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  1. This was a good week and a tough one. The pinched nerve got worse before it got better. It totally messed with my mental health. Weekly Recap: Three Steps Forward: Lift 3 times a week. MWF - though friday was really really hard to get up for. Take a Short Rest when needed: Yoga Thursday after Dnd was a chore to do but I did it. Recover hit points: Keep track of food in LoseIt. The goal is to keep your average weekly calories in the range: 1600 to 1900: I am in the upper of the range this week but doing well. Self-care once a week:
  2. Great pictures of the hike! How is this week going?
  3. Great job on kickboxing and trying to trouble shoot the snacking! The I got this days - are the best!
  4. Woot Woot on getting a workout in on Monday! How were the resistance band pull ups? If you have more than one you can use more than one - I have looped a 3 incher and a 2 incher to give me enough lift so I would still work on the motion.
  5. Sunday went well - I ended up not doing yoga. Monday - I got my lifting in, in the morning but I didn’t sleep well which made it a sluggish day. Today: Cario day 20 minutes on the recumbent bike at the gym. I slept awesome and rocked it out of the park today at work. Tonight is my self-care bubble bath and book. @Salinger I am going to read Mud Season - it is a memoir. I am looking forward to my bath - I have bath bombs ready to go! I had had some weird sensations over the last couple of days in my limbs and I am slightly worried I p
  6. Okay so for me rest days are the FREAKING HARDEST. Like no yesterday was not a gym day. Take the day off from that, do work for most of the day, clean the kitchen make good food and RELAX. You can do it tonic! I did it but it is so hard for me to not be constantly doing #allthethings. Speaking of, I might do some yoga today. I am a little stiff in my shoulders and neck from my appointment with my chiropractor yesterday. Yoga is a rest day activity for me. I do an easy 22 minute session that I have so down I don’t need to really listen to it anymore. Weekly Recap:
  7. Whiskey or a good bourbon and I am game - I love sipping on a good pour. Heck yeah with working out anyway! Great job on listening to what your body needed and still sticking to your plan.
  8. Congrats on the climbing gym! I keep wanting to go to one but chicken out. I just got my tomatoes started indoors. I am also in the Seattle area but closer to Edmonds.
  9. #seattleitessticktogether I tackled the multiple cocktails challenge with upgrading what I was drinking: When your drink is $18 you stop at one - well I do anyway and I drink it so slow.
  10. @Rurik Harrgath That is the accountant part of me shining brightly. Oh we can add gifs?! This is awesome. @Maigs *nods* Yeah, we are an office of 6 total, 1 tax accountant, 1.5 bookkeepers, admin and me reviewing. Folks have to ask to be able to do overtime in our 'office'. We really focus on a work life balance even during tax season. Now I sound like a recruiter so I am gonna shut up about work. =P Today I had my massage at 1pm and I have the rest of the day off. This was my 'Saturday', tomorrow I will be working from 10 to 3pm. I am finding this sustainable especially compa
  11. You got this! I remember the 12/14 hours days my first couple of years in the tax room. One thing you might want to try is take a 20 minute walk at 2pm, just around the block out of the office. It used to be enough that my feet wouldn't cramp up at night, and wake me up at 3am during my precious sleep. Remember that there are no accounting or tax emergencies - no one is going to die because of having to file an extension. You are doing amazing! #taxaccountantsforthewin #55daystogo
  12. @MaigsTax Accountants Unite! I am on my 11 or 12 tax season this year - my 4th as a firm owner. Thing has gotten better as I manage capacity at our firm, plus we are a remote firm - taking the commute away has helped things. I also workout BEFORE my day begins at work, otherwise it doesn't happen. You doing a challenge this month? 55 days to go!
  13. Your hair is rocking! It only took you 2 hours to sparking clean - woah that's amazing! When my place is clean and straighten up my mental health is more steady. You totally can rock that deadline! ❤️
  14. Thanks @Salinger! 10 Year Recap: Holy smokes, I joined in 2012?! I can’t believe it has been that long. It has really been 8 years and my life has so drastically changed. In 2012, I lived in a different state was engaged and was soo young. Since then I have moved across the country, got married, started a company, got divorced, got engaged, then married again and bought some property to build on. I am at the best mentally than I have ever been. It also shows. I have stayed on track this year like no other. I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been at but I am making
  15. Massive update for 2018 & 2019. Plus some new goals. @katosphere I know you!
  16. On the last adventure, our hero was fighting the mighty tax season beast. It is a beast that comes back each year and she is fighting it yet again. Our hero has been on a very long detour over the last two years and has decided it was time to continue the journey, getting past this beast for the year. After that head towards another mountain. Goals for this challenge: Three Steps Forward: Lift 3 times a week. Keep the progress from the last 11 weeks going with Day A and Day B. Gym workout: Cardio
  17. MAIN QUEST To literally be smaller less than my starting year measurements. Final weigh-in was at 182.8lbs - my mind is like what??? Diet Goal: On point, perfect Fitness Goal: On point. SIDE QUESTS Life Side Quest: Survival: I survived. Overall wrap up: This quest was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Having a plan in place was key. I did fantastic, especially considering the goal was just to keep to the pattern and I didn't need to see any results. I saw results and I am feeling really good. ENDING P
  18. Lets check in on our hero to see how she is doing. You see a picture of our hero at a desk with a pen in her hand napping, a page of an unfinished update just sitting there. The three week of our hero shows her rocking it and following the plan perfectly. Meeting with her sensi, her coach and even getting to a small group class to train. Not to mention her food stuff was followed according to plan each day. Our hero has shown strength and resolve to stick to the plan. MAIN QUEST To literally be smaller less than my starting year measurements. Weight in is at 183.4, very
  19. Be careful with your knee. I have an old injury and it's just better for me to substitute a different workout and have it still count towards my goals. Good luck you got this!
  20. We check in on our hero in training. Stress has been piling onto our poor hero as more and more papers need to be processed. The week started off strong with her training with her sensi, then training with her coach. A fever struck our hero and she couldn't infect her peers so instead she followed up with a long walk to keep in motion. A few incredible foes can after our hero like pizza and Chinese food. Both struck hard and we watched as our hero stumbled. The Stress has started to weigh on our hero. Will she make it through? MAIN QUEST To literally be smal
  21. tonic

    Juice Bar

    Hi, I am Tonic, been here a long while ago. Got frozen in some ice and finally have defrosted. Sounds like there are a few of us who used to be on RF and have now come back. I used to be on and did several challenges. I am in the process of updating all my stuff on here to the current me. My life is crazy as heck at the moment, but I know I can stay on track.
  22. Hi Phoenix, We have similar backstories it sounds like. You got this!
  23. We check in on our hero in training. The detour has been rough, but knowing that the challenges on hero mountain were not to be underestimated, kept her on track.The week starts off with training with her Sensi, working on self-defense, doing lots of rolls to prepare for falls, and how to escape any terrors she might run into. The week progresses to her Coach who works to make her stronger, she doesn't know if she is going to have to climb up the side of mountains, cross rivers, or fight any monsters. It finishes with working on her endurance, rowing a great distance keeping at a steady pace t
  24. MAIN QUEST To literally be smaller less than my starting year measurements. Diet Goal: Track my food daily on myfitnesspal, staying under or hitting my calorie goals +3 CON +1 CHA, + 1 STA Fitness Goal: Work out 3 times a week, +3 STR +1 STA + 1 DEX SIDE QUESTS Life Side Quest: To survive the rest of tax season + 1 WIS Fitness Side Quest: Survival is more important STARTING POINT Shapeshifting Adventurer Lvl: 3 STR: 8 DEX: 5 STA: 11 CON: 10 WIS: 6 CHA: 7 ME I am a tax accountant who owns her own firm.
  25. Massive Update to mark off all of the Quests that I have completed. I feel very accomplished the last 4 to 6 years I have done so much. Soon, I will update the Financial section with new goals.
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