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  1. Week 2 Update: I had sweets. I work at a radio station and right behind my desk was some community candy and I ate a piece almost every time I walked by the bowl. However, I did recover. I also am starting to transition into cutting bread completely from my diet so, no tortillas, no sandwich bread, no buns on my burgers, no more pita. I have been successful for the last few weeks on avoiding just bread, that is dinner rolls, breadsticks, etc and pasta but I think this one will be a real challenge for me. I'm ready to step up. I'm still on gym level workout three. Which is good. I do
  2. Thanks! It was definitely tough. I am really enjoying dance so far. The team is real competitive which can make it a little more stressful than I'd like but, I really feel myself improving.
  3. Practices for the team are on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I missed Monday this week so I’ll have to go on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Do assisted squats start where you are ready. and if thats still till too hard try climbing up stairs as part of your work out.
  5. I felt this way too at first. Building up the strength from squats helped with my balance so much more. And if squats are easy try an assisted lunge (ie holding something like a wall or sturdy pole with one hand while you do a lunge) this helps with balance and takes a little weight off your legs as you are getting started.
  6. I am an amateur ballroom dancer and my fitness is getting in the way of me being a better dancer. I joined the academy on February 1st and am feeling good about my progress but am ready to open up to more accountability. My goals in this four weeks: Stick to the Level 5 Nerdfitness diet and move up to Level 6 by the end of the challenge. Complete a gym work out three times a week. (Nerdfitness Gym 3 currently) Complete a Yoga Session at least one time a week. Go to Ballroom practice at least two times a week. Out of bed by 6:45 am 5 out of 7 days a week.
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