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  1. I come bearing a good report! The hubby and I have joined a gym and did our first visit today. For some reason I was super nervous just before heading out but once I started doing my old warm up it felt natural instantly. Since it's been a while since I've been able to do anything focused I just did a 22 minute mile at increasing inclines till it maxed out then slowly getting back down to a level position. My ankles feel. Lot better and not so stiff so it might be part of my routine now so I can regain strength in them. Tomorrow we're doing a bench mark with a personal trainer since the initia
  2. Hey, I've heard that it takes 21 days to build a habit so my guess is that you should be fine as long as you stay headstrong. It's all about fighting temptation and I'm positive you can do it! Sent from my Z815 using Tapatalk
  3. Update on the grocery list. The bottled water is a stay for his lunches otherwise it's faucet and ice cubes. LaVergne doesn't have the best water but it is waaaay better than Smyrna city water. Lol I got a pretty good haul from Aldi the other day. I will be finishing up my shopping tomorrow since I've made a quazi meal plan. Sent from my Z815 using Tapatalk
  4. We do have Aldi here. The produce there usually goes bad within a few days of getting it though. But they do have pretty good prices. On bottled water I remember it's just for convienience and our city's water isn't the best but that's why we have the softener and the drinking water filtration system and tiny tank. Bwahaha. Now that he doesn't have to work too much it shouldn't be too hard to get out of buying them. Sent from my Z815 using Tapatalk
  5. I agree with you on the bottled water thing. My husband insisted for the longest time that I get them, hadn't thought to talk to him about that. Eating out, I used to order pizza once a week but haven't done that in quite a while. I'm thinking my main issues are coming from poor meal planning you know? I get rice, potatoes, Mac and cheese the veggies and a meat and end up just throwing it together hurriedly. The milk thing, hadn't though of the powdered milk I'm going to have to try that. Do you think that I could half the grocery money and go once a week so I have more chances of finding bett
  6. Pretty much just that. As for junk food, I don't buy any anyway lol it costs more for that than healthier alternatives. Bwahahaha. I don't ever notice meats going on sale, I do most of our shopping at Walmart so prices don't change much except on eggs, milk and cheese for some reason. On my typical grocery list I have: diapers, wet wipes, milk, cheese, bread, bottled water, rice, frozen veggies (whatever I need at the time), macaroni and cheese (not the healthiest side option), bananas mostly for the kids, enough meats for 14 servings (dinners for two weeks) and that's practically it. I've bee
  7. I have touched on this subject a time or two in my previous challenge titled "Birth of a Legend" but I am having problems fine-tuning our eating habits. I have been stuck in a rut trying to figure out a plan or menu per se that is affordable, caters to toddlers tastes and my dislike of pasta, and a hubby who prefers savory and rich meals that are super filling. This is where my problem is though. If we're going to start losing weight together we need to cut back on our caloric intake and burn more by exercising. But what is a good medium ground between the nutritional and caloric needs of a m
  8. My hubby and I just got a .308 this last week. Remington 770, it's a bolt action and feels nice even has a 6 round clip so a bit faster than our Charles Daley shotgun that's semi-auto; this wouldn't be the case if the shotgun didn't jam after almost each round. The casing gets caught.
  9. I appreciate you asking. Things are still going pretty good with the challenge, depending on finances my hubby and I should be able to sign up for the gym again which will be amazing. Housekeeping has become a habit again and veggies have been making regular appearances in our meals. Thank you guys for the accountability. Sent from my Z815 using Tapatalk
  10. Alrighty, another week down and we've made some progress. Most days now I feel comfortable and motivated! I'm in mid terms this week for my coursework, so I've been busy yet again. Bwahaha. The house isn't perfectly clean but it's a lot cleaner and organized than it was consistently. Mostly water has been consumed in our household as opposed to soda and sweet tea. Slowly but surely we are making progress and it's here to stay! Thank you guys for being here. Sent from my Z815 using Tapatalk
  11. Fitness wise still progressing by being more active, I really don't sit during the day anymore and I'm constantly doing something and I have our pull up bar mounted in the hall so anytime I go near there I try to do a pull up but even an attempt or a dead hang helps to get that strength back. Diet wise, I honestly have no idea anymore, the only thing I can think of is to limit acidic foods in my diet and anything that can trigger the reflux. Still doing research on that, probably going to go back to Paleo since that was a style my husband and I both liked. Just frustrated. I'm turning 25 this
  12. Update of this past week: I've been able to keep up with the home care schedule and as a result have been able to retake the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom. Our bed room and the kids bedrooms are still being maintained well. School is still doing pretty ok. I've been able to stay on top of my work thankfully while also making time for my family, which is part of the reason it has taken me this long to report back in. We had a bit of a scare yesterday though. My husband and I were out having lunch together while the kids were being taken care of, and just as I start on my entree my chest s
  13. Over the last couple by of days I've been implementing strategies to help remind me of things/ take the guess work out of other things, and over all helps keep me accountable. My husband noticed the chore calendar I hung in the bathroom and thought it was cool. It's been difficult fighting the urge to stay on my tuffet but the war is on. I will prevail and defeat depression, fear, and irresponsibility shall be vanquished! Dilly Dilly!
  14. So far the progress has consisted of changes around the house. I find that instead of being on my keister most of the day I'm going around cleaning this picking up that, you know stuff any normal homemaker mom would right? I do have to give thanks to everyone on here who's helped me by keeping me engaged and helping me feel that this is important, it really can happen, and everyone starts somewhere. Mine just so happens to be super potato. Lol
  15. I appreciate that so much! Today was a little hard to push through but your post just made it a bit better. Lol Congrats on your weight though. That's a lot better than where I'm at admittedly. 210 is not very flattering on a 5'3 woman bwaha. But hey that's why we're here right? We do have a park just up the road from where we live. We have to drive there just because of the heavy traffic flow through town. It's a lovely little place and has 3 different trails. It was one of the many things I fell in love with after moving here. It's just been a bit too cold for me to feel comfortable taking t
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