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  1. Progress update. I had to take a week off of bodyweight workouts because I was staying with my mom in the hospital unexpectedly (she's okay now) and missed out on doing planks and burpees for HP PvP as a result as well. But the hospital time actually racked up a ton of steps for me and I knocked goal #1 out of the park each day I was there. Then, yesterday was my birthday (woot level up!) and we went rollerskating and dancing Sat/Sun. Lots of movement there too. I FINISHED MIDTERMSSS which means that yes, I did get my course assignments done before Saturday each we
  2. Many apologies to my fellow snakes. :/ Long story very short: I haven't been following because of that week in the hospital with fam, and after that I had midterms and my birthday during which I rollerskated and danced (that must count for something, lol!). If I'm correct we're starting pushups now? I can handle that.
  3. Hey @Endor - mea culpa. I was with family in the hospital all last week and did not focus on NF at all, so no planks here.
  4. It might take more than 3 to buzz, lol. One energy drink doesn't buzz either. :shrug: I'm one of those oh-so-lucky people with higher tolerance for caffeine who can drink espresso in the evening (I don't, normally) and still fall asleep at night. But maybe gradually cutting down is a good idea regardless. Substitutions are a good way to do that!
  5. I haven't! White tea doesn't hurt, but its effect is negligible. I do have green tea. Maybe I'll give that a shot some morning this week.
  6. Yes indeed. Sugar hasn't been a weakness really, but I do have energy drinks often (about 4-5 8-oz cans per week) as a substitute for coffee or black tea, which I'd honestly rather have. Reason being that I have recurrent nausea and gut issues which coffee and tea tend to exacerbate, so if I'm having a bad gut morning and want caffeine, the energy drink must prevail. :/ I'm hoping that the healthier I become in general the less caffeine I'll want anyway. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  7. I was pretty down-for-the-count yesterday, but got in another short walk regardless, which I call a "win" since it was also freezing outside. lol! I will do more today - but in looking at the HP PvP sheet, I am amazed at some of the distances already logged! I count myself "active" if I make it a mile in a day... really need to up my game.
  8. For me, it's inevitably when I have a big activity happening. Wedding? Check! Travel abroad? Well, hello Aunt Flo, glad you could join us. Big job change oorr maybe midterms happening? Here's some PMS to help you distract yourself! I think it's mostly to do with strenuous activities. Usually when traveling, we're walking a lot more than on normal days and doing a lot more, even if not crunched for time. 20,000 steps in a day instead of 3,000. That's pretty huge. And strenuous can be physical or mental/emotional; any major stressor tends to kick off my cycle. ...seriousl
  9. Wolfman, I've got the same problem with bedtime. I'm naturally more of a night owl, and I'm trying to make myself hit the hay at 10:30... pshaw right. :/ What are you doing to try to help with going to bed earlier? Love your goals. I'm doing Duolingo German so I can understand more of what's happening around me on my upcoming trip. I intend to stick with it after the trip as well. Languages are awesome.
  10. I just found this quest, and I'm in! Just leaving Hobbiton. Hopefully I'll have some great adventures on the road.
  11. Update: Walked last night, 2.8 km (1.74 miles). It's not a marathon, but it's a start. Did not get coursework done as I'd forgotten that I had a previous engagement which required me to be elsewhere, so I'm doing it today. After reading another first-timer's thread I decided to add a "bonus" goal on to my 4: Schedule and commit to regular times for study and writing, minimum 1 hour/day during weekdays I'm still going to be doing schoolwork as I can during the day, but I need that time blocked out so I can specifically focus on ONLY schoolwork.
  12. Good luck to you both! I love your goals, Jakosaur. I'm also in virtual school while working and it's largely self-paced with the requirements of weekly assignments and scheduled exams. I'm really bad at scheduling chunks of time for it, and try to just work at it when I have spare time during the day or in the evenings. That should've been one of my goals; maybe I will throw it in as a bonus objective. Meditation is a great way to focus. I love that you're giving yourself incentive to meditate by allowing the total time to be split up over the week. That's super smart.
  13. Very much. I don't want to say the exercises are "easy", but they are accessible to any level - in Rising Heroes they have you identify your "starting" positions for things like push-ups and squats so that you can work your way up, and you can use any modification for the exercises in the workout. It also FEELS great. I breathe heavily at points and sweat a bit, but that's a good thing! I don't get much movement during the day otherwise, and I can do this wherever I happen to be.
  14. Okay. Whittling down challenges for this 4-week stint, I've chosen: Walk at least 5x/week for 20+ mins/day. - this is top priority because of my upcoming trip. Increase water intake to 3 liters/day. Follow Rising Heroes bodyweight workouts 3x/week (25 - 30 mins each). Complete weekly course assignments prior to Saturday each week. Yesterday was a lot of desk-time and very little else for me, so I didn't exactly start on track. So far today, I have: Completed a basic bodyweight workout (incl. warm-up and cool-down): 28 mins Worked on practice essays for c
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