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  1. My pre-celebration 60 pound loss party topic

    I would take half of one of those portions. Thanks. Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk
  2. 50/50 I'm buying a shirt and I did buy some pieces to customize some vambraces and gloves. All of the lightsaber is pieces put together and other weapons are already mine and I'm customizing them.
  3. My pre-celebration 60 pound loss party topic

    This is a step. First stop is 200 pounds. Then we go lower as need it.
  4. The Trading Post

    The water is great!
  5. Annyshay - Concerning Ents

    Stay on target! You can do it! Set your aim and patience my hasty little Hobbit.Remember where you were years ago and today... that's some serious progress! Have fun.
  6. My pre-celebration 60 pound loss party topic

    Don't mind if I do. This was my mindset and the way I started my journey - Took an analytical view of where I was and what I wanted. - When I saw where I was, I was not happy. (use that anger) - I started researching about Basal Metabolic Rate and TDEE. - When I discovered those numbers, I bought a notepad and made a Food Journal. - I wanted to exercise but, I get bored. So, I downloaded a workout app for 10-minute workouts. - For me, cutting sodas, candy, chips and other high-calorie foods was easy. But, get your own pace. - Then I started to use portion control on everything I consumed. - The more I did control, I focused myself on staying under my calorie expend. For that, I did use MyFitnessPal. - The pounds started to go away. - Rinse and repeat. - Dedication and self-control.
  7. A peaceful but ominous hum filled the air in the early morning. Sudden low sounds could be heard around the ship into his room. It was a cozy bed and the temperature was just right. For being a cabin at 30 000 feet, it was perfect. Besides all of this, Drake tried to sleep but his mind was racing with images of events. Memories of Thomas make him sad. He was living his best friend dream of finally being free from that orphanage into a brand-new world. In a way, Thomas was free but, he missed him greatly. His eyes watered and without realizing it, he dozes off. The silence got pierce by a booming sound. Drake opened his eyes and jumped off to his side. There, at the entrance, Soraya stood menacingly looking at him. His heart was pounding fiercely. - Let’s go lost boy. – she said with her normal volume - You almost killed me. Are you… - Gym. 10 minutes. – she interrupted walking away The door closed. He looked at the clock. It was 4:30 am. Drake got up, took a quick shower and ran away to the gym. The gym was massive. Huge walls make it look like a big cube. Machines where at the sides everywhere and a large sparring area in the center. Soraya was at one side of the center mat with a staff. All of her hair was tied in a big ponytail. Her clothing was different from her battle clothes and her pale skin contrasted heavily with her red hair. He walked up to her wondering what was going to be the first training. - So, are we going to run around? – he said looking at the machines – I have never used this type of equipment but I’m pretty sure I can manage. With a sudden move, Soraya hit him square in the chest with the staff. Drake flew back a couple feet landing violently at the side of the mat. He felt dizzy for a couple of seconds while trying to recover. His chest was on fire and the landing shook him bad. A voice came through the speakers. - Soraya, please. – said Harry concerned. - He will be alright. – she responded indifferently. Harry was in a top room watching hoping that Drake was ok. Drake recovered slowly. - What? – he tried to elaborate touching his chest – I wasn’t ready! - So? – unapologetic walked over to him. - This is supposed to be training! – he gasps – What are we… His sentence got cut short as she kicked him over the side with great force. Drake landed heavily again. His ribs took the impact and left him breathless. He rose slowly as Soraya was walking towards him. - ARE YOU INSANE? – he shouted – I am not a Vamparean! I don’t have quick regen like you. She continued walking towards him without saying a word. Her eyes set on him. She took a leap forward and front kicked him. Drake moved his arms in front and stop the kick from hitting his chest. The force behind the kick pushed him back but he kept his ground without falling. Soraya looked at him for a second. He shook his arms after the hit and stood ready in case of another attack. - Now we can train. – she said walking away with a chuckle. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, looking forward to this challenge, I see all of my progress so far. At the moment, I'm 60 pounds off. That's a huge accomplishment. I have been going at it correctly and I feel proud of the results. Sharing my experiences here too is great and I love reading about all of your accomplishments. I hope we can continue sharing to help each other go forward at any goals you might have. #Success
  8. The Trading Post

    I'm a sucker for Epic Music compilations. LOTR, ME, AC, Star Wars, Allan Silvestri, John Powell, John Williams, Two Steps from Hell, Immediate Music, and so on. Big orchestral sound or remix, I'm there.
  9. Well, it happened. I weighed myself yesterday. I have been doing the work, eating right and pushing myself every step of the way. The info I have gathered, eating habits and exercises are doing their charm. I feel great and proud of myself. I have lost almost 60 pounds! Coming from over 300 lbs have bee a journey but I feel great about this first milestone. As my gift for keeping me motivated, I will wear a Star Wars inspired costume to a Comic-con convention at my town. Bst things are yet to come. If you need that extra push forward, set a goal for yourself. You can achieve it if you make the first move. NF forums have various types of ideas and styles to choose from in order to fit your lifestyle. Set that goal. Think of your future! #Success
  10. PettyMort puts the you-know-what in the you-know-where

    Having a motivation to do this challenge will be hard but a hard challenge is a positive thing in this situation. Hydration is really important and keeping those electrolyte levels up helps with stamina. Is a plus having challenges that have an intercourse with goals, like yoga and squats. A combination of challenges is great to achieve satisfaction at the end. #Onward
  11. The Trading Post

  12. Training with Soraya won’t be easy. She is REALLY tough on me. Does she understand that I am just a human? Either way, I need to focus on the task ahead. This is a great opportunity for me and I will not let it pass. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there. We are back once again to take this new challenge. I learned a lot from my past ones. I want to have new experiences and adventures. Want to join me? MAIN QUEST - Attend to the Puerto Rico Comic-Con with a costume on May 20, 2018. I have never attended any convention. This will be my first time and my wife and I will go with Star Wars inspired costumes. She will be dressed as Jedi Rapunzel and I will have a soldier/civilian Jedi costume. This will be fun and I hope we can fulfill the goal of going together. 1st SUPPORT QUEST (Fitness) - Learn to Deadlift properly. I am not Deadlifting yet. Is a great exercise that I want to perform the right way. I will concentrate my efforts on learning the ropes and studying the proper form. 2nd SUPPORT QUEST (Professional) - Train the new Quality Inspector. A new inspector has been hired and it is my responsibility to prepare her for her new job. 3rd SUPPORT QUEST (Entertainment) - Finish my costume and props. I’m making some props and designing a simple costume for the Comic-con. I need to complete it properly. 4th SUPPORT QUEST (Weight Loss) - Get under 245 lbs. I’m making progress in the weight loss department. This quest will help me to set a goal to the end of this challenge Special Announcements: - As a long goal, my family is planning to visit Florida in December. I’m saving money for that trip and making all of the necessary adjustments early. - Also, the random mishaps will keep on appearing. Garrus Vakarian: Do you ever miss those talks we had on the elevators? Tali'Zorah: No. Garrus Vakarian: Come on. Remember how we'd always ask you about life on the flotilla? It was an opportunity to share! Tali'Zorah: This conversation is over. Garrus Vakarian: Tell me again about your immune system. Tali'Zorah: I have a shotgun. Garrus Vakarian: Mmmmaybe we'll talk later. - Mass Effect 2 #Success
  13. Alright, this challenge DID NOT go as expected. But, that’s life. When you think you have everything set, it comes like: “Aha! Think again panini head!” and boom! All of your carefully planned plans go off in smoke. Either way, we get the best of this. We had fun and enjoyed the company of other great adventurers along the way. Now, let's get down to business… MAIN QUEST (End) 25% - Visit a forest or/and a river with my family and explore (yes kiddies, they might be pictures) This was a BUST! Well, I did travel around a little and I posted some pics from my travel but, I didn’t accomplish my goal here. Is a little sad since I really wanted to go to the river and see some “buruquenas” but, fear not. I have my whole life to be an adventurer so, every day is a new quest. 1st SUPPORT QUEST (Wellness) (End) 25% - Raise my cardio time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes daily. Ok, this was a disaster. I’m sorry but, I’ll admit, I DO NOT LIKE cardio. It is boring as heck to me. I don’t mind walking with a goal but aimlessly? No sir. I keep doing my 5 to 10-minute cardio anyway at my gym to raise my heart rate but passing that threshold, it takes time. Get it? Make extra cardio time takes time?... Ok. 2nd SUPPORT QUEST (Professional) (End) 80% - Maintain all of my job responsibilities on time. Well, the paperwork went down a bit but I got swamped by training and inspections. On the bright side, we finally hired a new Quality Inspector so, I will have to train her to do that side of the job while I focus here at the office. It is a mixed win-lose scenario here but positive nonetheless. 3rd SUPPORT QUEST (Entertainment) (End) 90% - Build a DIY Lightsaber. (simple light up) The parts arrived yesterday and they work beautifully. Now I need to paint, mount, connect and build the blade together. I got some hurdles to pass in the design but I am happy with how is coming along. Got to admit, it is a little ambitious but, I’m positive I can make the thing. 4th SUPPORT QUEST (Weight Loss) (End) 100% - Keep tabs on my weight for a healthy weight loss experience. It worked. I keep losing weight nicely and in a controlled way. Along the way, I actually left behind MFP for the time being. I’m using the @annyshay style of intuitive eating (props to you) with all of the knowledge I have from all of the time using MFP. At the moment, I’m 253 pounds. That’s 67 pounds less and 53 pounds closer to my first goal. I feel proud of how far I have come and I will keep moving forward. Special Announcements: - I tried blogging. It was fun for the 2 days I did it but, I think I would try again for the next challenge. - I posted the profile of Soraya Goodwill. She is an awesome character I made years ago and I like writing about her every time I can. Hope you had fun reading the first part. I’ll post more about her soon. - Also, graham crackers stuffed inside a coat DO NOT work well as a substitute to body armor. I felt that punch all the way. (teenage Nathan Drake) Victor Sullivan: Fine, maybe we'll just call the police. Nathan Drake: Go ahead. 'Course they might wonder why a middle-aged tourist is following young boys down alleyways. Victor Sullivan: (laughs) You are a crafty little beggar, aren't you? Nathan Drake: I know how to take care of myself. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you don't like the cops any more than I do. Victor Sullivan: Good point. [Nate walks away.] Victor Sullivan: Kid. The wallet. [Nate throws the wallet to Sully.] Nathan Drake: Had to try. Victor Sullivan: 'Course you did. - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Chapter 2 - Greatness from Small Beginnings) #Success? You bet your arse it is! Every day forward is a success!
  14. It is quite amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. Well, sometimes we think that something might be unachievable or out of range but, if you evaluate your dreams, sometimes there’s a way to achieve them. This challenge will be a new way to gather more tools in order to achieve my goal. We need to make a plan and gather supplies so, this is my idea… MAIN QUEST - Visit a forest or/and a river with my family and explore (yes kiddies, they might be pictures) I live in Puerto Rico. Is a tropical island but we have access to beaches, forest, caves, rivers, and some other natural beauties. It has been a long time since I visited one of this with my family so, my main goal for this challenge will be to go and make it happen. Nothing better than hitting the great outdoors. 1st SUPPORT QUEST (Wellness) - Raise my cardio time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes daily. Ok. I’ll admit it. Cardio and I are not friends. Heck, I used to weight 300+ pounds so, moving a lot was not a part of my daily routine. I have always loved the outdoors but, my weight was an obstacle. I mean, I could do almost everything but was 2 times harder and I would be out of breath after a while. Now, cardio is a part of my new lifestyle but I need to adapt my body to kick out the boredom and embrace the blood flow. 2nd SUPPORT QUEST (Professional) - Maintain all of my job responsibilities on time. In another dimension *smirk* I’m the Quality Coordinator at a Janitorial/Cleaning Company. I deal with all referring to our services and to keep the highest quality standard. Among all this, there’s a lot of paperwork, supervision and client management that I have to deal with or give support to. A lot of paperwork has been piling up on my desk so, I have to step up to keep my duties on time. I don’t have any problems at the moment but I would feel accomplished if I could have my desk clean and paper free. 3rd SUPPORT QUEST (Entertainment) - Build a DIY Lightsaber. (simple light up) I’m a Star Wars fan and I hope (almost certain) to visit the Puerto Rico Comic-Con in May 2018. I have a DIY hilt made from plumbing parts but I want to upgrade that one and make it able to light up with a polycarbonate blade. It will be a bit of a challenge since I don’t have the “proper” tools but, I know how to make it… I think. 4th SUPPORT QUEST (Weight Loss) - Keep tabs on my weight for a healthy weight loss experience. I have been losing weight well. It has been a little too fast in my opinion but I’m eating plenty and well. No lethargy or illness. Either way, I want to keep close attention to it because I’m predisposed to have loose skin and I want to help my skin recover as much as possible. Years of negligent eating habits have been bad to my body but, this is a new lifestyle and I’m not going back. So, we are going strong and looking forward day by day. It has been a nice, weird and amazing journey and the results are better than expected. I hope I can be a supportive part of the adventurers. Starting weight (12/25/2017): 310-ish pounds Today’s weight: 268 awesome pounds Nathan Drake: Just like old times, huh? Elena Fisher: You could say that. So now what? Nathan Drake: We head to the creepy, old monastery. What else? - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Chapter 21: Convoy) #Success