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  1. I've always been interested in trying a really simple program, but am afraid of subtracting the assistance work. Have you noticed a difference in body composition since simplifying your program?
  2. Starting to look awfully warrior-like to me...
  3. Lat pulldowns with pronated grip on bench days. Really focusing on contraction and a nice big squeeze. Chin-ups on overhead days. I've got some nice big triceps which make my crappy biceps look even crappier... trying to rectify that a bit. Will rotate pull-ups back in (and switch to supinated grip on lat pulldowns) after a couple of cycles.
  4. Zombie bros for life. Insanity and T25 actually. Great minds. My ruptured disc caused some major left leg sciatica and I'm still dealing with the fallout. Looks like permanent nerve damage, but only time will tell. Major calf weakness in my left leg that makes hopping around like an idiot to Beachbody videos more challenging than usual. I'll get there, though.
  5. Your setup is almost identical to my own... though I have no interest in running whatsoever, so will be doing other random things for cardio. I decided on a 5/3/1 set/rep scheme for upper body as I've been able to train it through injury, but started with the Starting Strength/Strong Lifts/etc. setup for squats and deads since it's been so long. Interested to see how far I'll get before feeling truly challenged by the weight.
  6. I noticed you have a similar plan this round! Looking forward to crushing simple quests with you! Thanks, SeaLevel! Ditto! Also looking forward to your Austin trip recap!
  7. Love the simplicity challenge. I'm attempting the same this round!
  8. Nice work! Especially on that floor press. What did you think of "Level Up Your Life"? Wondering how much I would get out of it since I'm not a newbie to the concept.
  9. Stats (Updated: 02/01/16) Height: 5' 7"Weight: 163 lb.Waist @ Navel: 30.8 in.Age: 34Sex: DudeEstimated 1RMs (Updated: 01/26/16) Overhead Press: 142 lb.Deadlift: 176 lb.Bench Press: 176 lb.Squat: 152 lb.Notes A ruptured disc forced me to take off about a year from the lower body lifts. I'm training them again, but started back at square one. Thus explaining my okay overhead/bench numbers and horrible deadlift/squat numbers. 5/3/1 for bench and overhead press, S.S. for squats and deadlifts. I wanna be a powerlifter when I grow up.
  10. So excited to see what a meet prep looks like! Pulling for ya.
  11. A simple challenge. I'll be finishing this one. FOOD Track all ze' food and maintain a slight deficit.STRENGTH Strength training four times per week. OHP, Squat/Deadlift, Bench, Squat/Deadlift... rinse and repeat.CONDITIONING Cardio. For serious. Just do it. I'll be adding it into the split (as opposed to doing it when I have time... which is never). Upper focus, lower focus, then conditioning. I'm not allowed to move on in the split until I do my day of cardio. Lame.BONUS Shoulder prehab Monday-Friday. I like to set a timer at work and do something active every 30 min. or so. This challenge, I'll be doing a littler shoulder work - face pulls, pull aparts, and dislocates.
  12. The wife and I are contemplating kid #2. We're running about a year behind you, methinks. Recommend or no? Too early to say? Welcome back to the challenges!
  13. Please tell me there will be pictures of the Superbowl food madness.
  14. I like the +/- idea for training. My training days are pretty variable... enough that I haven't been able to make it a Daily. I forgot about the negative habit feature. I can move my training around to fit my schedule, but actually dock myself for truly skipping a workout. That's a good idea!
  15. Fingers crossed that it works for you!
  16. A lot of the "big names" use them and like them, but I don't see them programmed very often IRL. I actually prefer them to the RDL and SLDL, but I seem to be alone in that preference! Thanks for the responses!
  17. Out of curiosity... do you modify your Habitica goals to match your NF Challenge goals? It's something I've thought about doing but have yet to try. Love your challenge, BTW. Glad I found it.
  18. Good to see you back, dude! I'll be joining you for the next challenge (though no longer with the Assassins!) Have you tried a light brace for you ankle to give that joint more support?
  19. How does everyone feel about good mornings (barbell, standing)? Do they make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Do they strike terror into your heart? Useful tool? Too much risk involved? Currently messing around with Wendler 5/3/1 for Powerlifting and he's got them on deadlift day for lower back volume.
  20. Well, week one was... disappointing. I'm going to have to pick it up. It was all downhill after day two. Still struggling to find that place of responsible eating and drinking. GOAL 1: TRAIN Strength train 4/week: 4/4 - AStick with the same program for the entire challenge: AConditioning work at least 1/week; just do the damn thing: 0/1 - FGOAL 2: EAT Track intake using MyFitnessPal: 5/7 - C2,200 calorie goal: 2/7 - FAdjust macros as needed to strike balance between strength/recovery and fat loss; this is not an invitation to eat/drink like an asshole: CGOAL 3: RECOVER Do prescribed daily PT: 2/7 - FAdd additional flexibility/mobility work that isn't prescribed; focus on a new area each week: 2/7 - F
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