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  1. Depends. Right now... just accessories. I'm recovering from a bunch of injuries and am playing it safe. Usually... everything. Or if I'm working in a range, as long as I land somewhere in the range, I up the weight. e.g. 12-15 rep range and I hit 14/14/13/12... I up the weight. 15/14/13/11 I don't.
  2. I up the weight if I complete 90% of the prescribed reps... no matter how they're spread. So 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 10 = 93% = Raise Weight
  3. So. Much. Color. Following for ze gainz. Also, hella jelly that you're able to do back squats with your shoulder. I've been forced to do front squats for months now due to a shoulder injury and I'm continuously pouting about it.
  4. That thought gives me a headache. I actually love the idea of color and am jealous of those who have... I. Just. Can't. Do. It. No matter how much I may want to.
  5. Another voice chiming in for starting with the empty bar. But I think you know what you need to do... you're just struggling with the want to do... I'd make today your official day one even with the sis in tow. The first several workouts are easy as the weights are light, and you should have no problem checking off the whole workout and working on form/other stuff too. Just a thought. Looking forward to following along. You'll be a warrior in no time...
  6. Thanks, O!!! It's good to see you (and be seen!).
  7. Haven't gotten to the legs yet. Right arm and chest are complete, left arm is the current project. +1 for black and gray. Don't have a spec of color on me (I'm a bit of a Type A personality and couldn't stand the thought of my tattoos clashing with my wardrobe. ).
  8. I'm very thankful I wear modest undies... though a banana hammock would make for a better story.
  9. I had a challenge goal quite awhile back that was similar. I found it super helpful to journal the positive things.
  10. First, an SM update... SM is hopefully coming home today. The tumor (which is causing major internal bleeding) is not responding to chemo and she won't survive the surgery to remove it. Nothing more to do but make her comfortable at home, love her, and wait. It's impossible to predict these things, but I'm guessing she has about a week. We have a meeting with her docs this afternoon to discuss her care for the next bit. Hospice is all set up and all the special equipment arrived on Sat/Sun and is all installed; we're all prepared for this thing that no one can truly prepare for... it's weird. I still can't wrap my mind around her being totally fine a month ago (seriously, she's an avid backpacker, she eats well, she's super positive... we all expected her to outlive us all) and now at death's door. Second, a challenge update... I've been looking forward to today. I'm pretty disgusted with how I've been treating myself and having a specific date to mark the start of a new chapter has been something positive to focus on. I didn't get starting measurements this morning like I wanted to (today is my son's first day of preschool and we were more rushed than usual!) but I do have my food all tracked through lunch today (planning ahead FTW!). I'll get around to starting to photos and measurements tomorrow morning, hopefully. My first workout in about a month is tonight. I'm nervous. Starting the new program and committed to it for the duration of the challenge, which doesn't seem like much but Wolverine program commitment time vs. actual program commitment time is like dog years vs. actual years. I'm secretly hoping to commit until my birthday (November) but that scares the crap out of me so... I'm at least going to give myself a month to try it before taking that particular plunge.
  11. Yes. Most definitely. Made more complicated now because I want to make sure whatever I do now is for SM and not for me. I felt/feel weird not crying by her bedside and unloading on her ("I just want you to know... blah blah blah...") which seems to be the standard. I dunno. Am I not being emotional enough? Does she somehow benefit from that? Like I said above ^^^ I just want to make sure that whatever I do I'm doing it to make HER last bit of life better and not to make ME feel better. Thanks. She's coming home today, hopefully, and I think it'll be easier to see her there than at the hospital. Thanks for sharing that. I think I need to hear it. Thanks, S. Shit and shit, but that stops today. A better update coming momentarily... Thanks, TG. Cancer can go jump in a lake... of fire... full of cactus... and fleas...
  12. Thanks! It's good to be back. Rucking?!?!?! Awesome! Are you still geocaching?
  13. Love the challenge goals! Very tempted by the plant app... but I don't think I need another digital obsession...
  14. I'm also trying to get runs (or general cardio) in on Wed/Sat. Made even less appealing by the fact that I'll need to get up early in order to do so. The odds are not in my favor. Very interested in watching the hyper-cut. I've been pondering maintenance level eating with severe caloric restriction every once in awhile ala McDonald's "The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook".
  15. Well that there is a "no-duh" lightbulb moment for me.
  16. WOW. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started reading your thread...
  17. I once forgot to put pants on before training. Took off work pants, got distracted, wore boxer briefs to gym. #truestory Looking forward to seeing what program you choose to go with as I am in much the same boat!
  18. I second this. My wife and I schedule "off days" because our schedule is so hectic. We were totally on burnout and this saved us (and our marriage). We do things on the "off days" (some fun, some not), but we don't schedule anything ahead of time and, instead, do what we want/feel called to do in the moment. It takes some getting used to for those that live by THE ALMIGHTY SCHEDULE, but it's quite liberating.
  19. Not yet working on Goal 2 or 3 (saving that for week 1 because, well, I'm wallowing and I'm just gonna be okay with that until Monday), but getting a head start on Goal 1. Many interesting threads this challenge. I'm looking forward to following along! Last night my wife went to visit SM (step-mom) in the hospital. She came home and broke down. It's very frustrating not being able to do anything other than offer a shoulder. I want to fix things, but this is a thing that can't be fixed. SM's day is packed with visitors who sit at her bedside and sometimes talk and sometimes hold her hand. I don't know where I fit in all of this. She's got kids of her own and I'm a "late in life acquisition". I want to see her, talk to her, hold her hand, but I don't want to prevent any of her "real" family from doing the same. My wife is better at this than I am.
  20. Love the focus of your challenge. Sometimes I get caught up in the bigger/faster and I forget about the better. A good reminder to focus on form and quality, both in exercise and daily life.
  21. I think I've figured out the origins of your username. I have one son and I'm tired all the time. I can't imagine juggling 7. Holy crap. *slow clap* I feel like the spirit of your challenge is totally in line with mine. Our time has come. Looking forward to watching you kick some challenge butt!
  22. Yeah. I hear ya! Looking forward to following along.
  23. Your challenge title is like the PG version of mine. Tattoos for motivation = win. I just got round one of my latest piece done on Tuesday. Been waiting/saving for a year. Totally worth the wait!
  24. Our pack shall be angsty but unstoppable! Thanks, EG. Thanks, 7o7. Appreciate it. Thanks, BBB. I find (the comic) Wolverine hella motivating. It's nice having a short guy to look up to. Thank you so much. I believe it will... just have to let it. Thanks! My community goal is my favorite, I think. The one that I think will be the most helpful too. Thanks, Saphros! I'm off to check out your thread now.
  25. True story. I forget how crappy I feel when I skip it... and my natural inclination when I feel crappy is to skip it... which leads to more crappy. A vicious cycle that will be broken! Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it! My goal for Zero Week is to decide on a program, as I've been bouncing around quite a bit. Leaning toward GST which, if you haven't heard of it, is most similar to 5/3/1 with accessory work. Goal is primarily hypertrophy, but I'm having trouble giving up the strength stuff... A generic push/pull/legs is also in contention.
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