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  1. I hope de-stressing yourself will help you meet your goals! I've found a winding down routine really helped me shake off the day and settle into good sleep, so I'm excited to see if it will help you as well.
  2. Hi all! I'm Fedaykin, a 25 yo bookworm and tea enthusiast from the beautiful PNW! Last challenge was all about building healthy habits. This challenge is about doing the things that make me feel good and refraining from sabotaging my positive attitude! Limit snacking/desserts Snacking and desserts are where I lose self control and that brings my mood down. I'm limiting myself to having a snack or having dessert, not both in the same day. Drink 100 oz of zero calorie liquids a day Last challenge I was drinking more water and it felt great! This chall
  3. Something I know about myself is that I am an excuse maker. If I can make an excuse, I do. So, in the spirit of starting fresh, I will make no excuses for not following the challenge and begin again! The last few days have been good. I've got a streak going for flossing, my water intake has been high, but I am not exercising as much as I want to. I figure I need a set in stone routing to follow through, which is something I will be creating for next challenge.
  4. Check in for the week: Not doing so good, in my opinion. I have learned some things about myself though! I'm great at tracking. I've found myself making healthier decisions already simply because I'm cognitively making the connection between eating like crap and feeling like crap. I suck at getting enough water. 2 days this week I drank 60+oz and felt great, but then I didn't drink enough and felt worse. Re-evaluating, I realize I need to drink more earlier in the day, so with breakfast I will drink 20 oz of water. Like @TGP said, if there is no concrete plan, most peopl
  5. Update 1: Well, first two days didn't go well. My boyfriend of a year broke up with me so for the last few days (first days of the challenge) all I've done is track food. 1 out of 4 goals is something, right? Tonight was a full bottle of wine, aromatic bath, and indulge in Supernatural night. I work tomorrow evening so I will get up and exercise in the late morning, drink lots of water, and make sure to follow my routines. Sucks feeling sad and hurt but I think this is strike four to get me back on track to building healthy habits. Anyone have any ideas on how to motivate yourself?
  6. @RESDid you or someone you know have mono? I asked around at work and the 30ish people I talked to have never had mono or know someone with mono. Heck if I know who I got it from. Some sick kid at Christmas time probably.
  7. Hi! I'm Fedaykin, 25 yo female who loves to read, drink tea, dream and I'm currently interested in zero waste and minimalism. I've followed Nerd Fitness since I read the article on parkour but never stopped collecting underpants and started actually doing anything about changing my life. My reason for finally jumping in is a trio of events: I got promoted (yay, guest service team leader!), I caught and recovered from mono, and I realized that my life consists of working, sleeping, and sitting on my butt reading. My quest for this challenge is to build healthy habits. I will...
  8. Hi! I'm Fedaykin, 25 year old, 155 lbs, 5'2" female looking to get fit and stay fit. I work retail and was promoted this week to Guest Service Team Leader (aka manager of cashiers). I figured this was the perfect time to kick off a new, healthier, happier lifestyle! My hobbies: I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I love the outdoorsy activities - swimming, biking, hiking, etc. I also love reading, mostly scifi and fantasy novels. Of course, my favorite book is Dune by Frank Herbert. My history of fitness: I was always an active child; I loved playing outside just as much as staying
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