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  1. Should I forgo concentrating on the L-Sit for now in place of the hollow/arch or do the holds on one day and the L-sit on another? And am I aiming to hold the hollow/superman for a length of time or do a certain number of reps?
  2. Thanks for the responses, guys! I'm adding the gymnastic holds to a full body routine. One day is pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and planks and the other days is pull-ups, dips, squats, and ab wheel. Different set/rep schemes each day for those exercises that repeat (pull-ups and squats). I'm trying to throw in some handstand practice when I have a minute too. I'm brand new to bodyweight exercises... had to recently give up my gym membership. Any advice as to full body routines + holds would be awesome!
  3. I'm finally pursuing my goal of both an L-Seat/Sit and a Planche, and have a quick question on where to start. For the L-Seat/Sit, I plan on starting with a Tuck Seat ala: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/tuck-seat and working up to a 60 second hold and then moving on to the next progression. For the planche, I plan on starting with a Frog Stand ala: http://www.dragondoor.com/articles/building-an-olympic-body-through-bodyweight-conditioning/ and working up to a 60 second hold and then moving on to the next progression. For those of you who are versed in such things... am I starting in the right place?
  4. Just wanted to pop in to say that (1) I really loved your discussion about barbell vs. bodyweight training, and (2) I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your thread and tracking your progress during this last challenge!
  5. Wolverine


    Cod is super mild and so is tilapia... I'd recommend starting with those.
  6. 1 - Don't hide the museli, throw it out or give it away. Sounds like a trigger food. If you must have it, keep it at a friend's or family member's house so that you have to go there to eat it. (This is me and beer, BTW). 2 - Sounds like it's not just your friends who think that you're not healthy. There's an awful lot of underlying self disgust in your comments. You need to (a) learn how to give yourself a break - some pizza is not unhealthy unless you binge on it (tell your friends this but most importantly tell yourself this!!!), and ( let the past go - you are a new you, a healthy you, a you that cares about what you eat but a you that can forgive yourself when you screw up and move on. Forget the past - focus on making good decisions today!
  7. Thanks, Mr. Kenobi! Looks like your newest is one day older than mine. I'm looking forward to the next challenge, getting to know everyone, and connecting with likeminded rebels!
  8. Great goals! Don't forget to split each one up into smaller chunks so that you can make consistent forward progress. Once you have some momentum going in the right direction it'll be a lot easier to check some of these off your list!!!
  9. I am Dillpedo (like a pickle and a torpedo had an illegitimate love affair) and I am (a) a new dad, ( really sleep deprived, © a little jiggly around the middle, and (d) ready to level up my life.
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