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  1. Great goals! I used a pen and paper food journal for years but switched to MFP like @Tateman and it definitely works better for me. I love the scanning option!
  2. Thanks! Anything she has eaten in the last 8-10 months... She'll eat the same thing for about a week then won't look at it again for the better part of a year. Unless it's total crap. Fortunately she's old enough now that I'm going to take her to the store and just put it on her. This is gonna hurt...
  3. That sloth ball is the cutest!!! I tried doing weight rewards but they didn't work for me.. womp womp... I do better with behavior goals. Just me. Your system looks AWESOME!
  4. kristenks

    Summah Stahts

    This is officially my third Quest!! My first two were pretty much identical. I focused on my own fitness and wanted to bring in family fitness but schedules just didn't allow. Well, coincidentally the first day of this Challenge is the first official day of school vacation. So no complaints about school or sports. We have one scheduled week of sports camp but we can work around that. 1. Family Fitness Spend the week before the challenge begins doing the workout program I selected to make sure it really is appropriate for myself and my daughter to do together. If not, find a new one. Trial and error as needed. Strength train with my mini me/ padawan/ apprentice 3x week Cardio 2x week. Can be same days as ^^ can be different days. Kid picks. Kid lives with consequences of choice. (More workout days vs longer workouts.) Cardio is with an emphasis on developing quickness/speed for softball. No long miserable treadmill/elliptical type sessions. Cardio may mean playing a very aggressive game of tag for a half hour or something like that. Or treadmill runs but doing 10 minutes of run the straights and rest the curves (our gym treadmills have screens that show tracks). Or going to spin class with Dad. Or going for a real bike ride with Dad. Or... Find healthy breakfasts that my daughter actually likes and will eat. Stock up on healthy family friendly snacks each week. Buy very very limited junk food each week then don't give in and buy more. 2. Finish my Personal Training Certification. (I'm already a Certified Health Coach. My 1st Quest was about getting myself back into shape 'cause I'd gotten complacent and that didn't help finding a new job in the health/fitness biz.) Schedule a time each week to study. Block off that time from interruptions. Actually study/learn during that time. Schedule the exam That's it. In the past I've gotten ahead of myself. But this Challenge ends June 24th.
  5. I had to step away for a while too since I could either achieve my goals or write about them but not enough time for both! I just read your Mother's Day post and wanted to reach into the computer and slap your mom and husband. Hope that's ok. Happy Belated Mother's Day!! Anxiety is a real b... I had to learn a whole lot of coping skills and it still gets to me. Some I got from therapists, others from friends, others from therapist friends (who are the best). For me it was really learning what my triggers are (social situations, consuming the wrong media and the list goes on and on...) and limiting exposure to safe amounts along with having my skills ready for when I am in those situations. For example, if I have a social event then I know to really limit news and other triggers so I can have as much of my energy and coping skills ready for the event. If that makes sense at all?? And OMG yes for reading descriptions of anxiety and thinking "wait! Yes!! that's me!" Great job with this Quest!
  6. This has been such an amazing challenge to follow- I feel like you really are walking to Mordor!
  7. I'm going through ACE. Sticking with the same as my Health Coach cert. You should definitely go for it!!
  8. Sounds like you're making huge strides on getting active!
  9. These are all great ideas! I did have to give myself some grace and drop that goal for now. On non softball nights i get home from the gym, start dinner, and shower while it cooks. After dinner it's time to get ready for bed. On softball nights she eats half dinner while doing homework then the other half after her game before showering and getting to bed. Saturday's are softball and Sundays I got hit with a lot of resistance from both her and my husband. Once softball season is over.. it's back on!
  10. Thanks- very off and on. Which makes sense for the week. ;-)
  11. I love that you have a reward set for yourself!!
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