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  1. Thanks, kitty! I've found that so far, what keeps me going is not wanting to lose the progress I've accumulated. I try to envision that progress as an actual, tangible "thing" with real value, and tell myself that if I skip a day, I'd be trading that thing away. So how's NerdFitness going for you? Thanks for the welcome, shoobie! How are your workout goals going so far?
  2. Success at completing 3 full circuits of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout.




    However, I did indulge myself by still counting the bad squats and half pushups.  Form matters!  Next, I shoot for 3 perfect circuits of this workout.

  3. Hi, I'm Mike So my job role changed on me right around Christmas, and into the foreseeable future, I'm going to be traveling on business at least 3 weeks a month. I thought I would hate it, but turns out its the best thing that's happened to me in a decade--being separated from my home environment and all my vices has given me a new appreciation for how little they did to make me happy or help me cope with my job. All they provided was an escape. Now that I basically live in a hotel room with nothing but an exercise room and people to meet, I realize that you can find escapism in a lot of ways, and just because you need to unwind is no justification for an unhealthy lifestyle. However, because I'm on this path by accident and not necessarily my own volition, I'm worried what will happen when my job settled back into a routine and I have a permanent home again. Will I take on a bunch of new bad habits and transform back into the bag eyed, unshaven slob barely holding it together at work? These worries are what attracts me to Nerd Fitness and its emphasis on permanence. Thanks to the staff and community for providing this environment, and I hope you'll wish me luck. Let me know if I can give back in any way!
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