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  1. L-sits have been my go to core exercise for a long time, but I'm finding those aggravate my back. Maybe my core is weak in that position (it's been awhile since I've done them) and so it's causing my lower back to compensate? Not sure. So far I'm plugging away at them anyway, but I may have to switch them out for another couple of months. Good luck with the mountaineering today.
  2. PREP. Got it. Sounds like a raging good time. How's your diet/sleep been? I'm always amazed at how much that plays a role in my training.
  3. SF Bay Area I was thinking about this yesterday. I added 4 lb. to my chin-ups (don't be jealous) and realized that if I lose weight like I want and add weight to my chins like I want, then I'm going to be doing the same volume for weeks.
  4. Another +1 for the chiro. I was also distrustful, but visited one anyway and he ended up being the only person that provided some measure of relief from the disc herniation.
  5. A remarkably busy week for me, and it shows in my lack of challenge progress. Nailing my strength training, but running behind on everything else. A little disappointed in myself; got to pick it up! I've stopped weighing myself daily for the time being. An experiment in doing the right stuff and not worrying about the nitty gritty. If I were more on point with my eating and stretching, this decision would feel a lot more comfortable. As it is, it's driving me crazy not knowing what my weight is doing. I'm looking forward to being reunited with my scale on Sunday. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. GOAL 1: TRAIN Molding Mobility Deadlift: 85x3, 85x3, 115x5x5 Overhead Press: 45x3, 75x3, 110x5x5 Chin-up: BW+4x5x4, BW+4x3.5 Inverted Face Pull: BWx8x3 with feet at 40" L-sit: 20 sec., 20 sec., 20 sec. GOAL 2: EAT Tracked Over GOAL 3: STRETCH Nope
  6. My workplace enthusiastically supports my wearing of bootylicious shorts.
  7. I find it crazy cool that you compete in a sport that is new to you. I have these goals of competing someday but then that someday never happens. You... just go out and do it. Amazeballs.
  8. Wow. Good luck with the upcoming week. That schedule is PACKED!
  9. Are you doing the single-leg calf raises per the protocol? I've been pondering adding them in during work days.
  10. Sounds amazing and relaxing and beautiful and... I wish I was there... though that might have ruined the mood for the two of you.
  11. I'm glad you got that last prep test in! What's the exam for (if you don't mind my asking)?
  12. TUESDAY...... GOAL 1: TRAIN Molding Mobility Squat: 45x3, 45x3, 70x5x5 Bench Press: 45x3, 75x3, 95x3, 120x5x5 One-arm DB Row: 45x5x5 each side Shrug: 65x8x3 Hollow + Arch Hold: 60 sec. each; was meant to be a circuit of 6 different planks/holds, but I was feeling lightheaded and called it quits GOAL 2: EAT Tracked Macros hit GOAL 3: STRETCH PT: glutes/hamstrings/calves done Focuse of the Week: did/upper back done WEDNESDAY... GOAL 1: TRAIN Rest Day GOAL 2: EAT Tracked Over macros; weekly nerd night hangout with the bros, and I drank a beer and a half too many. I'll make it up over the rest of the week. GOAL 3: STRETCH Totally forgot. Damn.
  13. He's alive!!! Challenge thread or just lurking this round? It is indeed a thing. I train at home and do a lot of searching for replacement exercises. This is my replacement for the cable face pull and I like it so far. Yes, I pull to my forehead, pulling the bands apart as I pull them back, and my hands end up on the sides of my head. Significantly, but I don't have a solid basis for comparison yet. Like everything, I'm being cautious with these and haven't gotten to doing them with my feet parallel yet. I'll be able to offer a better comparison in a couple of weeks. I LOVE face pulls. They've really helped develop my upper back. I use a TRX (knock off) for mine. I'd probably do the face pulls on the cable machine if I had access to it, but I haven't done these enough to be super familiar with them yet. I'll be able to give a better review post-challenge.
  14. Our first rainy day in a LLLOOONNNGGG time and it was an Oktoberfest kind of day. Except they didn't have anything like it on tap. So it became a stout kind of day. Not a bad second option.
  15. Being a Dolphins fan is punishment enough. *rimshot* Off to research Katy Perry songs... Damn! Errr... I mean... awesome work, dude! You're going to rock your budget review. You got the first one out of the way, you know what to improve upon this time, and you've been putting in the time. You got this.
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