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  1. Any recommendations for what I should try out?
  2. Honestly, I think that's actually better than a real gym in some respects. Sure the gear might not be as great, but it's part of your rent anyway, and super easy to get to from home Plus if noone else is making use of it, even better Oh I drive myself nuts with that! Even if I'm in the store, I will double back through aisles just to be sure I haven't forgotten anything...usually it's just something I had on my previous list, and I end up doubling up if I 'remember' to buy it
  3. Ooh, I'm keen to give this a go While I don't have a FitBit, my cheap alternative still keeps the numbers, so will fill in from first TGP definitely not too nerdy, it's awesome Ooh and @Teancum - how did you get the progress bar in your Signature? I might not use it for weight, but instead for my journey to Mordor
  4. Ooh, I saw mention of your complex gym earlier (sorry, I read the first few posts properly and then kinda skimmed ) Have you ventured into it yet, or will this trip be the first?
  5. I know we don't really know each other, but can I just say I'm super proud of you for exercising every day? That's so super awesome Also, I find it kind of amusing we're doing the opposite with our first challenges - you're focusing on the exercise and looking at nutrition later, I'm focusing on nutrition and looking at exercise later But I definitely agree about doing better focusing on one thing at a time. For me, my water intake is awful, so it's definitely something I wanted to make my first priority. Good luck with last week or so of your challenge, though I thi
  6. Ugh today is frustrating me...not in a super demotivating or demoralizing way, more so just a damn it Barbs hurry up and get the job done. I'd made home cooked meal and crossed off half a dozen things off my to-do list before 10am...and yet I'm still only 2.5 (looks over at coaster and bottle...tugs another big slug of water) 2.75 bottles through my 5 bottles of water for the day. I seriously wanna kick past-me's butt for not drinking more earlier, cos it's not even like I can hoon through the drinking water the same way I could with say a to-do list item...mostly I'm writing this to keep my
  7. Sorry, I have got into bad habit of assuming most foreigners here are teachers...but now not so sure you are cos then wouldn't you both be at the same school? I found it interesting when Dean had a bit of a rough time at start of term and the staff translator suggested maybe we look at international school for him to reduce language/cultural barrier. All I could think is he's been here for pretty much half his life and his Chinese is better than his English...how would the international school help? I think realistically it would just help me more for dealing with issues rather than specifi
  8. Missed this post on Monday. Thanks again Since it's first challenge, I definitely want to be able to win it so I'm keen for the next one. I feel like messy tasty meals are more my specialty than pretty ones
  9. Thanks Enforcer I like the idea of gradually building new habits, but sometimes when you feel super motivated/amped to go, you just gotta do it or lose that extra boost right? Man, feel like that would be intense. How are they going? Are they at international or local school? Also, how you going with winter? Feel like this winter was a lot colder than last year
  10. Excellent, thanks Morag Mutli-creativity for the win! The knitting looks pretty, even if in first stages. It's another skill on my list of want to work on someday...
  11. Gah, I'm in on this...but mostly in lurker mode until next week (currently can't get VPN on my computer to work so I can't see half the images...and I wanna make sure my first share is at least vaguely pretty/creative I just started BuJoing (is that even a word?) couple months ago (though had done journaling (another made up word?) before that was practically a BuJo without knowing it)
  12. Hey Shy, So glad you commented over on mine cos when I looked at the username it rang a bell...then noticed I still had this tab open to come back to comment on (I tried to make today a very NF day, so getting all the weird NF things done as well as commenting as much as could) Oh my gosh that sounds insanely painful I can't imagine having to deal with that every day, though stoked you're finding your own ways to fight through I was an RPM/Spin class addict a few years back, so I'm always quick to suggest it if running isn't an option (I pulled a muscle in calf when try
  13. Glad to hear it I considered Japan too, but it's a little harder to get into from what I saw, and the packages weren't quite as good as Chinese...but foreign English speakers are a lot more in demand here so that makes sense. I hope you do get to travel. I think I've been insanely lucky to travel as much as I have. After telling a class at my old school about it once, one of my students asked 'Is your dad Bill Gates?' He just couldn't wrap his head around traveling being possible without millions of dollars...though even to me it sounds insane. But yeah, even holidays ove
  14. Thanks for the welcomes Umm I think you didn't finish the thought...so I'm not sure what you think? Fair questions I have a major travel bug. I was born in South Africa, but we moved to New Zealand when I was about 11, then my parents moved to Australia when I was about 20, so I went there for a bit as well. Also did a massive OE in 2006 which was my first experience of China and I always wanted to come back (it's the first country I've been where English wasn't the dominant language, so it just felt so unique in that, as well as the culture etc).
  15. So right now I can do about 3 max. So when I work out I do 1-rest-2-rest-3-rest-2-rest-1 aaaaand its a struggle I too was wondering... I hope one day once I can actually do pull-ups that I can do the ladder method. It sounds both brutal and awesome at the same time. Also awesome tat ~ Barbs
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