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  1. How do you like the Bodyweight Workout thing?
  2. Starting out pt.2

    Update: 100% on sugar. 100% on water. Yay. Skip rope. I have not made progress. Still 2minutes. I have been skipping for small daily sessions of 5 -10 minutes. Maybe I will ramp up the total time spent. The scheduler has been ok. Some days is a planning tool, on others is a reporting tool. Both uses are fine. On my job its hard do plan so Im ok with it.
  3. Starting out pt.2

    @MattSkywalker I don't like dodgy foundations. If Im happy with 60% I ll just half ass the rest. I have been half assing most stuff up to this point. Time for a change. I recorded a video of myself skipping rope. As I skip, I tend to open my right arm to the sides. Maybe tiredness, dont really know why I do this yet.
  4. Quarkle has to clean up

    I simpathize with your goals and have struggled with all. Heck still struggle with #4 myself. 1 tip regarding #3 from my experience. Cleaning up the room is easy. Keeping that way is the hard part. When you finish the cleaning, think about where you usually put your stuff and how you can create an enviroment that makes it easier to keep things tight. Ex: you have a laundry basket. You usually leave dirty clothes by the bed. Can the laundry basket be somewhere near the bed? You have a keyhanger by the bed but always leave keys on the floor close to the door. Maybe move the keyhanger closer to the door. Rather than come up with an environment and try to make yourself fit on it, make the environment fit your habits.
  5. When I deleted my Facebook account, I felt lighter.
  6. Good news is challenge only starts in 6 days ! So you can't fail! I'm also an avid reader. I love reading. But what we actually love is reading about subjects we want to read about. What if the only book you had access at night was a novel, or a book about a subject you are not really interested? But you need to leave the book as close to the bed as possible, so thats the one you take. And keep away the interesting ones for your actual reading time. Makes sense?
  7. @elleyrie Rather than measuring your procrastination and trying or hoping to recognize, may I suggest trying to monitor one specific procrastination habit. For example, Netflix. Forget all the stuff you think is procrastination for now. Focus on just Netflix. Have you read Born to Run? Or is there some other running book you are curious about? Everytime you feel like watching Netflix, read. It must be about something you love. Regarding the diet, may I also suggest focusing on banishing the fries and strips first? Counting calories is quite boring and annoying. If you are still eating bad foods, I believe you should clear that first. Counting calories comes as a next step, when you think your eating habits are very good but want to control body fat/mass gain. I have been drinking a cup of water before each meal, and I can say it is quite good. I used to feel headaches every now and then and eat A LOT at each meal. Both have greatly improved but I only really noticed after 3 weeks of doing it more or less.
  8. All right so I would like to really lock some goals in. So I am repeating them on this challenge. I think they are very important so I want to have 0 margin of failure. They were: 1 glass of water before each meal I almost nailed this one. 80%. But I want to really ingrain this. I would like this to be like going to be without brushing the teeth. It almost hurts. No more sweets or sugary deserts This one I slipped once only. So ...great success. I have been wanting to change my diet and this challenge pushed me through. I felt no cravings. But, the place where I am at now is easier to control my food, than the place where I actuallly live. So I want to lock this in. learn how to skip rope: from 0 to 10 minutes straight. Alright so, this was a bit stupid. I can get to 2 minutes straight. Which I am aware is ok, but far away from the goal. Updated Goals: 1 glass of water before every meal- no margin for failure. No more sweets or sugary deserts- no slipping learn how to skip rope: 5 minutes straight, 10 minutes taking breaks. So the goal was updated and it is lighter. The previous was quite difficult given my time restraints. Use a scheduler- I have wanted to be more organized and I read a lot about prioritisation and organization. I also read about role models and what sucessful people do differently. And the scheduling habit is commom. But I have tried many times before to use a kind of scheduler and never went beyond 2 weeks. So I came out with a more simple way to take notes and prioritize and organize my days. And I expect to use it for the whole time of the challenge. Sane Body, Sane Mind, Sane Family, Sane Wallet. The goals are +- in line with my values and I expect to be able to keep creating and building on them.