened a great deal, enough for me to do full body exercising again. (I was literally crying out in pain when I had to sit. Ouch!) Though I'm not squatting as low as I probably should due to soreness. At the moment I'm debating whether I should stick to just cardio or try doing body weight circuits. I've never exercised. I'm clueless!

    Another surprise is HUNGER! I'm not a diet, just starting with exercise and addressing diet later on is the plan, but dang I'm SO hungry. I might try and get more vegan protein powder or start snacking on carrots or something. I'm snacking way too much. Most likely why I haven't shed an ounce.


    Anywho, my family is excited for me. My seven year old has started exercising for fun also. I'm currently dreaming of getting a (comfortable!) stationary exercise bike so I can peddle away my back pain and stress while I was Q.I. Our budget has no wiggle room so it's just a dream but one day.... one day... :D


    Have a wonderful day and wish me luck!

  4. I already wrote a little intro about me and my difficulties and what not here.. 

     Basically I'm a big shy nerdy Mom and I REALLY need to start taking care of myself. I've got some obstacles that I'm struggling with. I have lots of metal in my right ankle so jumping, running, etc. is a no go. Also I've got anxiety disorder and it's really hard for me to do new things, meet new people, go outside, etc. I'm really just a soft, squishy coward who's trying to be a big girl and do what needs to be done. I love my little my little nerdling so SO much and I want to be there for her as long as I possibly can.

    Side note.. I'm a vegetarian! Hi my fellow veggie peeps!! <3 



    Main Goal

    I should say "lose all this excess weight" but I'm going to say TRY to lose 15lbs by the end of April for a start. 


    Smart Goals

    Exercise every single day. (Week two of January and I've managed this since the 3rd. W00t.)

    Drink more water. 

    Eliminate Caffeine. 

    Work up the courage to go for a walk or go to the apartment gym. (Super scary for cowardly me!)





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  5. Hi! I'm a little shy and yeah.. here's me working up the courage to introduce myself.


    First off, I have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.


    That being said...


    So I've never really committed myself to working out. To say I'm "out of shape" would be an understand to say the least. I'm 43 now and I'm 226. I was already chubby but then I got pregnant and BOOM... obese. I was 250+ but I'm vegetarian now and that alone had me losing some weight. Now I'm trying very hard to be a grown up and make sure I'll actually live to see my daughter grow up. I'd really like to be there for her as long as I can. I broke my ankle very badly a couple years ago so now FrankenAnkle won't let me run, jump, etc. (I literally detached my ankle internally. Cool, huh? Now I walk with a slight limp.. like a bad ass.)  :D 


    Anywho, I'm VERY weak but I'm doing my best. I've managed to exercise every day since the 3rd. (Yay me!!) I've been doing stretching and cardio. I tried the "Beginner Body Weight Circuit Workout" today and could only manage half as many reps. Also I had to modify jumping jacks. So that's kind of a bummer... 

    I know I might get flack for this but, I'm NOT on a diet. I will consider modifying my diet in the future but I'm the sort of person who does best when full focus on one thing at a time. Also my overall diet is generally not too bad aside from the occasional homemade cookies. I don't do dairy or meat.

    To complicate things I'm super broke, so no gym, and also I have crippling anxiety disorder that makes it very hard for me to get out of the apartment. However I do walk my little girl to school, so that's something.


    Non-fitness related. I LOVE Star Trek. (I know I know, they changed the Klingon makeup and I'm not a fan of that one thing but otherwise Discovery is awesome.) ;) I'm cool with Star Wars also, no animosity to be found here. I also love fantasy but I think science fiction is in my blood. Also my husband and I LOVE table top games. IE: CAH, Munchkin, etc. He loves to DM various RPG games but it's so hard to get a group together. Our family's latest obsession is Minecraft. I'm trying to learn redstone. Our daughter REALLY wants us to make a Minecraft youtube channel.  I wish I had the time/money/etc. to play WoW or other online games again. I miss it but it's just more time on my ass instead of doing the many many things I need to do as a wife and mother.


    Thanks for stopping by and reading my boring intro here. I appreciate you took the time and, for that, I think you're awesome. :) 


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