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  1. I barely recovered I've been quite busy lately, I made multiple attempts to type an update but each time got distracted before finishing (I have that with a lot of things). Woops. Here is a very long update about the last 1.5 week. The mealprep has gone well. I'm trying out different recipes. Since that first week that got a bit out of hand with 4 heads of broccoli dying a painful death and prepping halfway through the week, I have prepped breakfast and lunch for the week on Sunday. Last week I had roasted vegetables & sweet potato with chicken, and I found out that I'm not re
  2. Time for another update! I went to the gym Tuesday morning as I planned (but I hated it; I much more prefer to go at night). After that, I prepared everything for a mealprep session, cleaned and put out containers, washed the kitchen stuff I needed etc. And then my eye falls on this nearly empty bottle of soy sauce, which wasn't enough for the recipe that I had in mind. I went back to my computer to check the recipe whether they had a substitution or something, but the website was offline so I didn't even know what to cook anyway I finally prepped the stuff yesterday evening for th
  3. Thank you for your response juliebarkley! So, two days in and I thought I would write an update because..ahem..well, it's not going fantastic until now. I was with friends yesterday that I hadn't seen for a while and while I did go there by bike (20-25 minutes in total) it's not really what I meant with 45 minutes of exercise. Today I went to the university (means a 2.5-3 hour commute one way) and returned home at 8pm. Some people were playing with fireworks around the house so I was too scared to leave the house for the gym and it was literally pouring so I didn't go for a walk ei
  4. Hey Marianne, Thanks for your reply and helpful tips! I agree with you with finding an activity I enjoy doing. When we started going to the gym with the group, everyone first started on the elliptical. I don't have something against cardio, but ellipticals and I are...simply not a great match. They just seem to tire me more than others, who plow away on resistance level 10 and talk happily about their lives, while I go half as fast on level 5 with a heart rate of 180. I do, however, like to go for walks, especially walking uphill (I don't know why, it just feels great).
  5. Hi there! MissLex here. I've been thinking about posting here but put it off multiple times telling myself nobody would be interested anyway, but I think the system of keeping your own thread updated adds in an accountability aspect that will hopefully help me. So, here we go. I'm a female student in her early twenties(and not a native English speaker, sorry for any mistakes) and have been active at a lot of student associations during my student time. I have been slightly overweight since high school (but didn't care too much about it then), but due to the stress of keeping too ma
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