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  1. I love the way you dug into data to see how are you doing! And yup, you're doing what you should be doing in training for a half. What good would it be to be able to run fast, but only for 5k? So yeah, it's right that you're prioritizing the distance. You'll be able to work on pace afterwards. And even if you don't see it becoming faster, you'll be able to run 21k, however 'slow', and that's what's important.
  2. Had kind of a mixed day. Status: Subquest 1 (sleeping): 7/20 days Subquest 2 (devotions): 10/20 days Yup, I do struggle with going to bed/sleep on time, @TGP, but I'm trying to face that habit head on in this 4WC. I'm not super-successful, but still, way better than before 4WC.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm actually tracking the amount of days I've successfully (or half successfully) completed what the subquests require since I started the challenge. And I've got only 20 days in total because I started the 4WC 8 days later. Sorry, I think I should have clarified this in the introductory post, or I should have posted it in the style '8 out of 10' days, or something like this.
  4. Regarding above, been searching the boards for terms like 'swimrun/swim run' 'otillo/ötillö/ö till ö', and haven't found her/him. :/ That said, I searched the term 'run' and was returned 0 results, repeatedly. So, I guess the search engine is not a foolproof way to find it. Anyway, my 4WC status: Subquest 1 (sleeping): 7/20 days Subquest 2 (devotions): 9/20 days
  5. Yes, it's definitely convenient to have it on the watch, and on good watches (i.e. Polar, Garmin, Suunto) generally accurate, though some would argue not accurate enough (as it's optical and sometimes tends to lock with cadence, or has difficulty in colder weather). But I found it's well within the acceptable margins. The only thing when it's obvious that strap is more accurate is during interval training (optical HR takes more time to register quick HR changes). But nothing disastrous. You still get pretty solid HR data on a good watch, and M430, that you plan to buy, is reputed as particular
  6. I get you. I think if I had the means, I'd live a semi-nomadic life with my family, enjoying nature and being out of the (office) box as much as possible. Others always say to us, why aren't you buying a flat or building a house, and we feel like that's too limiting and prescribing (especially with the mortrage), dunno. Still haven't gone campervan though.
  7. That's quite possible, as the Swedes created it. Heck, now you gave me a new goal - find that NF swimrunner!
  8. Thanks, Maigs! Thanks, Xena! Hm, I doubt it was me who brought it up earlier, as I only learned about it this year. :D If it was indeed on NF, I want to meet that rebel! I don't know many people interested in it, as it's a new discipline (some 13 years have passed since its inception).
  9. Lol, yup, I mixed it up. :)) Sorry. Anyway, now it makes sense. In the UK, those temps can be only during the apocalypse. It's a really nice country and much less rain than I expected, at least here in the south, but yeah, I miss the snow too (and summer heat as well). Croatia's climate is more like the one from your part of the US - clearer distinctions between the seasons.
  10. Good to be back - Rebellion is such a gem, the best community on the web ever! Fantastic! Well, sometimes, breaks from running are sometimes good and needed - the muscles recover and then you come back even faster. Btw, 90 F, whoa? I thought you were in UK? (Sorry if I got it mixed up.)
  11. I know... Both of those actors gone now. Hard to fathom.
  12. 73.6 miles already? Just wow, you're rocking! Oh, and congrats on being the Guild Leader, you're the one for it!
  13. You know what? World would be a better place if more people cried for all the bad things in it. It's not silly, it's a natural reaction when one mentally faces what's happening right now around us. We often dig our heads into sand, but if we would acknowledge the darkness in the world more often, maybe we could do more to bring some light to it. Anyways, sending hugs!
  14. Well done on navigating your 4WC goals through travelling. It's a challenge! Cheering on and here's support for some running this week!
  15. Wow, you're rocking, @SkyGirl! Also joining the belated congrats on being a Guild Leader! And yeah, totally dig your sleeping goal (battling the same habit this 4WC). You started great and I'm sure you're gonna nail it!
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