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  1. The Force has been awakening among you, while I was in exile, my potbelly growing in the power of the dark side. So, enough with that blue-milk-drinking silliness, Skywalker, and move your butt back to the galaxy. Instead of complaining how I have no time to exercise nor for staying accountable, I've created a thread Challenge Accountabilities, Twitter style. Now I won't have opportunity to complain that I don't have time for the threads. So, this is not a normal 4WC where I will follow up here, but will rather do it in short bits in the above linked thread (though I may post here if time ever allows). And if any of you think that might be a more feasible way for you to stay accountable - feel free to join the tweeting rebels! P.S. Yeah, as I announced earlier this year, I moved to the UK in August (Binfield, near Bracknell) for postgraduate studies, and Darth Paunch has been growing powerful ever since - time to slay it!
  2. === Urgent message to the Rebellion! === For all who currently struggle to find time for posting and reading others' posts but still want NF accountability, here is a thread where we can do that in a minimal, Twitter-style way. I would love to do all the gifs and engage with every Ranger and then some - I just love it - but currently cannot afford it. Yet, I have grown very lazy without accountability. So, better something small than nothing. The plan: Just post very shortly what do you aim to do each week, and at its end (Saturday or Sunday), again very shortly share if you succeeded. If you want to write longer, that's great, but I encourage you to do it on the regular 4WC threads. Here, in order to easily keep each other accountable, let's keep it short and sweet. Ready, steady... Go!