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  1. Hello all, I'm starting now with Nerd Fitness and I've been struggling for some time with weight loss. Just a little background story of myself, I'm 34 years old, always did some martial arts, american football and even speed skating as a sports. It's been since I was 22 that I haven't been with less then 100 Kg and that never really bothered me (I had a lot of muscle, and some fat). However, as of right now I have 120 Kg, almost no muscle (only fat) and almost no time for sports that I like, wife expecting a kid, work being like hell. Anyway, almost all excuses and really not a lot of time right now. That being said, I'm trying to loose some weight, I have a target of reaching back 100 Kg and was thinking of loosing 2 Kg/month, do you all think this is possible or not? One of my biggest issues was always putting some very hard goals, not reaching and abandoning it all. In advance, thank you all for your help and time (and sorry for the bad English, being from Brazil this is not my mother language).