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  1. BRIEF INTRO Dillpedo. Assassin. Training age about 3 years; mostly calisthenics. The last challenge was my first after a really long hiatus due to health issues/injury. It wasn't a very successful challenge overall, but it felt great to be back with NF and working toward something again. By far, my biggest takeaway was a new (unexpected) love for lifting. I rocked my strength training goal, and I'm really interested in continuing with and improving upon it. GOAL 1: TRAIN My biggest goals during the next several weeks are to (1) build a strong base from which to evolve by recovering my lost strength, and (2) get myself under the bar with the "big six" as much as possible. Strength train 4/weekStick with the same program for the entire challengeConditioning work at least 1/week; just do the damn thingROUTINE A Squat: 5x5 Bench Press: 5x5 One-arm DB Row: 5x5 Shrug: 3x8 Hold/Plank Circuit ROUTINE B Deadlift: 5x5 Overhead Press: 5x5 Chin-up: 5x5 Face Pull: 3x8 L-sit GOAL 2: EAT I cut last challenge and will continue to do so, but as strength is a priority for me this go'round I'm going to be going for more of a recomp. in place rather than a straight up cut. Track intake using MyFitnessPal2,200 calorie goalAdjust macros as needed to strike balance between strength/recovery and fat loss; this is not an invitation to eat/drink like an asshole GOAL 3: RECOVER I have to do daily flexibility/mobility/PT work for my leg (sciatica from herniated disc). I hate having to do something, but it is what it is. I'd like to make this goal a bit more interesting than "do what you should be doing", though. Do prescribed daily PTAdd additional flexibility/mobility work that isn't prescribed; focus on a new area each weekSome third thing to make this bulleted list match the others STARTING STATS PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES Sex: MaleAge: 33Height: 5 ft. 7 in.Weight: 165 lb.INITIAL WORK SETS FOR MAIN LIFTS Squat: 70 lb. x 5Bench Press: 120 lb. x 5One-Arm Row: 45 lb. x 5 L/RDeadlift: 110 lb. x 5Overhead Press: 105 lb. x 5Chin-up: BW x 5
  2. I live for 8pm when I finalize MFP for the day and see if I have enough cals left for a bowl of Lucky Charms and a beer.
  3. Officially on staff? Moving up in the world!!! Great work. Glad your school seems to appreciate it.
  4. No singing Katy Perry to the baby. We have a responsibility to keep the next generation safe! Now singing Katy Perry in the break room at work... that's a different story...
  5. The Dark Side - now with cookies AND kettlebell snatches... Sooo... any recs on a "How-to Snatch" video on the Tube of You's? There's about a billion of them and they all say slightly different things. I'd like to learn the sport style snatch. Thanks for following along, O!
  6. I stuck with the same FF stretches for the entire challenge too. I think it worked well!
  7. Thanks for all the info, guys! I think The Danger Method will be an excellent follow-up program once I've proven that lifting is what I want to do (and I'm physically capable of doing it at this point in my recovery).
  8. Is this a suitable at home hyper?
  9. Fun challenge to follow, dude. Looking forward to your next one!
  10. I saw that and was (very) tempted, but because of my injury I don't feel comfortable pulling heavier than a 5RM (at this point) and I didn't want to bastardize the program right outta the gate. Maybe I'll post over on that thread and see what JDanger thinks. Thanks!
  11. Great job, KW! I thought your daily minimum idea was brilliant, and I found myself recommending your challenge thread to a couple of people throughout the last six weeks as a really cool way to keep moving in the right direction. You and your wife will be in my thoughts in the next couple of weeks. It's a scary and exciting time and I have no doubt you guys are going to rock it!
  12. Great work this challenge!!! I, for one, will be stealing a bunch of your ideas for next challenge. The "one play workout" chief among the stolen!
  13. Information is never a bad thing. At least not in this context. Even failed goals can provide information and motivation. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for being such a big part of my challenge and popping in for encouragement. Helped a lot! I'll definitely be around for another one... just gotta choose goals a little bit differently this time around! Thanks, KB! And... I'm taking that snatch comment as an offer to critique KB snatch form videos!
  14. Damn that first paragraph of your recap was inspiring, and really puts things into perspective! Thoroughly enjoyed following along this challenge and can't wait to see where you go next.
  15. Great challenge! I loved watching you master a new skill. You've inspired me for my next challenge!
  16. I'm pondering a completely new direction for my next challenge, but I'd also totally be in for a skills based PvP... especially if it's hand balancing! Make it happen, lady!
  17. WEEK 6 RECAP (AND A BIT OF A CHALLENGE RECAP TOO) Another week of A's and F's. Need to do some big thinking about goals for the next challenge. GOAL 1: TRAINING 300 swings per day - 0% F Nada. Zilch. Zero. I had no desire to do them and so... I did not do them. Thinking that the whole "every day" thing may have been a little much for my first challenge back (and my first period of regular training in a LONG time). Train 3x per week - 100% A I'm not going to say it's easy to get up at 5 am to workout, but it's sure as hell a lot easier to do something you enjoy than something you don't.GOAL 2: FLEXIBILITY/MOBILITY/REHAB PT/Rehab - 100% A Focused Flexibility - 100% A I ended up staying with the same set of stretches for the entirety of the challenge rather than switching it up as the program dictates. As my needs are so specific (keeping on top of my sciatica, and keeping mobility in the affected leg) I found that choosing alternate stretches resulted in pain and stiffness returning.GOAL 3: NUTRITION Track food, stay under 2,500 - 100% A Good thing today is between challenges. It was nice to take a break. No solo booze - 71% C So many beers... all fit into my macros, though... it could've been worse!BONUS GOAL Weight ended up at 161 lb. and holding. SO CLOSE.
  18. Some deets: 5 ft. 7 in.161 lb.34 years oldMaleTraining has been almost exclusively calisthenics for the last few years. Sidelined by an injury in November (turned out to be a herniated disc, L5-S1), and just now training regularly again. Still have some limitations - back pain when I push too hard, I stay away from all exercises that cause pain; lingering sciatica pain in one leg, but that's mostly gone and if I'm good about mobility/flexibility/PT stuff I can keep it under control; and calf weakness due to possible nerve damage (only time will tell), my left calf basically functions at about 50% capacity. I've lost almost all desire for calisthenics stuff, but have found that the thought of messing around with a barbell/dumbbells is enough to get me up and off to the gym in the morning. For the last six weeks I've been messing around with lifting and I think I want to make a solid go of it. So far, squatting and deadlifting has caused no bad pain so I'm proceeding cautiously in that direction. For the purposes of this program critique, I'm a beginner. Here's what I'm looking to do, thoughts would be appreciated. Looking to establish a base level of strength and get some bro work in 'cause it's fun. Would like to lift 4 days per week and throw some conditioning in on off days as the mood strikes. A Squat 5x5 Bench 5x5 Row 5x5 Shrug 3x8 (Maybe Good Morning instead?) Biceps Triceps Abs B Deadlift 5x5 Overhead Press 5x5 Chin-up 5x5 Face Pull 3x8 Biceps Triceps Abs Thoughts would be appreciated!
  19. You doing weighted pull-ups (palms out) or chin-ups (palms in)? Impressive either way!
  20. Do you have a lacrosse ball (or similar)? I've been rolling my feet during my stretching routine and it helps a great deal with calf/hamstring tightness. Hurts like hell but works.
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