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  1. Abtacha: I FINALLY tried your wings recipe. I loved them...though because of my bad cooking skills they were left a bit burned. Still delicious though.
  2. The fact that you are getting back and working through the latter part of this challenge prooves you aren't a loser....keep it up!
  3. Just updating so far: The Week has been great. Working out the whole week. Had a slip up in the diet department but made up for it (I think) by giving myself a real tough crossfit-isk workout. I feel pooped but accomplished. Here's hoping tomorrow I can get up
  4. Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone who posted the words of encouragment. It really helped. I was at the cusp of quitting but felt that I should rally and see the challenge through to the end. Afterall this may be a 6 week challenge but I still have longer than that if I want to achieve my ultimate goal. I started the week off right and worked out for an hr yesterday and today. 1. Favorite achievment: I managed to lose 10 lbs thus far and have kept up a steady workout plan. Something I havent done in a long time. Im managing at least 3 x a week. 2.Most challenging goal: WEEKENDS...during th
  5. Failed to workout Thurs and Fri. But went today. I've kept my diet though,but im feeling a bit worn out. I'm working to get myself motivated more. Any advice?
  6. You've been doing great so far. Dont be so hard on yourself. You may not see any immediate changes but just think about how productive and accomplished you've felt these past two weeks. Your measurements will change if you stay the course. Keep at it, everyone has their rough days, you can get through it as well. You are the mother of dragons!
  7. Targaryen: You weren't kidding about week 3 workout kicking it up a notch. Im sore as hell from yesterdays workout. Monday: 1 hr of Cardio- 48 min zombie 5k 12 min eliptical Tuesday- 30 Min Cardio Legs- 3x10 knee lifts 3x10 heel lifts 3x15 prisoner squats I also weighed myself today since the start of the challenge two weeks ago......and I managed to lose 10 lbs! Im hoping in another two I can lose another 10. The Paleo diet is going strong, except for a few moments of weakness ( Weekends seem to be
  8. Havent posted since WEd....Not that I havent continued the challenge. My diet has remained paleo except I slipped today : /...They had cupcakes at my job today and I caved. Usually this would be when I would throw in the towel but I put it into prospective and as funny as it sounds, I feel guilty whenever I dont post on the board lol. I took a rest day today but have a fitness filled Saturday...Early morning workout and then a tennis match. I also declined a night out tonight due to not working out. I knew if I would go out tonight I would start drinking, so Id rather avoid temptation then fac
  9. Im on week 2/3 on friday...im ready for the difficulty to start getting up there! I know its only week 2 but I feel like im getting in the swing of things. Also checking in on consistently is helping me keep focus. Days 9 and 10 are over with (workout wise) Day 9- Zombie 5 k- legs (squats, lunges, and step ups Day 10- Cardio 30 min. Arms
  10. Day 8 After feeling a bit under the weather I started the week strong. On Sunday I was still feeling a bit ill but pushed myself to go walking for 30 min. As for today, I started week 2 of my Zombie 5k and nailed it. I also decided to mix both the strength training and bodyweight training and work my pecks and back today. Im feeling sore but happy. As for food: -I stuck to a shake and fruit for breakfast -Decided too much raw food may not be the best idea so had some steamed veggies, a chicken breast and some almond milk (weird, I know....but I love milk) -Dinner will consist of some more
  11. Just remember, its only week one. The results wont come immediatly. If you keep putting in the work, you'll soon reap the benefits. Keep at it!
  12. Hello everyone...just checking in with day 5 update. Breakfast: Banana and shake Lunch: Chicken salad Dinner: Steak salad. Went to the gym and did an hr of cardio. Unfortunatly, I got really sick last night and today so I havent been able to work out today. I also skipped breakfast and only had a small salad for lunch. I know its unhealthy but my stomach cant stomach any solid food right now. Any advice on alternatives or foods that wont make me sick?
  13. Cockwork: Its great that you didn't let the slip up bring you down. As long as you didnt let it affect your overall goals. Keep it up!
  14. Day 4: Fitness: Rest day for me today. Was going to work out but my knees are killing me. Any ideas on something to soothe the pain? Food: Breakfast Banana Lunch Chicken Salad Dinner Chicken salad and a banana
  15. Im looking forward to it and today I finished workout 2. How goes it for you?
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