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  1. MEN ONLY THREAD part two

    You know you are not in a good spot mentally when a co-workers Aunt dies and honestly the only thing you can muster up inside yourself is "Life goes on man, life goes on". I need a break.
  2. Scouts Camp 2018 : Welcome to the Jungle

    We also have a Triathlon on/in Crystal Lake
  3. Frost HIITs it

    Was busy over the weekend so I didn't get my long run in as planned so I woke up early Monday and got it done. Which now considering I could do that before work I can do that early Sat/Sun morning and get it done with. One thing I'm doing different this training cycle is that I'm focusing on hills during my long runs or not avoiding them, which I think will make a major difference come speed work time, which will be August Also started Week 1 Day 1 of 100 push ups, started with 20 which is a lot less than I can do but I honestly think it might be better to start off slow and build up
  4. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I think I need to take a cooking/nutrition class actually what I really need is to get my kitchen back in order Gah my Richard Reed streak has taken over the entire side of my head, looks like I'll be playing mall Santa sooner than I thought lol
  5. Frost HIITs it

    Conquered the Maine Coast half marathon, felt good until mile 11. Also ran the Workforce challenge 3.5 miler the week after. I had no issues with my endurance it's just my speed was lacking. So during this challenge I want to start doing more strength work and work on my speed during my mid-week middle distance run. Also with redoing our kitchen my diet has been thrown out of whack, so that has to get back on track. Running: somewhat pick up where I left off with distance, actually going to cut back my long run but add more hills into the mix, recovery runs of 3-4 miles; and start doing fartleks during my middle run. Diet and water, which ties into getting my kitchen reorganized Work out with the kids twice a week