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  1. DJDragonflame

    Better Workout Plan?

    The trust issue is really hard for me because it's been a little more than 25 years since I trusted outside people, especially in forums. I really apologize for my negative attitude I have towards you and other people. I just have so much stuff I have to take care of. I don't know what is right or not. No wonder I can't get straight answers with anyone and I am now frustrated. I just wanted substitutes other than the ones I do, and I really can't get any of them. I am just going to cancel my NF and just figure things out elsewhere.
  2. DJDragonflame

    Better Workout Plan?

    @RisenPhoenix @Defining I am sorry. I am...having some issues, like trusting people. Please try to understand that.
  3. DJDragonflame

    Better Workout Plan?

    I am having trouble with my workout. I do Goblet Squats, Pushups, Lunges, Plank, One Arm Row, and Jumping Jacks. I use dumbells for the Lunges as well. (So basically, a heavier version of the Basic Bodyweight. I tried to get a meatspace accountabilibuddy, however still no luck on the Find Your SideKick section of the forums (which also trying to find someone without NF took me 7 years now, and it is still counting). I feel like I haven't lost an inch and feel like I am slipping towards quitting completely and forgetting to exercise, just like I did for those four months. My brother told me that I have to use twice my weight to gain muscle. Is that true? Is there any way I can up my workout plan to get rid of my fat stomach and make me feel good that is towards the fitness body fat from NF's article? I am totally misunderstanding exercise and feel like I am doing this completely wrong.