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  1. Calorie Counting villain

    Might not be the one to give advice (yet) but, I saw somewhere that you can start with "Common Sense" eating. You pick whatever you are going to eat and eat only half. It might be a little extreme at first but, in cases when measuring is not a must, that might give you an edge.
  2. The fear of getting skin in the game... is it worth it?

    Thanks for the advice farflight. I pointed out the "skin in the game" because of the monetary aspect. If you need that extra kick to go to the gym, maybe some cash involve can help you get there since it is your loss. Now, discipline is something that *humble brag* I'm grateful for having. I feel that maybe, the $$ spend might not be my kind of motivation. I have a dream and a goal and that fuels me!! I think I know what to do. Thank you, guys.
  3. The fear of getting skin in the game... is it worth it?

    I hear you. In my case, my weight loss is going well but I want the extra motivation of the gym. I'm keeping my new eating habits and adapting my routine to them, not vice-versa. My goal is not to grow and become stronger but to keep and maintain a certain level of strength during my weight loss. (I don't want to brag) I used to bench 175 pounds, 3 sets/10 reps. I can leg press more than 300 pounds and squat 225 normally. But, I let myself go for a long time. I see your point of weight loss = gym might not be helpful but in my new approach, I'm keeping it civil and basic. Nothing crazy. Just helping those muscles come back and helping my body burn naturally during my job.
  4. The fear of getting skin in the game... is it worth it?

    Yeah, it goes a little against one of the secondary quests of doing the BBW complete. But, I am doing it between this Gym Hunting experience. Also, I have the motivation to hit the gym. I used to lift weights almost 12 years ago and is something I enjoy doing. I want to help tone my body during the weight loss process.
  5. Good lifting gloves

    Thanks, Taddea. I would keep that in mind. A good grip is always key to maintain calluses or lacerations to a minimum. Moisturizing (Although I hate creams and unguents) is good advice too.
  6. Good lifting gloves

    In my case, I have a desk job and I deal with customers all of the time so, I would like to keep hand lacerations or cuts to a minimum. At first, it might not be an issue because of the low weight training but, progressively, I would like to have some cover.
  7. Got officially weight it!

    Thanks for caring man! Yeah, I hear you but, honestly, I'm just keeping my calorie goal and doing the exercise. I'm actually sleeping better and with more drive (all of the drives... Giggity)
  8. Got officially weight it!

    Hello There! So, I got a gym eval yesterday and got my current weight... 276 pounds! 35% BF From 315lbs to 276lbs. I was 41% BF. Say what! I lost 39 pounds since December! I'm integrating weight training to tone out my body. Heres hoping! WOOT WOOT!! P.S. I'm full of energy. No lethargy or ill feeling. Eating well and plenty. Trying to lose in a controlled way. Thanks for caring!
  9. Hello there! Yesterday, I visited my first gym in order to achieve my Main Quest for this challenge month. I saw the place, got evaluated and had the opportunity of doing a circuit with them. It was great and fits what I am looking for. Now I'm at a crossroads. This gym requires membership for a year at a predetermined price. I have another town gym that only pays $15 for the first time and then you can use it indefinitely. Now, both these gyms have its pros and cons: Private Gym Pros - Trainers/Different classes/Various machines available/Clean/Nice atmosphere/Close to my work Cons - Expensive/Bad rep regarding contract cancelation/Bad rep with trainers after you pay they don't longer focus on you unless you pay personal trainer fee Town Gym Pros - Cheap/Accessible/Various machines available/Clean Cons - Too crowded/No trainer available/First come, first served/Basically, you are on your own Now, I'm a Noob when it comes to weight loss and, at the moment, I'm doing ok by my own but, I know that later in the journey, the pressure will mount over and there is when you need that extra push. What do you think? Should I invest in this? Should I take the cheaper one and adapt from there? Is mayonnaise an instrument? Love to see some replies! Thank you, guys!
  10. Project Zero.:. loading

    loading... Project Zero online.:. Hello there. Week 1 just flew over and we have some updates... Main Quest .:. Update .:. As 2/19/18, I have an evaluation at a private gym. It's free so I'm going to get it in order to have a clearer view of where I am right now. Might not start at that gym but, I just confirmed that, after taking a medical eval, I will start at a town gym possibly this week. Here's hoping! Secondary Quest.:. Update .:. I dominate (yes, dominate) 2 circuits out of the 3. I can do 5 regular pushups and follow with 5 more knee pushups easily (out of 0 normal pushups I could do a month ago) in the circuit. Now we are engaged to get that third circuit down. The "every 2 days bit" has been spotty (because life) but, we are focused on getting there. Secondary Quest.:. Update .:. I successfully cut more than 100 calories during 3 days last week. Still, 4 days to go but, I find it easier and easier to cut now without adverse effects. Secondary Quest.:. Update .:. I have some supporters around and I have been following some colleagues in order to keep tabs on each other. Now, that's 3 people known and possible NF friends during my journey. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Thanks for the replies and see you around! P.S. I feel some new muscle in me. I can see my forearms and feel my triceps.Chest feels nice too. Height: 5'4" Weight: 280lbs. Composition: Oxygen 61%, Carbon 23%, Hydrogen 10%, Nitrogen 2.5%, Calcium 1.4%, Phosphorus 1.1%, Potassium 0.20%, Sulfur 0.20%, Sodium 0.14%, Chlorine 0.14%, Magnesium 0.03% and lots of other cool elements! - End of transmission - Project Zero Offline.:.
  11. Found a treasure in my car!

    The Plumbing Snake, World's most dangerous domestic snake. You're lucky to be alive.
  12. N7 Training

    Hey! Nicely done! Walking the walk there. I read on NF (I think) that one bad day is not the end but, don't use that bad day to justify another one. Buying out is hard to stop but you will succeed. I find myself buying food out all of the time because of financial (Ironic) and job limitations but, I try to get the best out of what I do. You have your goal and you will get there. Did Femshep give up after she got blasted into space after the destruction of the Normandy in ME2? No! She made that atmospheric entry like a boss and got reconstructed by Cerberus, stopped the Collectors and saved the galaxy!
  13. Hello there. Ok, first, I wanna get something out of the way. I know there's a bit of a debate between Gloves vs. No Gloves. I get both sides but, at the moment, I'm looking to buy some gloves. Second, I won't use them right away. I'm going to feel and grip the equipment in my hands first (Giggity) and then, after a couple of days, integrate the gloves. My question is, some good and affordable brands? Some type I should avoid? Are all gloves the same? Thanks!
  14. Yogurt dressing anyone?

    Hello There! I have been experimenting with plain yogurt to make dressing for salads (coleslaw, spinach, etc.). At the moment, is going meh. I don't mind the strong yogurty taste (yum?) but, I was hoping for something a little more tasteful. I love mayonnaise and I consume it in low portions but sometimes I want to cut some of those calories while eating coleslaw or some tuna salad. Is there a good way to make it close to mayo? Or better than mayo? If it isn't a way, I will stick to it. I will make plain yogurt my servant. Thanks!
  15. loading... Project Zero Online.:. Hello. This will be my first challenge of many to come. The gravity suit has to go and now is the time to do it! Main Quest.:. Start training at a local gym. *Starting March I have the goal of start training at a local gym* Secondary Quest.:. Complete the 3 circuits of the Beginners Bodyweight Workout every 2 days until I hit the gym in March. *I started using the BBW. Need to do the full workout* Secondary Quest.:. Cut 100 calories out of my Daily Calorie Goal. *Been doing fine with my current Daily Calorie Goal but looking to lowering it* Secondary Quest.:. Make 5 new friends in NF and communicate, at least, twice a week *Looking to start developing friends with similar goals and experiences* We are ready! Motivated, Focused and Engaged! - End of transmission - Project Zero Offline.:.