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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We heard noises at some chambers in front of us. The hall was barely illuminated by torches inside. As we went closer, we saw a large group of orcs amassing around. “Fights are raging in the forge!” “We need to show that we own these mines!” A chieftain started to rally the troops as they grunted in approval. “They are going to the forge. The others won’t have a chance.” “What do you
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gilderon got close to the entrance. “The way I see it, we need to draw the attention of the troll so we can proceed inside the forge.” “A group of goblins must be near. Calling the attention of the creature might uncover them.” “Gilderon, it is required from us to perform. Wyn, the moment we encounter with the enemy, proceed to look for the shard.” “Acknowledge.” Gilderon and Albar wandered inside the chamber looking around as los
  3. Wyn looked inside to see the grotesque beast. “It appears to be restrained. A chain is present around it.” “We can’t fight a troll!” “Silence Eldon.” We pulled back to the stairs in order to develop our next move. “It is certain that some of the treasures are collected in the chamber.” “Maybe not all of them.” “Care to reveal your thoughts?” “These mines are deep. So deep, that it is said the Dwarves woke something. Maybe there’s another area in where the Orcs could be holding treasure.” Wyn took the parchment with the design of Khazad
  4. We started to make the descent to the forge. The air was heavy and a putrid odor filled every step of the way. “Definitely Orcs. Can smell their foul stench a league away!” We carried over to an open chamber. The walls were light up with torches so we extinguished ours. The smell of rotten flesh was unbearable. “In order to reach our destination, we have to traverse the chamber.” “An encounter is certain.” “I have an idea. Wyn, lend me your bow and some arrows.” I grabbed the weapons and move over to one of the bridges connecting the chamber. “
  5. Eldon walked pass us into another area. “I’m in need to relieve myself. I’m sure the Dwarves won’t mind as I use one of this rooms as…” “You can go on without asking us for a blessing” Eldon rolled its eyes, picked a torch and went further. We stayed close to the other torch eating and drinking to collect some strength. “I carried a deal with some merchants at Dale. They claimed to possess a curious artifact.” “Had you made trades with their kind before?” “Clearly no and that was my inadvertence.” “He was dealing with some robbers. They used to steal m
  6. The shadow moved slowly across the hallway. It was almost indistinguishable until a little glimpse of light reflected from the figure. “Is that a Goblin?” “It does not resemble one. It is smaller and seems to travel on all fours.” “Silence.” Gilderon grabbed the hilt of its sword and pulled slowly. Wyn touched his hand and signal him negatively. “The creature wanders freely. It does not seem to be aggressive in any nature. Let it be. We have other business to attend to." “She is right. We don’t need to gather any unwanted attention.” Gilderon sh
  7. We started to traverse the mines mindful of an ambush or something worse. The trek seemed infinite as we crossed halls and rooms. The air was heavy and every now and then we encountered soldier remains as well as goblins too. “Can we stop? I need to place myself.” “Let us enter into one of these chambers first. It would be terrible to meet my fate by some rogue arrow shot in the darkness” We entered one of the rooms. Some remains lingered in a corner. Gilderon placed himself close to the entrance watching any movement outside. “Next time the Elves want some trinkets
  8. “Mellon” The Stone door rumbled open revealing a pitch-black room. Gilderon picked some branches and crafted some quick torches. A foul stench poured out as we went inside. “Oh! This is disgusting!” We went inside as the door closed behind us. Albar walked around looking at the ground. “This is bad.” The room was massive and was barely being illuminated by the torches as we looked around. Corpses were everywhere. Pieces of armor and weapons scattered around. “This was a massacre. All this armor looks Khazad made. Wasn’t this the realm of Bali
  9. I have been off the grid from the forums. This training for my inspector has been hands-on and fast-paced. Anyway, I need to give you guys some content to keep my subscribers happy… Ok, let’s do this! MAIN QUEST - Attend to the Puerto Rico Comic-Con with a costume on May 20, 2018. This is a done deal. We already planned everything for this next Sunday and we are pumped to go. 1st SUPPORT QUEST (Fitness) - Learn to Deadlift properly. I already started deadlifting twice a week. I did sumo-deadlift and now I started
  10. Strong weekend. As you now see, you became stronger and wiser from this. A family is a full-on workout! Mental, emotional and physical. Trying to stay grounded with the world on your shoulders is a feat on itself. Issues will pour down into your family no matter what you do. In those cases, we resolve and make amends to help during future events. Your daughters are growing up and maturing, you know is a normal step in life and them "bursting" saying they hate you or your wife is a phase. Keep that faith strong and those family ties healthy. In my church, a preacher said, about family: "as long
  11. I did it. Lightsaber [emoji818] Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk
  12. I have always had my reserves about Christian music. Maybe I'm what some may call a "legalist" but, I really love music that embodies and represents God as the Bible shows. I like types of music as a personal taste but, when music dedicated to praising, I feel it needs a harmony, message, and order. I'm a believer of orchestra, classical Christian music but, in the times we live, music is a delicate concept. If you are a Christian you know what is the specialty of the Enemy. So, when choosing music to praise the Lord, that's my position. There's a seminar given by a pastor called Karl Tsatalba
  13. Our daughter started to breastfeed but, after a couple of weeks, my wife wasn't producing enough for her so she switched to formula. Our case, Alexandra tolerates lactose in low quantities and normal formula got her constipated. She started drinking soy formula and got better quickly. My wife is vegetarian and it was easier for her that way. Stuff like this happens and your responsibility as a parent is to look for a healthy and happy baby. I'm pro-breastmilk but, if it is not available, no biggie. We find a way to go forward and the bonding will be there as babies can feel when they are being
  14. I have been keeping tabs on my challenge but my job wants to keep me away from you guys… I’m kidding. Job is ok. Let me get you up to speed. MAIN QUEST - Attend to the Puerto Rico Comic-Con with a costume on May 20, 2018. I got the tickets and, thank everything holy, I finally have a car I can take with my family. Transportation as a huge problem and my sister lend me her old car so, I got some wheels. This helps me with my daily job. << What to add a dare for me here? Reply below to see if it can be done! >> 1st SUPPORT
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