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  1. That's the rub, I really don't trust anyone and normally just go with the flow. Because I really dislike confrontations. This is why I'm in therapy.
  2. Truth be told my desk is decorated with Mario Kart 8 toys lol that was my inspiration Anxiety is awesome, I can lead a class, host trivia contests, pitch business ideas with no issues; ask me to share anything personal with anyone and it's a whole different story. To the point of where I've been married almost 14 years and I still haven't made a playlist for that...so to get over my stupid anxiety it was suggested that I make a playlist. So even if it does go over like a lead balloon at least it's a step in the right direction. Stroker Ace - Lovage Until the morning - Thievery Corporation I've been thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School Glory Box - Portishead Sweater Weather - the Neighbourhood All Mine - Portishead Paradise Circus - Massive Attack The Truth - Handsome Body Modeling School Hell is around the corner - Tricky
  3. We are short staffed at work, so I didn't get out on my lunch time run but I did manage to jump rope with the kids after work, so there's that Today I got up and went to the gym, 4.1 miles on the treadmill, 3 set of 5 pull ups, 10 inverted rows and 10 squats oatmeal for breakfast, salad with left over taco meat for lunch, banana for snack and drinking water Jump rope 10 of each both legs 1 leg 1 leg (other leg) skipping did 5 sets last night, going to work on adding more sets. as time goes on
  4. Question of the day, how do you not let idiots get you down? Sent out an email saying I need X for X, I need Y for Y, I need Z for Z. 20th floor Yoshi needs #64 rubber bands (with link) 18th floor Peach needs Avery 5165 labels (with link) 5th floor DK needs fine point yellow highlighters (with link) I sent out the email, he first complained about people sending him in supply requests via email. And then couldn't grasp the straight line floor, name, item with link thing. he actually called up the 20th floor asking questions about the 5th floor and on the phone said "Oh now I get it" this is for...... this is the same guy who we've told something hasn't been working for years, try to blame someone for being lazy because it wasn't working for them, even my big boss shook his head and was like "No it's broke, this is the way they have to do it'" dumbasses reply was "then it must have just happened" it's been broke for years and we have had numerous meetings trying to fix it over the years. It's just frustrating that everyone thinks he know what he's doing when over and over and over again it has been proven to be false, where as everything I do is put under a microscope because they are such fuck ups.
  5. Need to start some things over, need to re-find myself. I know what I need to do I just lack the self confidence/initiative to do it. So looking at something to keep me motivated I found a flat fast 5 k 4 months (123 days) from now. Goals work out 5-6 days a week Strength train not just cardio Get as close to 165 lbs as possible, right now I am 189 eat clean, more water, cheat with unsweetened iced tea Goals for today, 3 miles and 30 burpees on lunch.
  6. I second that, I know of a lot of places (not just hospitals) that are constantly looking for people in the medical field. it's exactly 4 months or 123 days until a flat fast 5 k right before I go on another adventure. This sounds like the perfect amount of time for a challenge.
  7. I remember those days when insurance was going to be half of my paycheck, decided to opt out, and then me and a few other new employees (last hired) were let go because the company didn't make as much profit as they thought; that's when I decided to go the route I'm currently on. Do I feel stuck and uninspired; yes. Do I have anxiety about being let go because the wind is blowing a different direction; no. it is what it is.
  8. playing around with my fitness tracker and saw my records from last year, all of them are definitely breakable this year, so my goal for the rest of 2019 is to shatter a few of them and break the rest.
  9. I'm back, around 5000 miles traveled, 3 countries visited, found* an anchor and cannon from a old wooden ship, saw the start of a coral reef, little baby brain coral, fire and mustard coral were starting to form on an artificial reef; hopefully I'll have the chance to watch that grow over the next few years. *found; pretty sure other people have discovered it long before me, but it was still pretty awesome to be diving and see it about 15 ft deep our laundry machine is in the basement right next to the stairs leading down from the kitchen, it also has one of those finished alarms on it, so when my daughter is playing in her room she comes and tells us that the laundry is done, so really we have two alarms haha
  10. Alright, see y'all in two weeks; going on an adventure.
  11. to be honest depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, and the song the crowd at the Black Bear Inn is known to sing along to the juke box...
  12. I don't know if you run or not but Portland is a major running city; so one thing you could look into is a running club; not only will you get to meet people, running with a group makes training easier.
  13. Considering how bleak the Disney universe is, that's pretty scary.
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