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  1. Ending up in speech path is kind of a long story, tbh. My undergrad was initially just violin performance - but I have too many injuries, and didn't like the whole negative job security of a musician thing. So then I was pre-physical therapy, but again, realized I had too many injuries. But at that point I had tons of extra classes, so ended up with music and psychology degrees, minors in human bio and math, and no idea what I actually wanted to do, lol. People kept suggesting speech path, so I talked to some and liked what they said. It's this really cool intersection of science and lang
  2. Update! Running is going well Even in a week, I can feel a difference, so that's pretty sweet I'm a little concerned about my right Achilles tendon...I suspect my shoe rubs, and it's been hurting a little - although honestly I've mostly been attributing any and all pain to the fact that I just haven't run in forever. This weekend was a splendid example of well-laid plans being thwarted by life. My parents have been out of town, but both got back on Friday, and decided not only were we celebrating my one grandma's birthday, but also two other family birthdays. An
  3. Challenge is going well! I was finally able to "run" again last night, so that was pretty fantastic. It's funny, I actually really look forward to these runs, this one was almost like a reward for getting through this week of exams. The hardest part is convincing myself to actually get started and go, especially with the weather turning bad (and me having no idea how to dress for different conditions). But after I start, it's great Also, still tracking everything, and still no school (or work) food. I'm planning to spend some time this weekend doing research for my observations.
  4. Ooh, linguistics is cool! I wish I'd taken more of it... My undergrads are in unrelated fields, so I'm doing the deficiency courses this semester, and just one grad course. There's still time for speech path if you so choose My phonetics professor right now is Canadian, and doesn't believe the way we pronounce certain things, lol. I honestly don't know why these phone calls are so hard...maybe it is because they're personal? It's a good thought Also, "long time ago" for me is just anything that took place before my most recent exam - so, right now, anything before Monday, lol.
  5. @Leejus I feel that picture on a spiritual level... I'm usually fine when I'm shopping with others. The problem is when I shop by myself, lol. I drive past a drugstore on my way home from work that is a perfect place to buy cookies...it's less than ideal, lol. I did that a while back, and was surprised how well it worked I'm using my phone timer right now, but just got a fitbit that has an interval workout function, so am about to start using that as well. I also find that the breathing makes it a lot easier to not focus on unpleasant things while running (or walking
  6. You have a very similar meal planning approach to me. I just sort of get food for a week or so, and am like "well, I'll eat this in some order over the week" and go with it I also tend to eat exactly the same thing for breakfast every single day, lol. So sorry about your water! That's gotta be super annoying And I'm sooo sorry about your class! I have a grad class right now that's somewhat similar, although it isn't discussion board based. We have our first big exam on Wednesday, and the people who've taken it before are literally just saying "sucks to be you, his tests ar
  7. Thanks guys! I tend to be way too ambitious with my goals and fall apart after a couple weeks, so tried to do something more realistic this time around. Thanks for the encouragement, it helps! I don't know what it is about this sort of phone call that I hate so much, honestly. I have to cold-call lots of customers/companies for work (I do inventory/ordering), and I have zero problem with that. But the last call I had to make for speech path I literally started dialing, then had to stop and get through a panic attack - when I finally made the call, it was a super fantastic exp
  8. That's a smart way to do it. Short, sweet, and effective. Thanks!
  9. I love your "One & Done" list! And the way you set up your goals with the point breakdowns is really fantastic - it makes it so simple to see exactly what to do
  10. CakeBanisher


    Are you, by chance, a fellow knitter? I love how straightforward your goals are! Actually I just love your goals in general, tbh. They're all goals I may steal in future...
  11. That's some A+ Spongebob use if I've ever seen it! You've certainly thought this through! How do you do your sheet for tracking challenge commitments, if I may ask? I've been trying to develop a method of tracking goals, and have so far not managed one that I'm really happy with. Also I love your Materia goal - I may steal that one for future challenges... Best of luck!
  12. Hi! Long time no challenge. My bad. I've recently started graduate school, so am still figuring that whole thing out. So far I'm enjoying it, despite all the stress More to the point, I'm suuuuuuper overweight. I'm a 5'2 female, and currently weigh somewhere just under 210 lbs. I've got lots of injuries from my music undergrad, so I have really bad chronic pain - the whole overweight thing is definitely not helping on that front. Not to mention there's no way this weight is healthy in any way. It's high time I got that sorted. Plus I actually really enjoy worki
  13. Welp. Challenge over. It had its ups and downs. Some things I'm really happy about, some a bit less so. Yoga has been good. I've been doing more practice on my own, and it's been really good. It helps a lot. Planning was okay. Not great, not terrible. Same with paleo. It could've been better, also could have been worse. I think overall that progress was made, if not as much as I'd have liked. But yeat, progress was made, at least I just...didn't write much at all. Whoops. I've been doing other things, but not my fiction writing persay. My bad.
  14. Man, I continue to not be very active on here... I'll have a "final overview" post at the actual end of the challenge, but I figured I'd check in briefly now anyway I'm applying for Speech-Language Pathology. Not sure quite what I want to do yet though...at this point, I'm mostly applying because I'm getting fee waivers and I may as well keep the option open in case I want it in the future @demosthenes131, thanks for the encouraging words! I agree, the meal planning is critical. I'm getting better, but I'm not quite there yet...but hey, I'll
  15. Hey @demosthenes131, thanks for checking in! I haven't been very present here...whoops. The short update is: yoga is great, planning is decent, paleo is meh, writing isn't great. I've been doing a lot of yoga. I've had a super emotional couple weeks, and I've been using yoga as a coping mechanism. I'm actually kind of proud of myself, because historically when I have times like this, I end up having panic attacks, then crying uncontrollably for a few hours, and then eating approximately five brownies. Then repeat. Not fun. But I've been doing yoga instead (at od
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