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  1. Scouts Camp 2018 : Welcome to the Jungle

    Sorry Nomad, that normally happens to me and I just end up coasting along and not really doing anything of significance . So here's to hoping you find some new goals My goals are becoming concrete and honestly with the next paycheck I'm signing up for my spring half. Which as scary as it is might help me be able to say I am devoting X per weekend to myself and sticking with it.
  2. Frost's kingdom (winter in the Northeast)

    Did something that I have been dreading for a long time and actually spent and hour on the treadmill and did not die or boredom; managed 6.7 miles which puts me almost exactly where I was 8 years ago when I was training for another spring half marathon So I'm going to keep on doing my weekday runs as is and for the next month run an hour on the treadmill and try to up the mileage
  3. MEN ONLY THREAD part two

    Damn I should have asked Blowjobs or cheese?
  4. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    That is my understanding too
  5. Frost's kingdom (winter in the Northeast)

    As I am writing right now it's 17 f and feels like 5; and over the next few days it's going to get colder should be fun Goals for 2018, Clothes out Food made the night before Grocery shopping list Better communication* Up early for strength work outs, running at lunch, long runs on the weekends Make time for myself*, I need to be able to say to people I am burnt out and need a break and actually take a break and give a shit less when people start acting like I'm lazy also I need to put things on the Calendar and keep them there, "Nope don't care if you want to willy nilly do X I have this on the calendar and no I'm not being selfish for taking time for myself" Work on my bad habits